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What Makes Halloween So Sexy?

Halloween Strippers

Halloween Strippers

What makes Halloween so sexy? It’s the ability to act out your fantasies through an alter persona. Rejection and fear what other people think are at best deflected by the character you become. When the costume comes off, so does that personality.

Fear of being judged melts away as your conscience deals with this new situation – it’s not really you, it’s your character. Whatever happens good or bad to your character, you will still be you the next day. It is okay to take risks more easily and explore a side you previously thought wouldn’t be accepted.

It’s not the dead who come alive to walk the streets on Halloween but the living that search for a way to put more life into their lives. Strippers do this when they choose a stage name and go to work. Confidence is merely a simple chemical reaction in the brain that can be achieved through positive reinforcement. Where your attention goes, your energy flows into and manifests itself into being.

Halloween is nostalgic as it brings back the simple childhood life of going door to door for free candy. Adults still get to dress up and play as they did when they were younger which may subliminally invoke feelings of freedom. These free feelings may have progressed into a deeper understanding of one’s own self-image. The added burden of more responsibilities that pile up throughout adulthood creates a feeling of entrapment. Engaging in Halloween parties is a great social escape from the mundane errands of conventional life.

You are never too old to party! As long as you are physically capable, go out and purchase a wild Halloween costume and search online for a local party to attend. There are many bars and nightclubs that have special themed parties. Here are the most creative adult Halloween party ideas: Zombie Prom Night, Black & Bone, Failed Superheroes, Fairytale Monsters, Classic Horror Movie Monsters, or the ever popular Vamps & Tramps night!

Sexy Vampire Strippers

Sexy Vampire Strippers

Whatever you choose to do, don’t stay inside! This is the one day out of the year when you can walk the streets as crazy as you are without being adjudicated. Dating back 2000 years ago in what is current day Ireland, there was a Celtic festival called Samhain. The celebration marked the transition from summer into winter and occurred on the first of November. It was superstition that the living and dead worlds amalgamated together on the evening before November. The only creepy part of that history is the Celts wore dead animal heads as masks to appease the spirits. We can thank modern times for altering tradition into something more fun.

Have a safe and fun Halloween 2013!

How to Order Strippers for Any Party

Are you looking to order strippers for a bachelor party?

How to order bachelor party strippersAfter you have chosen a date and time for your party, the next step is to determine the location your event and order your female strippers here. You’ll find that the girls who work for Hunks & Babes are professionally trained and know how to entertain large audiences. Don’t be fooled by other companies who recruit their dancers from craigslist and leave you disappointed with the quality of showmanship. Why not have a seasoned veteran entertainer who will engage your audience and impress your friends. You can have the bachelor more than embarrassed with the different tricks only an experienced dancer can perform. Don’t get an amateur sloppy lap dance from someone learning to become a stripper.

Are you looking to hire strippers for a bachelorette party?

How to order bachelorette party strippersWhen you have determined that it is safe for the guest of honor to experience a wild striptease from the most gorgeous men in your city, you can order your male strippers here. The daunting task of researching which male stripper to appear and striptease for your best friend can be more than confusing. Rest assured you are getting the best value and quality of entertainment when you use Hunks & Babes strippers. HB entertainment is the only agency that screens all of its dancers to assure premium quality service and gives you an experience like none other. The ordering process for hiring male exotic dancers is streamlined through online technology. You can now order any local dancer within 24 hours and have him show up to your door ready to go without even making a phone call. All the information about the dancer you want is available online and reservations are made with a credit card. Communication is maintained with emails and you receive a final call from the stripper you chose before they arrive to your party destination.

Have you searched everywhere for exotic dancers that perform at birthdays?

How to order birthday party strippersYou can make your friend or family member forget all about how old they are getting when you order birthday party strippers to dance for them. You can have the stripper make a surprise appearance but let the entertainer know before they arrive. Please have a separate changing room ready for the stripper to change into their outfit. After the dancer performs a short striptease for the birthday girl or boy, he or she will continue on to other guests at the party. Please consider health conditions of the guest of honor for elderly birthdays. When looking for birthday party strippers, look for comments on how personable that dancer was with previous shows.

