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Female strippers has hot girl strippers and female exotic dancers for bachelor parties. The hottest women work as our babes.

Hot Strippers for Valentines Day

Sometimes being single on Valentine’s Day can be depressing. Fortunately enough for you, Hunks and Babes has the hottest Valentine’s Day strippers to keep you company. Why waste your money on cheap stuffed animals made in China and expensive flowers that last only a few days? You could be ravished by the hottest men or women exotic dancers for the same price you would a dinner date.

Valentines Day Strippers

Valentines Day Strippers

For the men, you can order a blonde bombshell vixen in sexy red lingerie with a body that would make a teenage Romanian gymnast jealous. Wide curves, slim waist, and a huge bust line can be all yours for one night instead of waiting in line to get into and overcrowded restaurant. Valentine’s Day strippers can be very accommodating to your specific fantasies. If you want something a little bit naughtier, you can have your special entertainer dress-up in a police uniform or nurse outfit. It is fun to have a sexy female exotic dancer can you to the bed and handcuff you to the bedposts. She can drive you wild with her feather tickler props and hard leather whips while you are tied down. Some strippers are sarcastically playful and might lead you tied up in the room by yourself for a while before they come back. This helps build anticipation and leaves you wanting more.

For the ladies, nothing is more satisfying than having an oiled up muscular hunk dance his heart out to please you. Stop waiting for those romantic nights where Romeo comes in riding on a white horse to sweep you off your feet. You can now have a male exotic dancer dress as a Latin lover stripping to very slow and sensual songs. He can wear tight black leather pants with a white silky button-down dress shirt like Fabio from the romance novels. He can have a rose in his mouth and give you an oiled up Swedish massage before he mesmerizes you with his strip show routine. You can have a tall and skinny Italian stripper with a sexy accent and playful attitude entertain just you or a group of friends. There are many male exotic dancers to choose from to entertain you on Valentine’s Day. Most girls like a well-built muscular male stripper that is flexible enough to display never seen before fantasy sex positions.

Most couples spice up their love life by ordering couples strippers for Valentine’s Day. You can order a female or male stripper specifically to entertain couples looking for new ideas. Many female exotic dancers are ordered to dance for wives and girlfriends of confident couples looking for that extra spark. Husbands and boyfriends regret not ordering a sexy female stripper sooner to show them the sensuality of a girl turning on another girl. It is especially more exciting to see your loved one interact with curiosity of the same sex. They can put your partner in the first step towards a direction that will help you fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Take the chance and don’t be afraid to order a stripper for Valentine’s Day!

Wild Bachelor Party in Virginia

Virginia Bachelor Party

Virginia Bachelor Party

I just recently had a bachelor party in Virginia just before Christmas. The party went amazing and everybody had a great time, but before then it was pretty stressful planning. I first had to pick a time that all my buddies had off of work because they are in the union and work in the trades. Most of the busy season is during the summertime when construction is at its peak. I had to wait until business slow down around Christmas time where they were off of work anyways. So once I decided to have the party before the second week of December, the next thing was to find the location.

We decided to use my house because of my large basement that was just refinished last year. I spent more money than I should have on the sound system including five sub offers and 12 speakers. One of our friends was a DJ who brought his laptop and lighting system to connect and sync up with my sound system. I had a full bar in the basement which was stocked almost as well as a small restaurant. My wife didn’t like the idea at first of having a stripper pole in the basement, but it did enhance our relationship and served as a neat prop for my friend’s bachelor party in Richmond Virginia.

I don’t know why I remember this but and I took a trip to the Eastern Caribbean a few years ago I spoke with the man who used to live in New Jersey who told me about Hunks and Babes strippers. He had the most amazing story of the strippers that looked like models, were super tan, and smelled like angels. He built up his experience so much, and told that with so much detail, I had to use the same stripping agency for any bachelor party that came up. I search for the company online and found them very easily. The girls looked really good to choose from and were a wide variety. I like the strippers that looked young and model-esque all my other buddies liked the curvy more voluptuous big breasted strippers.

I ended up ordering was called the platinum package which included six gorgeous female strippers. The crowd was warmed up with two topless waitresses both dressed like Playboy bunnies. These gave a chance for my buddies to warm-up and have a few drinks to help them relax and get into the mood. I had a blonde bombshell and cute redhead perform two topless strip teases which lasted over two hours and get the guys really riled up. One of the girls brought a bag of toys that included power tool attachments. One of my nerdy friends was more concerned about the brand name drill the Virginia female exotic dancer was using instead of the toy attached to it.

And finally, the grand finale was a showstopper. Harley and Raven or drop dead gorgeous and went around the room to mingle before they began the show. This was a nice personal touch because it added more of an emotional draw to their performance. They interacted with each other as if they were teenagers exploring their sexuality for the first time. I’ve never seen anything so exotic and my life. Harley’s body was so perfect; I ended up doing things that I couldn’t tell my wife about. I’m confident you’ll have the same experience if you use Hunks and Babes for your next bachelor party in Virginia or any other city in the country.

Bachelor Party Planning Mishaps

Planning a bachelor party should be fun and exciting. I know it’s hard for guys sometimes but a little planning goes a long way. Stagg parties have not evolved too much since the time of cavemen, so there shouldn’t be too many surprises. The following blog outlines some pitfalls to avoid when ordering female strippers.

Fat Female Strippers

Fat Female Strippers

Fat female strippers can be a wonderful thing if you ordered them for novelty reason. Most of the cases of horrible bachelor party experiences involve ordering entertainment from subpar stripping agencies. Many adult entertainment agencies deceive the client by allowing you to select female exotic dancers that do not work for the company or exist at all. Some companies claim that the dancers you choose of the dancers that show up to the party. When you call to complain that you received a 45-year-old fat female stripper, the company can respond that you actually chose her (from a picture when she was 20 years old).

