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Gentlemens Clubs and strip clubs often have hot female strippers, topless waitresses, and female exotic dancers performing strip shows or strip teases.

The best bachelor parties are at Chicago strip clubs

Chicago Strip Clubs

Chicago Strip Clubs

Now is the best time to plan your Chicago bachelor party because of all the discounts available late in the season. Even the best Chicago strip clubs have to draw crowds no one because of the economy, but because of competition with other gentlemen’s clubs. The following tips will help you plan the best bachelor party that will be talked about for many years. Your friends will definitely thank you for putting a lot of thought into entertaining everyone.

The first thing you can do is plan ahead. You definitely need to reserve tables or book hotel reservations at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance of the bachelor party date. Most guys do last-minute planning and end up in a one star hotel while paying a five-star price. Chicago strip clubs often offer package deals for groups of guys with 30 or more. If this is the case, you definitely need to invite 50 to 60 of your friends because there are a small percentage of them that will not show up. Some strip clubs like Pink Monkey downtown off of Clinton Avenue lied to bring your own liquor but charge 10 times the amount for mixers. You can do 10 to 15 min. of research online and quickly narrow down the top three choices of bars strip clubs to go to. Another idea is to e-mail your top choices to your buddies and they can vote on which one is the best.

Next, take in consideration the bachelor’s taste while you choose the events and places to go to. If the bachelor is shy, you might want to take into a few bars first to get him liquored up so that he is not is nervous when the hottest Chicago female strippers he has ever seen are naked in front of him. Most bachelors are pulled up on stage to be embarrassed with lots of tricks and stunts, so be sure to get your friend feeling pretty good before you get to with cream mustache in front of 100 people. Some of the bachelors might not want to go to some fancy Chicago strip clubs. You might want to take your friends to a sports bar or cigar lounge and play some cards first. You need to take it to the next level and have either a topless waitress warm the guys up while you’re playing poker or full-blown two girl fantasy show with Chicago’s hottest female exotic dancers.

Another important factor to keep the element of surprise without ruining it for everyone else is to keep your buddies updated as to what they need to wear and how much money they need to bring for the bachelor extravaganza. You might not get into a special club if one of your friends is wearing gym shoes, shorts, and a T-shirt that says SpongeBob is the greatest.

Remember that if you are in charge of the party, it is your responsibility to make sure that you screen the photos that could prevent the bachelor from getting married and watch the amount of alcohol he consumes that he doesn’t end up in hospital. Don’t be afraid to lay some rules like no Facebook postings or tattoos of strippers’ names they get dances from.

Above all, make sure that everyone is having fun. Periodically check with your buddies and get some feedback as to how to improve the night. As much as you plan, there could always be something better or something that comes up that might be more fun. Be prepared for anything and hope you have the best bachelor party in Chicago!

Finding the Best Chicago Strip Clubs is Easy

Best Chicago Strip Clubs

Best Chicago Strip Clubs

I have been a huge fan of Chi town ever since they built Millennium Park. The magical Cloud Gate I visit once a year mesmerizes me as I see the Chicago skyline in a different way. Speaking of different views, the easiest way to get to know the second city and its local flavor is to meet the girls who work at the best Chicago strip clubs. You can meet the curviest and flirtatious blonde bombshell that would make you nervous to talk to and find out that she is easy to get along with just as if she was one of your best friends.

Coming from New York, Chicago seems much more relaxed and friendly. There are so many amazing places to eat, I almost have to plan where to go each day so don’t miss out on my favorites. It was a nice bartender who worked at Harry Carrey’s Bar and Grill who tipped me off to the best Chicago strip clubs that will blow my socks off. When I went to the Admiral Theater off of Halstead Street, the gentleman’s club had the most amazing Chicago female strippers who treated me like I was the only client there. Natalia went out of her way to make sure I felt like a king. Her eyes were like a deep Caribbean ocean which you gaze at with tranquility and peace. Natalia’s body was feminine with Olympic athlete tone and magnificence. Her profound olive oil tanned skin was scented of that which I believe angels should smell like. Needless to say my wallet is doomed when she works the pole that night.

Besides frequenting the best Chicago strip clubs every trip to the Windy City is unique. It seems like there are more nightclubs and bars then grocery stores or gas stations. Some of the girls in the local gentlemen’s clubs hang out at these bars after their shift is over. It is nice to drink and chat with these angels of Chi town while I soak in the Midwestern culture. I have found that the best Chicago strippers are the ones who continue to flirt, dance, and befriend the highest paying clients. They never have to pay for drinks or food and make more money off of one person and they would if they danced for dozens of strangers.

Visiting strip clubs is the best way to meet the natives and reduce your stress. This has certainly enabled me to meet the most beautiful Chicago exotic dancers without any qualms or regret. I am wise beyond my years and would be foolish to start a relationship with one of these girls yet every second I spend with them convinces me otherwise. One of life’s greatest poisons is the beauty and charm of a female stripper without the antidote of logic and reasoning. Gentleman’s clubs are the perfect venue for meeting these faultless girls who inspired not only my life, but also helped grow my business as well.

Find Informative Strip Club Reviews

Strip Club Reviews

Strip Club Reviews

When it comes to looking for strip club reviews, here is some helpful information that will make sure that you get the most information out of the review without taking away any misinformation. The following article will help you to find helpful reviews that will provide you with helpful information when it comes to reading these types of reviews.

First of all, you are going to want to try and find a site that allows customers to post reviews about their clubs. Not all strip clubs have websites, and the majority of them do not allow for the public to post comments. However, a good business will realize that free advertising is the best advertising and they will be happy to allow their regular clients and visiting guests to leave reviews and comments about their club on their webpage. These strip club reviews can provide you with a lot of helpful information when it comes to trying to decide between going to two different clubs for a big guys night out on the town.