Have you ever planned a work party and thought of the idea to hire a surprise strip-o-gram to embarrass your coworkers?

How to order office party strippersWhen you are ready to spice up your office party to phenomenal levels of entertainment, you can order surprise party strippers here. Of course it is a great idea to always check your company policies or handbook in regards to adult entertainment in the office. You still have to pay the stripper when they arrive and before they begin their strip show. If management cancels or prevents the entertainer from performing, you will lose that money so be sure it is okay first.

Is your friend divorced and bummed out? There’s a stripper for that!

You can hire strippers for divorce parties here. A divorce party is one of the best excuses to get together and have fun when going out with your friends becomes rarer as age progresses. You will find that many friends and neighbors would like to attend when they discover you will have the hottest professional exotic dancers celebrate this new freedom. It could be a long time since some of your friends have seen the opposite sex in great shape up close. Divorce party strippers are trained to entertain and make the guest of honor feel young and wanted again.

In conclusion, ordering strippers for any party occasion is easy when you use the right company. Whether you have girls’ night out, guys’ night out, or just because, any excuse is a good one to escape life’s monotony with beautiful men and women from Hunks & Babes.

Becoming a Stripper for Hire

Forge Nerves of Steel

Stripper For HireBeginning your career as a stripper for hire will take more than courage and determination. You have to be able to get over any qualms about your physical appearance and not be affected mentally when other people judge you. Professional exotic dancers that have been entertaining for many years make the job look easy. Strippers who work inside of nightclubs or gentlemen’s clubs have bouncers that protect them and have regular customers who see them on a weekly basis. Familiar faces help elevate the comfort level of your occupation as a stripper.

Performing at private bachelor or bachelorette parties can be a little unnerving when every single party you entertain at will have new faces. There are various different types of crowds ranging from extremely conservative to the dangerously wild. You will have to draw the attention of a shy crowd by not overstepping their boundaries or invading their personal space as you will get a poor reaction and isolated from any reciprocity. You have to know your limits as to how far you will go for a party that is extremely wild and expects you to do strange things you never even thought of. You have to be willing to compromise or creatively come up with an alternative method to entertaining the overly wild group. Being completely prepared for each strip show will reduce stress.

Your Personality Shines

Obviously if you do not engage people in normal social situations such as bars, libraries, work, or school, then you will not do well as a stripper. Most strippers for hire are type A personalities or extroverts who easily participate in any of life’s situations. You have to be able to communicate with groups of people and acknowledge or interpret body language.  Veteran dancers can feel of vibe from particular audiences and adjust their strip show accordingly. Sometimes having a quick wit can diffuse a situation such as a simple misunderstanding that escalates to a problem.

Bring a Positive Attitude

Sailor Stripper CostumeSome of the busiest male and female strippers will perform an average of 4 to 5 strip shows on a Saturday night. It is imperative to maintain an upbeat attitude and perform each show as if it were your last one. Not every strip performance will go smoothly and if you have a bad party at the beginning of your night, you have to be able to sidestep your negative emotions and bring a positive energy to your next show.

You should be able to accommodate any reasonable requests from your customers. There have been ridiculous requests for stripper outfits such as Santa Claus, the Great Pumpkin, and even a sexy clown. It is highly advised never to complain or make fun of any customers’ fetish or fantasy. Instead, come up with a compromise and maybe incorporate an article of clothing that they provide to combine with your own costume. You will be surprised to find that customers may want you to wear only a certain color so you can wear your sexy dominatrix outfit with an orange scarf and satisfy their desire for a Halloween character.

You Must be a Hard Worker

Any job is going to expect you to put in 110% effort. Most jobs do not have your boss watching you the entire time you are working. As a stripper, your customers are watching you work including all of their friends. Any lackluster performance will be immediately identified by one or the entire group. Unfortunately, putting in your best performance does not guarantee generous tips. It is advised that you communicate with your customer before you begin your strip show to plan out any additional special tricks that cost more to be paid up front. If you’re going to allow pictures and get fully naked during your show, you should collect the extra fees these tricks cost before you begin.