Another common mistake most guys make when planning a bachelor party is choosing a location that does not allow exotic dancers or other similar restrictions. You can’t just reserve a hotel room and expect to be quiet when a sexy stripper pulled out all the stops to impress you and your friends. You should always tell the hotel connoisseur your party can be potentially allowed so that they can separate your room from the other clients who want to sleep. Bachelor parties get busted all the time from the hotel calling the police to kick out everyone from the room and they do not give refunds. If this does happen, don’t be the jerks who yell out ‘who ordered the cop stripper!’ If a female police officer shows up. A great idea would be to have a female police officer stripper show up to the party soon after everyone gets there so you can scare the bachelor with a pleasant surprise.

If you have a private party, be sure to stock plan on all and always double what you think you might need. Most parties run out of alcohol past the liquor store hours and end up cutting the party short. Bachelor parties are a great excuse to consume 10 times what you normally drink. You know your friends better than anyone else and if you think that you a lot, be sure to have food that can stay out for hours because that potato salad might not have been green when you bought it.

Bachelor party planning is very simple because it doesn’t take much to impress guys, but for the main event, you want to pay attention to the company that you are using to provide entertainment. There is nothing worse than collecting money from all your buddies and then having two or three fat old female strippers that should have retired 15 years ago. If you do enough research you will find Hunks and Babes provides well-trained, young female strippers they go above and beyond to make your party memorable for all the right reasons.

Caribbean Pirate Strippers

Pirate Strippers

Pirate Strippers

I would like to share a recent cruise that I have taken a few years back that involved exploring the Eastern Caribbean Sea. My friend was going through a divorce and really needed something to cheer him up. I booked a cruise for the both of us and two other friends decided to join. Even though only one of us was newly single, we dubbed it the singles cruise.

I managed to land us an Ocean view stateroom on one of the latest ships. We hit up the onboard casinos, spas, and of course the Jacuzzi was a happening place late hours. There were lots of single women were gorgeous and made the trip enjoyable. There was one group of girls that really caught our attention because they were very loud and were always having lots of fun.

My single friend John already had a few drinks and gathered enough courage and stability to form a sentence which made the group of girls laugh. I was shocked at how stupid his lines were and how well it worked. The girls ended up working for a large Las Vegas strip club endorsement of the trip as a reward for their marketing promotions. Lucky for our group of guys we had these girls here because they really made the trip memorable. I was surprised that they were by themselves and were with no guys even from where they worked.

While cruising under the full moon glistening off of the Caribbean Sea, my group of guys including myself had an experience like none other. The group of girls was drinking in their room when we open the door. Two of them were dressed like pirates and yellow was just like a captain all tied up in her chair. They were role-playing a ship takeover and my friends and I ended up being first mates. We were all tied up with the captain and punished and creatively sexy ways.

I will leave some details to the imagination and omit some of the names of my friends I was with to protect their marriage. I will share with you my new fetish for black and white striped stockings, black corset, and dark eyeliner. When the new parts of the Caribbean movie came out, I cannot help but think back to the sexy pirate strippers we had back on our singles cruise.

It is not tradition that every year we order two or three hot female strippers from the same agency who wear pirate costumes for the routines. The company left when we first ordered this bizarre request but now has evolved into a venue in which my friends and I can relive those young moments of the greatest cruise anyone can ever take. It has never been our goal to take another trip just to re-create the magic that happened on that fateful night. It’s the same principle that sequels to really good movies can never surpass the originals because of different expectations and experience. I hope you get to live out all of your fantasies and enjoy life as much as I do.

Wisconsin Strippers are Sexy Girls Next Door

Wisconsin Strippers

Wisconsin Strippers

There is a lot more to Wisconsin than cheese, but you will need to experience everything that this start has to offer before you pass any judgment. You may be a little surprised to hear this but Wisconsin strippers are the epitome of the girl next door token hottie that every man dreams about. It’s completely true. My friends and I spent a week up at the Dells and were looking for some fun during the evening, and boy did we find it.

We really had little intention of checking out Wisconsin strippers on our vacation, but after a night spent in some of the most boring bars and clubs that we had ever been to we wanted to find something a little more entertaining. So, instead of staying up all night in our cabin playing drinking games, we decided to try out one of the local strip clubs. I’ll be honest with you; we had some pretty low expectations. Although there were plenty of hot girls at all of the water parks, we just assumed they were all on vacation and not locals.

So we walked into the club and immediately stopped dead in our tracks. The exotic dancer up on stage was a solid ten. She was buxom, blonde, and beautiful. My friends and I stood in awe for a few seconds totally unable to move. This creature was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen up close. And just as I was about to pick up my jaw off of the floor, another dancer, equally as beautiful paraded past us.

Obviously this was the honey hole in Wisconsin. We had hit the jackpot. We were from a fairly large city and had been to a number of strip clubs and the Wisconsin strippers up on this stage were the best looking ones that we had ever seen. My friends and I finally recovered and made our way over to a table. Typically, we like to sit in the back of strip clubs so that we can observe what’s transpiring all around the room but we wanted to be as close as possible to the live girls on stage.

And as one girl exited and another girl came on, we grew more and more excited. It seemed as if every girl in the club were just as blond, bouncy, and beautiful. They all typified the girl next door with their cute little pigtails and playful nature. It was as I had died and this was my own personal heaven.

These exotic dancers were also super friendly and came over to our table to make conversation in between their trips to the stage. They didn’t hound us for lap dances; they just wanted to be friendly. Of course we implored them to give us some personal strip teases and we all ended up spending a significant amount of cash in the club. But it was all worth it. And you better believe that every evening for the rest of our trip we headed back to that club!