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Exotic Dancers for Christmas

Christmas Exotic Dancers

Christmas Exotic Dancers

Sometimes holidays can get you down if you’re lonely or depressed. Fortunately for you, one of the best ways to cure the holiday blues is to order some Christmas exotic dancers. Your ugly Christmas sweater and forget the mundane holiday work party this year, because your luck is about to change. A few tips from this holiday blog will help you gleam with enough joy to deter the grumpiest of Scrooges.

You first need to relax and take time off of work. If you’re one of those people that have more vacation time left than there are days in December to take it, then this message is especially for you. Large corporations give holiday time and paid vacations because research has shown that a well-rested and happy employee is a highly productive one. Life is too short and you need to stop and smell the mistletoe.

Now that you have some time off, invite a few of your best friends over for private party. Don’t invite the whole block, family, or anyone else you don’t care to know what they think about the weather with. When you surround yourself with your best friends who are positive and like-minded, great things happen. For example, while one friend does a beer run, the other friend orders pizzas; you’re online picking the most gorgeous female exotic dancers for your Christmas party. Should you want the large breasted Natalia with the perfect tan and long dark hair, or buxom blond Shelby with an ass so big you can serve hors d’oeuvres and have room for the eggnog bowl. Now that you have the hottest strippers picked out, let’s see what they should wear.

When ordering Christmas strippers, don’t let them wear a Santa suit. It kills the mood and there is nothing sexy about Santa. Elf costumes, Mrs. Clause, or even the gingerbread girl can be sexy- just avoid Santa. Next make sure all of your buddies have plenty of dollar bills to tip the beautiful girls that are entertaining you. Consistent tipping ensures the female strippers stay longer than scheduled and perform more entertaining tricks.

For the ladies, stop being shy and order some hot male strippers this holiday season. Since bachelorette season is over, it is slow enough for you to have top pick from the available choices of amazing male exotic dancers. The other reason for ordering adult entertainment during the winter months is that you get to have the same quality entertainment that bachelorettes receive during the summer at a fraction of the price. Most male Revue shows or one guy strip shows are discounted because of the lower volume during the off-season. See you can either save money ordering your favorite male stripper or spend the same amount and get two amazing hunks.

Between Christmas shopping and holiday parties with work or family, you should squeeze in some ‘me time’ and indulge yourself with the best looking men and women in the country. Even if you want to venture on the wild side this Christmas, you can order our novelty entertainers dressed as a full figured Santa. Please don’t order him for anyone under 18! Hope you have a fun and safe holiday from Hunks and Babes staff!

Begin your new career as a professional stripper

In today’s economy, there are hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs not a monthly basis and still have financial obligations to meet. Strippers have always been known to make enormous amounts of cash money working as little as part-time or only a few hours on the weekend. Many males and females who normally would not get into the adult entertainment industry are not looking at this as an option for making ends meet. For the highest degree of professionalism and training, most of these newbies turn to the advice from the experts at H and B Entertainment.

Professional Female Stripper

Professional Female Stripper

One of the most challenging things to overcome beginning a career as an exotic dancer is to get over your fears of how you perceive yourself. Some people can just naturally walk into a crowded room get naked in front of a group of strangers. Most people end up training for a few weeks before going to perform shows on their own.

Most talented and popular female strippers in the industry today usually started off dancing for the husbands or boyfriends in the privacy of their bedroom. After confidence is built up to a comfortable level, they take their performances on stage or to private bachelor parties. Female exotic dancers are lucky in the sense that they can continue their career year round because of the local gentlemen’s clubs that support showcasing their talent.

There are tens of thousands of professional female strippers who have annual six-figure incomes working full-time for private parties and strip clubs. Girls that work for major productions in Vegas get health insurance and retirement benefits. I personally don’t think female exotic dancers need incentives to stick around because most guys want young and fit girls but it turns out the clientele in Vegas enjoy veteran strippers who know how to tease.