Be Physically in Shape

Unless you plan on being a novelty stripper who purposely is out of shape and old, you need to work out. Lucky enough for you, many customers prefer a variety of strippers hair color, eye color, body shape, skin tone, height, facial features, tattoos, and piercings. One major concern customers have is choosing a stripper with old photos posted on the site when the dancer was in shape and then having that same stripper show up to their house with 40 to 50 pounds of unsightly fat on them. It is important for you to maintain the same body symmetry or better than the photos you submitted to work as a stripper.

Have Impeccable Hygiene

Stripper HygieneIt is hard to believe this has to be covered, but some amateur strippers fail to complete the basics. There is a very small group of people like hair so please be sure your shaved smooth. Men should not have beards or mustaches, I guess this can apply to some women also, so just ask and listen to your friend’s advice. You must shower before working as a stripper and use antibacterial soap. Wear deodorant and bring extra deodorant with you so you can reapply in between shows or after you sweat a lot. Minor acne is okay but severe acne must be cleared up before working. In addition to being clean, it wouldn’t hurt to lightly spray perfume or cologne before your strip show commences.

Tips How to Make Your Stripper Stay Longer at Your Party

One of the most important things is to be friendly and treat your entertainer with respect.

Friendly StrippersStarting off on the wrong foot, miscommunication, or insulting the dancer sends a bad vibe that can permeate into the show. Avoid this by researching the party location and determining whether or not you can have adult entertainment there. Some major cities like Chicago, Portland, and Raleigh require bottoms and\or pasties to be worn by all entertainers in a public establishment.

Noise complaints are a common reason hotel parties get canceled early. If you want extended party hours, be sure to tell the hotel manager that you need a room far away from other guests see do not disturb them. Sometimes hotels may offer a special private party room which will give you more space for the dancer to perform. If the dancer does not feel cramped and has ample space to perform in a comfortable environment, there will be apt to stay longer. Since we’re on the topic of comfort stripper, it is always best to have carpeting rather than a hard floor because dancers get on their knees for specific tricks. Even though dancers bring their own adult paraphernalia and may be helpful to have a few spare clean towels, whipped cream, and prepared shots of alcohol.

A male stripper in Chicago has shared his thoughts with Hunks & Babes on friendly customers.  “When I walk into a room of smiling girls who are cheering for me before I start, it motivates me to perform my best.”

Try to schedule him or her as late as possible.

It may be difficult to know your strippers schedule for the evening, but the later you have your bachelorette or bachelor party entertainment, the better. This could be a double-edged sword because the dancer may have other shows before yours that could make them late. If this happens, you may be able to make a case to bargain with a stripper to make them stay longer because they were so late to your party. The dancer should not have an excuse to leave your party early because they will be done for the night after your show. Offering liquor after the dancer’s performance will help create a relaxing situation after a hard day’s work.

One New York female stripper commented on her night “I just wanted to drink and hangout after working all night while I watched everyone else party hard.”

The most obvious is to give extra money and tips.

Tip Your StripperAside from the usual charges before the strip show begins (pictures, fully nude, etc.) be sure to also tip extra during the performance. Most female strippers will save their dirtiest tricks for $20’s and will collect more for a super trick usually performed for the guest of honor. If the above methods do not work to help your dancer stay longer at your party, you can always be up front with them and asked how much it would take for them to spend the rest of the evening with your group of friends.

“I was packed up and ready to leave the party when a random guest tipped me an extra $100 to stay 15 minutes longer and ended up staying over 2 more hours!” – said one of our most requested stripper in New Jersey.

Sometimes a little hospitality goes a long way.

Most parties will have an overabundance of food and will have more guests drink than eat so offer your stripper something to eat! You entertainer may have had many shows in the long night without eating and will be obliged to your generous offer all-you-can-eat party food. You put in your stripper into a reciprocal position to stay and entertain your guests. Do not do anything creepy like suggest sex or a ‘free massage’ in a separate room. Strippers are not escorts and will be offended with your offer. Simply being genuine and sincere to your stripper will make them feel welcomed and not want to leave.