Websites that also post a ton of photos showcasing their club and the hot exotic dancers featured at their club will also be extremely beneficial to helping you make your decision. If you see some photos that leave you impressed then you will be happy to take a trip out to one of these clubs. Strip club reviews on fully developed websites always look more professional than a sight without pics. You may also want to learn more about when one of the featured girls will be working at the club and the clubs hours of operation. All of this important information should be found on the club’s website.

Once you find a site that has a lot of information, check out and see if they have reviews. You can always look to local websites that have reviews of bars, restaurants, and clubs in your area also. Although these sites might not allow reviews to be posted for strip club, it always pays off to find as much information as possible before patronizing any establishment. You may be able to learn some simple information about one particular club even from reading another review about another club. The glory of posting information online is that it is extremely easy to search for. Your search results may pull up information that was taken from a completely different source but still pertains to the topic you are interested in learning more about.

Finally, you can get a lot of helpful information by reading through these reviews that you might not be able to find on the website. You can learn about when the club is the least and the most crowded. Also, learn information about specials on admission prices and discounts on drinks. There is a lot of valuable information that previous customers will have. Some thoughtful patrons might even leave a strip club coupon for discount admission. And if you benefited from reading through these reviews, make sure that you take the time to write your own review after you have visited the club.

Visit St. Louis Gentlemen’s Clubs after a Tough Day

St. Louis Gentlemen's Clubs

St. Louis Gentlemen's Clubs

Besides going home and wallowing in some self pity after a tough day, there aren’t a number of options that you will have that are guaranteed to bring a smile back to your face. Going to St. Louis gentlemen’s clubs will be one of the few options that you can pursue that will certainly help you to start feeling better as soon as you set foot in the door. Trust us, if you have had a bad day, then this is the place where you can go to make it all better.

Everyone has a rough day, and it seems like more and more people are internalizing their problems which ultimately will create even greater problems for them down the line. Health problems, strained relationships, and mental afflictions are all the results of stress related problems. This is why it is important to find an outlet, a place where you can go to relieve your stress. St. Louis gentlemen’s clubs are the perfect venue for you to drop in and relax. Your mind will be at ease the moment that you walk in the doors.

There is something mystical about watching beautiful St Louis Female Strippers that will make you forget about everything else that is going on in your life. The more engrossed that you become by these amazing performances, the better you will start to feel. As each woman steps on stage and starts stripping off layer after layer of clothing, you will feel all of your stresses fall straight to the ground coinciding with the exotic dancer’s choreography.

St. Louis gentlemen’s clubs have lots to offer when it comes to stress free diversions. There are petite blondes with ample bust lines that will be happy to take you into a private VIP area of the club to give you a private show to set your mind at ease. There are sexy brunettes that are excellent dancers that can perform all sorts of various tricks and moves on the pole to make sure that you forget everything that was stressing you out as you strain to see what pose they will pull off next.

There are even red heads that are ready to take their school girl glasses and plaid skirts off and shed some light on a subject that you will be happy to learn more about. Regardless of the type of girl that gets your heart pounding, you will be able to find them in one of these clubs and she will be more than eager to help you get into a better mood and to forget about your troubles.

Next time you happen to have a really bad day and are looking for an outlet, try a St. Louis strip club. The girls are there waiting for you to come in so that they can make you feel all better. You will get an instant pick me up after you walk in and see some of these beauties lined up and ready to put on a show for you.

Visiting High Class New York Strip Clubs

There are a lot of New York strip clubs throughout the city. If you are visiting New York on business or if you are just trying to find a strip club that hosts an elite class of women, you need to search for some high class strip clubs. There are New Yorkers with some high end taste; you will be able to find exotic dancers that can satisfy their tastes by searching for the right strip club.

How can you find high class New York strip clubs? You can start by looking online. Most strip clubs have websites that contain photos of their featured girls. The quality of the girls will be the number one discerning factor in whether or not a club is high class. Even if the interior of the club is nothing spectacular you will never notice it if the caliber of the girls is high. The number one factor that makes a club something to remember is a bevy of beautiful, talented, and friendly strippers. Find a sight that contains photos of their dancers and you can see for yourself whether or not you want to patronize the establishment.

New York Strip Clubs

New York Strip Clubs

You can also look for sites that contain photos of the interior of the New York strip clubs. Take a close look at the interior features and the furniture and lighting. Also pay attention to the size of the club. If you are looking to visit a club with throngs of naked women, you want to find a club with a decent square footage. These pictures will tell you a lot about the place so that you can determine whether or not it is the type of establishment that you’d like to go to. The quality of the furnishings will also tip you off as to whether the place has a high revenue and splurges on its interior décor or not.

Also take a look and see if the club serves food and drinks. The menu can also tell you whether or not you are going to a place that boasts the best steak in the city or a club that has 50 cent wings every night. Menus will reveal a little bit more information about what type of clientele the club caters to. Typically, the more expensive the food and drinks, the higher end the clientele that the club caters to. Also look for a club that sells bottles of alcohol and champagne opposed to only offering single drinks which typically is another sign of higher end clientele.

Another tell tale sign of a higher class club will be one that contains a special VIP area for private dances. Whether this area is roped off from the rest of the club or be on a different level of the club, these areas are typically reserved for higher class visitors that are looking for a special experience. If a club’s site mentions a special VIP area then you probably can assume that it is a little bit more upper scale than some of the other clubs within the city.