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Hunks and Babes Reviews

How Confident Are You That Online Reviews Are The Truth?

Hunks and Babes Reviews

Hunks and Babes Reviews Online

The answer is most of the reviews are lies. As of April 2013, we estimate about 1 to 2 new stripping agencies sprout up every day and does not include the duplicate or Geo-specific mirrored agency sites. The added stress of dividing market share amongst stripping agencies has caused business owners to take more deplorable and desperate actions. Adult entertainment agencies now have shifted from helping customers to bashing competition. This has been more evident from increasing negative posts on review websites about us. Some companies even go as far as to list us on their own website and give their opinion why customers should not order from us.

Where’s The Logic?

One example of a sales page taken from a competitor listed Hunks and Babes as a company not to do business with for the simple fact of being a national stripping agency. The page goes on to try and convince the customer that they are better because they have a local phone number. The same logic can be used to argue Wal-mart is bad because it is not a local company (please focus on the objective concept by looking past the deep economic impact, limited health benefits, low-wage labor, and leveraging of government subsidies). Instead, look at the selection of quality items or service at the cheapest prices compared to local competition. Local stores will never come close to the management experience or leadership of the national Wal-mart Company.

Is Bigger Better?

Just like Walmart, the same is true for the national stripping agency Hunks and Babes. We are blessed to have the volume of business that we have but this took hard work getting to that point. We hire strippers the same way our local competitors do, except we do it in 93 cities instead of one city. We have a national call center with employees that go through a training process that gives them over 10 years of experience in less than a week. We also have satellite employees spread throughout the country that verify the quality and authenticity of our entertainers. We will not give away our trade secrets because competitors often read and steal our material, but we can share with you that our corporate style management of dancers keeps them on their toes and guarantees they will give their hundred percent attention to your satisfaction at every show.

Starting New Hurts with Growing Pains

Hunks & Babes Stripping Agency Has Deep Roots

Hunks & Babes Stripping Agency Has Deep Roots

We started as a local stripping agency and understand the difficulties hiring new dancers. We had one new stripper employment application every other week which put pressure on us to keep the strippers we currently employed even though they were not good and had complaints filed. Now that we get dozens of applications every day, we can easily get rid of under-performing dancers and keep the best of the best. Allowing reviews of strippers on our website helps customers communicate the quality of talent that we employ. The result is you get the best chance of receiving premium service without stress. This does not mean we are 100% perfect but your odds are better with us than any other stripping agency in the country.

So What About The Hunks And Babes Reviews?

Review HBstrippers

Research Carefully

Our legal team is making a case against these review websites as a class D felony for extortion. These review websites demand delivery of payment in either monthly installments or a lump sum to ‘clean up’ negative fictitious testimonials either written by them or Hunks and Babes’ competitors. Keep in mind that if you pay this fee there will magically be favorable posts about your business along with high ratings. Hunks and Babes believes either choice is unethical and misleading to customers. We never have and will continue not to pay for positive fake reviews. Good or bad, customers can leave testimonials and reviews directly on our website. Not all review sites are lies and not all reviews posted are fictitious. There are real customers’ complaints or praises mixed in with the fake posts. We know most people ordering strippers online do it for the first time and possibly only time. It is very helpful for this reason to get recommendations from friends that have experienced service from these companies.

In conclusion, we hope that we did not scare you into not ordering entertainment for your party! Private party strippers are amazing fun and create a memorable experience for everyone. Be suspicious of your research, ask for recommendations, and when in doubt go with your gut feeling. To date, we have successfully planned over 180,000 parties and hope to gain your trust in planning yours.

How To Prepare For Florida Strippers In Three Easy Steps

Do you want to get the most entertainment out of your Florida strippers? Now you can by simply following these three simple steps in order to ensure everyone receives maximum entertainment after you place your order. This should be easy because most exotic dancers inherently want you to experience the best show from start to finish. Following these tips should help you guarantee a memorable and pleasant experience.