Prep your guests to get involved.

Relax Your Party GuestsAudience participation is a sure fire way to keep your stripper busy and they will have to stay. It is a lot easier for an exotic dancer to perform their services when everyone gets involved. On the contrary, guests who are shy and do not participate in the festivities do not make for a great show and drags on the routine of the dancer. If you do think you have non-active guests, be sure to get them a little liquored up by playing drinking games which involves your friends taking shots of alcohol before your dancer arrives. This will help loosen them up so they volunteer to sit in the hot seat and get lap dances from private strippers without any hesitation. Just like fishing, you can bait. Your guests with dollar bills stuffed into areas of their body they wish the stripper to engage in.

Top Reasons for Ordering Strippers

Throwing a party can be hard work for any occasion. Staying on top of your budget, timeline, invitations, reservations, and choice of venues can be overwhelming. Keeping in mind why you are ordering strippers during the party planning process will help you stay focused when doubts enter your mind.

The first reason is when you plan a bachelor party.

Bachelor Party ReasonSometimes the only thing that separates a regular night out from a man’s last night out of being single for the rest of his life is the involvement of gorgeous young female strippers. You can always throw back some drinks and try to pick up girls at any bar on any given day. Put all the hard work aside for your guest of honor and have him enjoy his special night with the adornment of super hot professional adult entertainers. As the best man, you are going to have to judge the grooms capabilities of handling the level of fun you have planned for him. There are two ways you can go about the entertainment. You can hire strippers to make him happy which includes touching and basically having his fantasy come to life. The other option is ordering strippers to torture and torment the groom so that you and all of your friends will have stories to make fun of for the rest of your lives. He may not like the embarrassment or tricks played on him, but it will be worth the ability to bring up what happened to him for a future laugh.

The second reason is having entertainment for a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party ReasonGirls who order male strippers for a bachelorette party do it for a different reason than guys. Instead of having a male exotic dancer perform as a bachelorette’s fantasy fling, he instead performs as a novelty to make the entire audience laugh. Most strip routines at a bachelorette party a very innocent and do not involve fully nude dancing. Guys will place the honored guest into multiple sexual positions while wearing his thong. Humor and tactful playfulness is paramount to having a successful party and having a stripper perform for your guest will make for a memorable night. Unlike their bachelor party counterparts who have more than one dancer, bachelorette parties only have one guy perform a 30 to 45 minute routine show. Girls are a little bit more thoughtful and planning a night out for their special friend. Renting a fancy hotel room, catering expensive food, reserving a fully stocked limo, and cliché penis cakes or decorations are all incorporated into the evening’s agenda. The only regretful party mistake that is talked about is parties that did not get a male stripper for entertainment.

Ordering strippers for birthday parties is one of the third most popular reasons.

Nothing is more hilarious than the look on grandma or grandpa’s face when they experience a stripper for their 60th birthday party. Having a stripper perform at a birthday party is not only memorable for that person; it is also a party all of your guests will remember also. It is more common for anyone to order a stripper for a benchmark birthday such as 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 etc. it is not recommended to order a stripper for someone who is over the age of 60 years old for health reasons. Make sure your guest has a healthy enough cardiovascular system to handle the elevated heart rate when viewing these beautiful guys or girls.

Lastly, entertainment for divorce parties, girls’ night out, or guys’ night out.

Sometimes people feel bad when they see one of their friends go through a tough divorce and want to help. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to order a divorce party stripper to revive that newly single feeling. An exotic dancer can kick start that confident feeling you had before you got married. ‘Just because’ reasons for ordering adult entertainment can be the wildest parties of all because the guests usually consist of all single people who are ready for a no holds bar night.

So in conclusion, whether you are a professional party planner who uses strippers for the peak of entertainment at each event or a first timer that would just like to have a successful night, ordering a stripper to your plans will be the best addition you can make.