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Channing Tatum Stripper Movie

Channing Tatum Stripper

Channing Tatum Stripper

There are many expectations when girls order a male stripper for bachelorette party. The new movie Magic Mike featuring Channing Tatum raises that bar for what’s expected of an exotic dancer. Besides having rock-solid good looks, chiseled abs, and a pretty face, you also have to have moves that will get you gold medals in dancing with the stars. So searching for Tatum’s old stripper videos to compare what he looked like then versus now might leave you empty-handed. The Internet will spread like wildfire any leaked information or old pictures of Channing Tatum stripping, so why do you think you can’t find any?

The movie Magic Mike storyline deals with the reality of guys choosing to get into this profession. Most companies will have you believe that stripping is glamorous and a quick way to make loads of cash. The reality is that it can hurt your relationships and feed your ego to a point of self-destruction. Getting into the adult entertainment industry too young without professional supervision can lead to dependencies on drugs or other harmful venues to compensate for the lack of attention male exotic dancers receive performing at strip shows.

We had an exclusive interview with Sarah who had Tatum as a stripper when he was young and buff. Here’s what happened. Sarah: “My name is Sarah and I had Channing Tatum as a stripper for my bachelorette party. He was about 19 at the time but still sexy as ever. He was so amazing when he walked in the door, all my girlfriends screamed with excitement. He did some pretty awesome tricks, and I wish I got pictures of it all. Channing was really nice and even stayed after his show was done. He seemed down to earth and if I knew he was going to become famous one day, I would have asked that sexy hunk for his autograph.

I had another male stripper for my friend’s birthday party, and he didn’t compare to Channing. Don’t get me wrong though; this dancer was very hot and everyone seemed to love him. This time I made sure to get a picture with him because you never know who you will see on television one day.”

So it looks like Tatum was a great stripper when he worked the crowd and up until now, proved to be a wise decision in the advancement and diversification of his career. Steven Soderbergh probably never took off his clothes in front of an audience ever but obviously did his homework and collaborated with Channing in regards to getting the details of the male stripper lifestyle. This film is rare in the sense that it is the only film to focus the star role with an occupation of a male stripper entrepreneur.

Very true to life what happens in the traveling stripper for hire industry is that the top male dancers train the newbies into becoming great entertainers. Magic Mike takes the kid under his wing and undergoes the trials and tributes that he once went through to get to where he’s at. Most veteran male exotic dancers end up attempting to begin or launch their own stripping agency with low startup costs because anybody can create a website. Someone beginning their own business involves recruiting your colleagues to perform at bachelorette parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, you name it booked from your website.

Some ex-strippers have connections with nightclubs and female strip clubs which are used as stages for male Revue strip shows. The compass shows of the ones that are usually seen in movies yet rarely continue in real life because of the lack of interest from females and absence of coordination from the management. Becoming an entrepreneur in an industry that does not set standards is very challenging.

Some of the issues that are faced with someone who plans male revue style entertainment include overcharging club owners by thousands of dollars to have the males entertain. After the manager collects the money, often the dancers are shorted their portion of the pay which causes animosity and turmoil. Most of the industry needs a hard makeover. Someone with enough integrity, honesty, and self-determination will dominate this business.

In conclusion, Channing Tatum playing himself as a popular male stripper is a humorous mocking of his adult entertainer role while he was younger. Most people are accepting of people’s pasts in today’s society considering the divorce rate and what people have to do to make ends meet. It was lucky enough for Channing that he got into the right industry at the right time and networked with the right people.

Spring Break Strippers

From the month of April until the end of October begins the bachelor and bachelorette party season. Progressively across the US more people order exotic dancers for their number one choice of entertainment for parties. Certain college students sometimes pool their money together to get spring break strippers.

Spring Break Strippers

Spring Break Strippers

Florida is the best state to gather the country’s wildest and craziest college spring break students. The young adults overrun the towns with a mob action generally not welcome by the locals. Along with excessive drinking and extreme sun tanning, a new trend has emerged with this generation. Male college students have been ordering spring break strippers for entertainment in the recent years. This trend has been expanding because of the easily accessible websites through mobile smart phones.

Most college students are generally broke and barely have money to pay for food, that they have found a way to collectively gather their assets and afford three and four-girl fantasy shows costing thousands of dollars. Some female college students join in with the female spring break strippers trying to imitate what they do. Thanks to camera phone technology, many of these exhibitions are recorded and posted on YouTube for everyone to see. Social media has further enhanced or devastated the lives of these wannabe amateur strippers based on how well they did or didn’t do.