The first step is to order your entertainment a few days in advance.

Tampa stripper

Tampa stripper

I know this might sound obvious, but many people fail to plan a few days ahead of time and end up scrambling at the end. You can avoid the stress and last choice of entertainers by calling agency at least one week in advance. Only Tampa strippers are the most abundant and are available for last-minute parties, but nowhere else in Florida where you have this convenience. You need to make sure that the stripping agency you choose has all of the pertinent information including your hotel number, name of the hotel, and any unique instructions that the stripper needs to know to make your party perfect. Be careful not to be too demanding because you don’t want to scare the stripper you hired. You have the best chance of getting off on the right foot by trusting her professionalism and judgment.

The second step you should take is to hand out dollar bills to your friends for tipping.

Tallahassee stripper

Tallahassee stripper

I know most people ordering adult entertainment for the first time do not know what to expect and are unprepared for great time by neglecting to have singles ready for the guests to give the strippers. Tallahassee strippers may be prepared to cash in your larger bills for singles they made at previous shows but don’t count on it. Take charge and go to the bank and get stacks of one dollar bills so that you can cash in your friends larger bills at the party and extend the length of time your entertainment stays. You also may want to take preemptive measures by having a talk with your guests before the stripper arrives at two not say anything offensive or the meaning that will make them upset and want to leave. There are dancers that will end their show early because of rude behavior so don’t let this happen to you.

Jacksonville stripper

Jacksonville stripper

Even the hottest Jacksonville strippers won’t stay longer than they have to if the party is not tipping them. Many of the unbelievable stunts that the girls perform require tipping. For example, a Florida exotic dancer may get fresh bills strategically placed on the guest of honor’s body with only her teeth. Sometimes money is placed in between the girls boobs and the guest of honor has to remove it with his mouth (slowly of course). It is common to give Florida entertainers tips before and after they perform, but will make a true difference tipping during their performance. Also be sure to let the girl know you are tipping a $20 or $50 bill and don’t just throw it into the pile. Most girls reserve special tricks for larger bills if they see them.

The third and final tip is to prepare the room for anything.

Orlando stripper

Orlando stripper

If you want to create an adult Disneyland, order some Orlando strippers in a hotel with a Jacuzzi in the same room as the bed. Your surroundings turn into props and features incorporated into your favorite Florida stripper’s show. A belt can become a dog leash, a bed can become a punishment zone for spankings, and a hot tub can become a bubbly mess of pure fantasies.

Either way you are going to have to prepare the room for a great performance. It is better to have it at someone else’s house or a hotel room because things might get messy with whipped cream and or oil. You don’t want to explain any type of stains on the carpet to your wife or girlfriend. You’ll not be worried about your furniture getting broken and will focus more on the entertainment. Don’t forget if you have a strip show scheduled inside of a hotel, you may need to bring extra chairs for everyone to sit. One cool tip for having a bachelor party inside of a hotel room is to turn the best top into a cooler. Simply bring fresh bags of ice to dump in the bathtub and keep your alcohol chilled in there.

Most all Florida strippers carry their own boom box or radio with music. Your job is to make sure they have access to a power outlet so that they can plug it in. You might be crammed in a small hotel room so make sure you have at least a ten square foot space for the dancer to perform. If you want to be a gentleman you can bring a blanket or use the hotel blankets on the floor which is especially handy if you watch a two girl fantasy show. If you managed to squeeze many chairs into a small room be sure to have space behind the chairs for people to stand so everyone can see. By following these three main tips you should be able to get the best performance possible with little effort.

The Three Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring Chicago Male Strippers.

How would you avoid making one of the many huge mistakes when it comes to hiring Chicago male strippers? Discover what other customers have already learned and make sure you take the necessary precautions to make sure that your party goes according to plan.

First mistake is ordering your stripper on the same day you need service.

