Caribbean Pirate Strippers

Pirate Strippers

Pirate Strippers

I would like to share a recent cruise that I have taken a few years back that involved exploring the Eastern Caribbean Sea. My friend was going through a divorce and really needed something to cheer him up. I booked a cruise for the both of us and two other friends decided to join. Even though only one of us was newly single, we dubbed it the singles cruise.

I managed to land us an Ocean view stateroom on one of the latest ships. We hit up the onboard casinos, spas, and of course the Jacuzzi was a happening place late hours. There were lots of single women were gorgeous and made the trip enjoyable. There was one group of girls that really caught our attention because they were very loud and were always having lots of fun.

My single friend John already had a few drinks and gathered enough courage and stability to form a sentence which made the group of girls laugh. I was shocked at how stupid his lines were and how well it worked. The girls ended up working for a large Las Vegas strip club endorsement of the trip as a reward for their marketing promotions. Lucky for our group of guys we had these girls here because they really made the trip memorable. I was surprised that they were by themselves and were with no guys even from where they worked.

While cruising under the full moon glistening off of the Caribbean Sea, my group of guys including myself had an experience like none other. The group of girls was drinking in their room when we open the door. Two of them were dressed like pirates and yellow was just like a captain all tied up in her chair. They were role-playing a ship takeover and my friends and I ended up being first mates. We were all tied up with the captain and punished and creatively sexy ways.

I will leave some details to the imagination and omit some of the names of my friends I was with to protect their marriage. I will share with you my new fetish for black and white striped stockings, black corset, and dark eyeliner. When the new parts of the Caribbean movie came out, I cannot help but think back to the sexy pirate strippers we had back on our singles cruise.

It is not tradition that every year we order two or three hot female strippers from the same agency who wear pirate costumes for the routines. The company left when we first ordered this bizarre request but now has evolved into a venue in which my friends and I can relive those young moments of the greatest cruise anyone can ever take. It has never been our goal to take another trip just to re-create the magic that happened on that fateful night. It’s the same principle that sequels to really good movies can never surpass the originals because of different expectations and experience. I hope you get to live out all of your fantasies and enjoy life as much as I do.