This is more of a growing male trend and it is for females to order male strippers. Most of the female college students are looking for spring fling and are not interested in seeing naked male exotic dancers even though they might have more hard chiseled bodies than the guys they see in college. A popular thing for spring breakers to witness is a male opposition with the young men competing in a hot bodies contest. Nothing is more hysterical than watching out of shape drunk guys who think they are God’s gift to women shake everything they have in an all or nothing survival of the fittest contest.

Where else can you bear witness to guys pouring their heart out dancing and getting booed off stage? Sometimes a guy who wins doesn’t have a sexy dance or special moves; he might be 300 pounds and wins the audience over just for being a good sport. Some amateur male strippers can be quite comical and not be as serious by wearing costumes like an American flag thong.

Almost all of the popular nightclubs and bars in spring break towns always have wet T-shirt contests which involve drunk college girls degrading themselves for free or for a few drinks. This is the best time to see college strippers! The greatest marketing ploys use sex integrated into the one track minds of college students to draw larger crowds and more alcohol consumption which leads to profits. Most wet T-shirt contests are videotaped not only by the club owners, but also the hundreds of audience members who may get paid to post these free videos on other adult related Internet sites. Club owners make promotional material from the drunken college girls to attract more males to their establishment. Just remember to be safe and have a good time.

St Patricks Day Male Midget Strippers

Leprechaun Stripper

Leprechaun Stripper

Although it is ethically incorrect to say male midget strippers, that’s what most people search for on the Internet and to everyone’s surprise, it is harder to find a male little person stripper than any other occupation in the world. Hunks & Babes is lucky to have a few female midget strippers and male midget strippers in their back pocket. These little person strippers are highly requested around spring time. St. Patrick’s Day male midget strippers are the most fun and the best way to get parties riled up. Many happy clients e-mail us insane crazy stripper experiences they had with these half pint exotic dancers.

One particular store that stands out in New York City the St. Patrick’s Day party held in spring of 2010. An Irish family was flying in their extended family from Ireland for a wedding. A bunch of girls got together and decided to order two of the finest midget male strippers NYC had to offer. Tim and Tom were both brothers, devilishly handsome, and male exotic dancers. They have a great time doing it and would never perform in any uncomfortable conditions. The party was a good size group which involved over 50 girls with half of them from overseas. Tim and Tom went above and beyond by purchasing authentic costumes and had been tailored to fit them perfectly.

The St. Patrick’s Day bachelorette party heated up like wildfire. Tim was great at seducing him ladies with his clean-cut muscular like and Tom was the complementary scruffy fun-loving prankster was more of a novelty dancer. Two guys interacted with the girls in such a way that they now have a girl’s night out every St. Patrick’s Day in the United States. Long flights, party room reservations, catering, and party planning are all worth the time and effort. This is possible thanks to the dedicated team of little persons that performs as the hottest male midget leprechaun strippers in the country.

So instead of going to bars and drinking beer from eight in the morning until you can’t take it anymore, try getting all of your girlfriends together in order a tiny person male stripper to make that special day one you will never forget. You can even have the male entertainer come with you on a bus and travel with him to all the bars. You will definitely be the center of attention and have opportunities for pictures that will go in the family album.

Besides having green beer and green sequenced top hats with a gold shiny buckle, though in the best adult party entertainment possible. It is very expensive and availability is different in each city, but if you have the opportunity to do it, you will not regret it. For the guys, there are very few female midget strippers that can also dress-up for St. Patrick’s Day if you give at least three weeks’ notice for travel arrangements. When you’re drinking your shamrock shake member the story in order your stripper before it’s too late.

Hot Strippers for Valentines Day

Sometimes being single on Valentine’s Day can be depressing. Fortunately enough for you, Hunks and Babes has the hottest Valentine’s Day strippers to keep you company. Why waste your money on cheap stuffed animals made in China and expensive flowers that last only a few days? You could be ravished by the hottest men or women exotic dancers for the same price you would a dinner date.