Definitely the most common mistakes you can make when you hire Chicago male strippers is ordering on the same day you need them to come. This is never more important than during the busy season when all bachelorette’s are having a party at the same time. These dates occur between May and October.

If you know that you will have a girl’s night out or special party be sure to order your entertainment at least one week in advance if not later. This guarantees that you will get your first choice of male dancer and your experience will be greater than if you plan it at the last minute.

The second mistake is not ordering the right type of entertainment.

There are many stripping agencies to choose from and even more options for customers to order different types of strip shows. Most girls have never ordered any type of adult entertainment in their life and rely on reviews and have to trust what they find online. One of the best pieces of advice would be to order one male dancer from your first choice of stripping agency, and then another stripper from a completely different company. This guarantees that if one of them does not show up you will have a backup just in case. If you are lucky enough to have both entertainers arrive, then you will have the ultimate bachelorette party! Be sure to have enough singles for all of your friends so that your dancers can stay longer. Remember that they might have other shows to go to after yours if it is early on a Saturday night.

The third most popular mistake is planning too tight of a schedule.

When you hire Chicago male stripper, do not forget that you are not the only party that they have to go to. Most companies allow one hour before and one hour after your scheduled time for them to arrive. If your schedule is too rigid for a time window, reconsider your options because rushing the entertainer will not prove to be a good experience. There are many things that dancers have to deal with including traffic and navigating to your party which they have never been to before. To put your mind at rest on party night, be sure to write comments in your order stating that you want your male stripper to contact you while they are en route to your party. This will alleviate the stress of worrying about your entertainment not showing up.

When you have allotted a few hours for your entertainment, you set the mood for exciting and worry free night. If your group of girls is wild enough to handle the company of the Chicago male exotic dancer, then be sure to order him later in the night so when he is finished with his shows for the evening, he can join your group and party together!

Start Your Bachelor Party with Las Vegas Strippers to Your Room

If you are lucky enough to plan a bachelor party for your best friend, then why not experience the ultimate bachelor party in Las Vegas. Sure the Academy might be week and your friends might not have enough money but the good news is that tickets are cheaper and some strip clubs will give you massive group discounts. Hotels will be more than willing to accommodate you but do not tell them you’ll be spending your time frequenting the Vegas gentlemen’s clubs. In order for you to get a great deal on your hotel room, you have to make the hotel believe that you will be gambling in their casinos, not patronizing the local female talent.

There is nothing wrong with drinking and excess, gambling until you lose all of your money, and eating the buffets until they kick you out. I would personally recommend going to see some comedy shows, magic acts, or other things you might not see locally. Most guys would dream of having a bachelor party in Las Vegas and even fewer guys plan it. You’ll have to battle all of your friends excuses such as are wiser girlfriends won’t let them or they don’t have the money. You can’t take your money with you when you die and you may only go to a dozen bachelor parties in your lifetime.

Hit it off right the first time and order Las Vegas strippers to your room. Start planning right now by going online and browsing the hottest girls in Nevada who are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. Vegas is the international adult playground capital and attracts the most prestigious talent. There are many activities you can do with a private Vegas stripper that you can’t do with them inside of a strip club with bouncers watching. It is highly recommended to order at least two strippers one week before you arrive. There is always a chance of having one of the dancers’ no-show and hundred percent at least one of the two will make it to your room. If both of the girls arrive at the same time, it is your duty as a man to try and talk them into doing a two girl lesbian show.

Spare no expense is this is the last weekend your best friend will be single. Want to make sure everyone has a phenomenal time and having private strippers in your hotel room is a great way to kick off a great vibe. There are strip clubs in Vegas such as Sapphire and Spearmint Rhino which are tens of thousands of square feet with hundreds of strippers working at any given time. Your problem is going to be that there are too many dancers to choose from. Luckily if you call that had, you can get a discount on bottle service or drinks and have enough extra money to spend on lap dances or private strip shows. Hope you enjoy your time in Vegas and remember to give us your story!