It is much easier for a guy to begin a career as a male stripper than it is for the females. One of the main reasons is that guys do not perform as many tricks or stunts as a girl can. Female adult entertainers have to go above and beyond what’s expected of them, whereas male exotic dancers are more of a novelty and involve less personally invading tricks and stunts. More than half of all of the entertainment parties a male stripper will perform at will involve him leaving his thong or G string on. Less than half of all the parties want to see a nude professional male stripper. This is why male strippers have less stress and usually continue on this career path for many years.

Professional Male Stripper

Professional Male Stripper

The only setback male strippers have is that 95% of the requested business involves performing at bachelorette parties. In the USA, most bachelorette parties are held between May and early October. This means that male strippers have seasonal business whereas female strippers have a year-round. Male Revue shows are becoming more and more popular in local bars and even gentlemen’s clubs on certain days of the week. This is still not enough to make a full-time career for the guys but is still the absolute best way to supplement anyone’s income.

The pros far outweigh the cons when deciding to start your career as a professional stripper. If you’re ever curious or want to learn more about making fast cash in the hottest fast-paced industry, you can trust Hunks and Babes Strippers to guide you.

The Best Adult Toy Parties

What constitutes the best adult toy parties? More oftentimes the toy parties are boring and pathetic attempts to sell overpriced dildos and vibrators. Flavored condoms are not new but are over exaggerated as the best by every adult toy party saleswoman. They don’t tell you that your man will never wear it because it is three times as thick as a normal condom. So if everybody sells the same adult toys at the same high-priced markup, the one thing that makes the party great is the location and the saleswoman throwing the party.

Adult Toy Parties

Adult Toy Parties

Most toy parties are held inside of one of the local neighborhood housewives homes. Studies have shown it is best to sell unfamiliar products within familiar settings to increase sales. The location is critical for creating a comfortable atmosphere in which learning about each individual product is a comfortable experience. Some girls feel naughty or uncomfortable talking about exotic toys and pleasuring themselves but found it was easy to do so with a trusted group of friends who are sharing their experiences.

Another common place to throw a toy party (but less frequent than a home) would be inside of a hotel room. These parties run exactly the same way the parties inside of houses go, except they are preceded usually by one or more exotic male strippers. Mix in some Masculine, chiseled bodies with handsome faces and large adult toys to yield the perfect combination for a successful party. Most girls including myself rely on a stripping agency as large as Hunks and Babes strippers to provide reliable carefree entertainment. It is fun to choose from a large selection of well-trained and perfectly groomed male exotic dancers. It is fun to get all the girls from the party involved in choosing the perfect male dancer. I usually e-mail them the top three choices of guys to perform a male Revue show style striptease for the group.

If you’re worried about cost or the ability to afford high-quality strippers, H and B Entertainment does offer big discounts for frequent buyers. I have suggested an exotic dancer discount club card but realized their ordering system remembers all the customers and notes are kept as to who buys which packages. This saves me a lot of time because I don’t have to clip coupons or look for codes before placing order. Every, second Christy she always gives me the best deals and hooks me up with the best looking male strippers you will ever find.

Adult toy parties are great thing to do during a bachelorette party. This is a great way to fully equip the bride to be with all of the tools she needs to make your honeymoon a night she will never forget. Lingerie is almost never sold at these adult parties sue might want to hit up Victoria’s Secret if that’s what you’re looking to get the guest of honor. Some high-end adult toys can be very expensive and might be a good idea to pitch in with another guest to put your money together and by really fancy toy for the bride to be. I hope these bachelorette party ideas helped and would appreciate any feedback you have about your recent toy party experiences.

Finding the Sexiest Seattle Female Exotic Dancers

Looking where you can find sexy Seattle female exotic dancers? Although there may be a lot of places in Seattle that advertise that they have the hottest dancers, you need to figure out the truth for yourself before you start wasting your money on girls that you wouldn’t even hit on in a bar. There are some Seattle strip clubs that have low standards, why patronize these establishments when you don’t have to?