Valentines Day Strippers

Valentines Day Strippers

For the men, you can order a blonde bombshell vixen in sexy red lingerie with a body that would make a teenage Romanian gymnast jealous. Wide curves, slim waist, and a huge bust line can be all yours for one night instead of waiting in line to get into and overcrowded restaurant. Valentine’s Day strippers can be very accommodating to your specific fantasies. If you want something a little bit naughtier, you can have your special entertainer dress-up in a police uniform or nurse outfit. It is fun to have a sexy female exotic dancer can you to the bed and handcuff you to the bedposts. She can drive you wild with her feather tickler props and hard leather whips while you are tied down. Some strippers are sarcastically playful and might lead you tied up in the room by yourself for a while before they come back. This helps build anticipation and leaves you wanting more.

For the ladies, nothing is more satisfying than having an oiled up muscular hunk dance his heart out to please you. Stop waiting for those romantic nights where Romeo comes in riding on a white horse to sweep you off your feet. You can now have a male exotic dancer dress as a Latin lover stripping to very slow and sensual songs. He can wear tight black leather pants with a white silky button-down dress shirt like Fabio from the romance novels. He can have a rose in his mouth and give you an oiled up Swedish massage before he mesmerizes you with his strip show routine. You can have a tall and skinny Italian stripper with a sexy accent and playful attitude entertain just you or a group of friends. There are many male exotic dancers to choose from to entertain you on Valentine’s Day. Most girls like a well-built muscular male stripper that is flexible enough to display never seen before fantasy sex positions.

Most couples spice up their love life by ordering couples strippers for Valentine’s Day. You can order a female or male stripper specifically to entertain couples looking for new ideas. Many female exotic dancers are ordered to dance for wives and girlfriends of confident couples looking for that extra spark. Husbands and boyfriends regret not ordering a sexy female stripper sooner to show them the sensuality of a girl turning on another girl. It is especially more exciting to see your loved one interact with curiosity of the same sex. They can put your partner in the first step towards a direction that will help you fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Take the chance and don’t be afraid to order a stripper for Valentine’s Day!

Wild Bachelor Party in Virginia

Virginia Bachelor Party

Virginia Bachelor Party

I just recently had a bachelor party in Virginia just before Christmas. The party went amazing and everybody had a great time, but before then it was pretty stressful planning. I first had to pick a time that all my buddies had off of work because they are in the union and work in the trades. Most of the busy season is during the summertime when construction is at its peak. I had to wait until business slow down around Christmas time where they were off of work anyways. So once I decided to have the party before the second week of December, the next thing was to find the location.

We decided to use my house because of my large basement that was just refinished last year. I spent more money than I should have on the sound system including five sub offers and 12 speakers. One of our friends was a DJ who brought his laptop and lighting system to connect and sync up with my sound system. I had a full bar in the basement which was stocked almost as well as a small restaurant. My wife didn’t like the idea at first of having a stripper pole in the basement, but it did enhance our relationship and served as a neat prop for my friend’s bachelor party in Richmond Virginia.

I don’t know why I remember this but and I took a trip to the Eastern Caribbean a few years ago I spoke with the man who used to live in New Jersey who told me about Hunks and Babes strippers. He had the most amazing story of the strippers that looked like models, were super tan, and smelled like angels. He built up his experience so much, and told that with so much detail, I had to use the same stripping agency for any bachelor party that came up. I search for the company online and found them very easily. The girls looked really good to choose from and were a wide variety. I like the strippers that looked young and model-esque all my other buddies liked the curvy more voluptuous big breasted strippers.

I ended up ordering was called the platinum package which included six gorgeous female strippers. The crowd was warmed up with two topless waitresses both dressed like Playboy bunnies. These gave a chance for my buddies to warm-up and have a few drinks to help them relax and get into the mood. I had a blonde bombshell and cute redhead perform two topless strip teases which lasted over two hours and get the guys really riled up. One of the girls brought a bag of toys that included power tool attachments. One of my nerdy friends was more concerned about the brand name drill the Virginia female exotic dancer was using instead of the toy attached to it.

And finally, the grand finale was a showstopper. Harley and Raven or drop dead gorgeous and went around the room to mingle before they began the show. This was a nice personal touch because it added more of an emotional draw to their performance. They interacted with each other as if they were teenagers exploring their sexuality for the first time. I’ve never seen anything so exotic and my life. Harley’s body was so perfect; I ended up doing things that I couldn’t tell my wife about. I’m confident you’ll have the same experience if you use Hunks and Babes for your next bachelor party in Virginia or any other city in the country.