Seattle Female Exotic Dancers

Seattle Female Exotic Dancers

The truth is that when you want to legitimately find Seattle female exotic dancers that are worth having money thrown at them, you need to go through a private agency that books shows. These companies have the best looking strippers. And they also have the strippers that like to not worry about the censorship in a club. You will get the best experience and have your selection of the finest Seattle female exotic dancers by going online and finding a reputable agency to book them.

You can start your search by looking for exotic dancers in your city. You will get several different options. Now this is the tough part, you will have to look through the different sights at all of the pictures that they have of scantily clothed women and pick out an agency that looks like it has the best girls to offer. It may be hard to narrow down your choice, so you can go ahead and pick several girls if you can afford it.

Another important thing to remember is that these agencies are real businesses. This means that they should have professional looking websites and a secure check out feature for you when you enter in your credit card info. Don’t waste your time on a sight that looks like it was created by a kindergartener. If these are real businesses you should expect them to have professional sites that are well maintained and updated frequently. No one wants to reserve a stripper that hasn’t worked for the agency in five years. Make sure that the photos look current and that the site is updated routinely.

Once you are fairly confident that you have found a website for a great agency, take a look at all of the girls and the package deals that they offer. Some agencies charge a straight up fee, while other agencies allow you to customize your package. You may be able to reserve a longer performance time, a special two girl performance, and a number of other options. Make sure that you get all of the info that you need to make your strip show in Seattle everything that you want it to be.

The key to making sure that everything goes smoothly is to go through a reputable agency. Then, you can rest assured that the girl will show up on time and that you won’t be disappointed by the performance. A professional agency will let you know exactly what you are getting in advance so that on the day of the show all that you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Friendly and Fun St. Louis Male Exotic Dancers

Who wouldn’t want to see some hunky muscular St. Louis male exotic dancers in their living room? Ladies, listen up, if you are tired of heading out to the bars every weekend and you are looking for something else to do that is fun, it is time for you to make your own fun. Instead of trying to go out to the bars so that you can meet some handsome guys, why not invite some of them over to one of your houses or to a hotel room so that you can skip the meet and greet and get right down to business.

The truth of the matter is that all you want to do is see these guys with their clothes off. You want to touch their chiseled chests and be able to get up close and personal with these gorgeous men, so why not just invite them to your party so that you can get everything that you are looking for out of your next weekend night? St. Louis male exotic dancers are available to come to your party and provide you and your friends with all of the excitement that you can handle in one evening.

St Louis Male Exotic Dancers

St Louis Male Exotic Dancers

Women enjoy looking at a good looking guy with his clothes off just as much as men enjoy checking out a gorgeous topless female stripper at a strip club. While women may not indulge in their urge to actively seek out and watch gorgeous disrobed men, more and more of them are starting to feel comfortable patronizing stripping agencies. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be able to get close to a gorgeous member of the opposite sex and to appreciate the bodies that they work so hard on.

And St. Louis male exotic dancers want you to have the opportunity to see everything that they have to offer. These guys put in long hard hours at the gym just so that you can appreciate their abs, their biceps, and their pecs. They have perfected their routines in order to entertain you. They have spent hours grooming in order for your personal appreciation. Now, all that you need to do is book them for a party so that you can have the night of your life.

If you want to see hot men and want them to take it all off, then you need to plan a party for you and your friends and invite some male exotic dancers over. These guys will show you a good time and bend over backwards trying to fulfill all of your needs. Don’t waste your time out at the clubs trying to find a good looking guy when all you need to do is pick up the phone and book one yourself. Or go online and search through full color photos of the available male strippers in your area and pick one out. There is nothing wrong with wanting to watch some hot guys, so go ahead and fulfill your fantasies with a St. Louis stripper this weekend!