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Male strippers has hot guy strippers and male exotic dancers for bachelorette parties. The hottest male dancers work as our hunks.

Channing Tatum Stripper Movie

Channing Tatum Stripper

Channing Tatum Stripper

There are many expectations when girls order a male stripper for bachelorette party. The new movie Magic Mike featuring Channing Tatum raises that bar for what’s expected of an exotic dancer. Besides having rock-solid good looks, chiseled abs, and a pretty face, you also have to have moves that will get you gold medals in dancing with the stars. So searching for Tatum’s old stripper videos to compare what he looked like then versus now might leave you empty-handed. The Internet will spread like wildfire any leaked information or old pictures of Channing Tatum stripping, so why do you think you can’t find any?

The movie Magic Mike storyline deals with the reality of guys choosing to get into this profession. Most companies will have you believe that stripping is glamorous and a quick way to make loads of cash. The reality is that it can hurt your relationships and feed your ego to a point of self-destruction. Getting into the adult entertainment industry too young without professional supervision can lead to dependencies on drugs or other harmful venues to compensate for the lack of attention male exotic dancers receive performing at strip shows.

We had an exclusive interview with Sarah who had Tatum as a stripper when he was young and buff. Here’s what happened. Sarah: “My name is Sarah and I had Channing Tatum as a stripper for my bachelorette party. He was about 19 at the time but still sexy as ever. He was so amazing when he walked in the door, all my girlfriends screamed with excitement. He did some pretty awesome tricks, and I wish I got pictures of it all. Channing was really nice and even stayed after his show was done. He seemed down to earth and if I knew he was going to become famous one day, I would have asked that sexy hunk for his autograph.

I had another male stripper for my friend’s birthday party, and he didn’t compare to Channing. Don’t get me wrong though; this dancer was very hot and everyone seemed to love him. This time I made sure to get a picture with him because you never know who you will see on television one day.”

So it looks like Tatum was a great stripper when he worked the crowd and up until now, proved to be a wise decision in the advancement and diversification of his career. Steven Soderbergh probably never took off his clothes in front of an audience ever but obviously did his homework and collaborated with Channing in regards to getting the details of the male stripper lifestyle. This film is rare in the sense that it is the only film to focus the star role with an occupation of a male stripper entrepreneur.

Very true to life what happens in the traveling stripper for hire industry is that the top male dancers train the newbies into becoming great entertainers. Magic Mike takes the kid under his wing and undergoes the trials and tributes that he once went through to get to where he’s at. Most veteran male exotic dancers end up attempting to begin or launch their own stripping agency with low startup costs because anybody can create a website. Someone beginning their own business involves recruiting your colleagues to perform at bachelorette parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, you name it booked from your website.

Some ex-strippers have connections with nightclubs and female strip clubs which are used as stages for male Revue strip shows. The compass shows of the ones that are usually seen in movies yet rarely continue in real life because of the lack of interest from females and absence of coordination from the management. Becoming an entrepreneur in an industry that does not set standards is very challenging.

Some of the issues that are faced with someone who plans male revue style entertainment include overcharging club owners by thousands of dollars to have the males entertain. After the manager collects the money, often the dancers are shorted their portion of the pay which causes animosity and turmoil. Most of the industry needs a hard makeover. Someone with enough integrity, honesty, and self-determination will dominate this business.

In conclusion, Channing Tatum playing himself as a popular male stripper is a humorous mocking of his adult entertainer role while he was younger. Most people are accepting of people’s pasts in today’s society considering the divorce rate and what people have to do to make ends meet. It was lucky enough for Channing that he got into the right industry at the right time and networked with the right people.

St Patricks Day Male Midget Strippers

Leprechaun Stripper

Leprechaun Stripper

Although it is ethically incorrect to say male midget strippers, that’s what most people search for on the Internet and to everyone’s surprise, it is harder to find a male little person stripper than any other occupation in the world. Hunks & Babes is lucky to have a few female midget strippers and male midget strippers in their back pocket. These little person strippers are highly requested around spring time. St. Patrick’s Day male midget strippers are the most fun and the best way to get parties riled up. Many happy clients e-mail us insane crazy stripper experiences they had with these half pint exotic dancers.

One particular store that stands out in New York City the St. Patrick’s Day party held in spring of 2010. An Irish family was flying in their extended family from Ireland for a wedding. A bunch of girls got together and decided to order two of the finest midget male strippers NYC had to offer. Tim and Tom were both brothers, devilishly handsome, and male exotic dancers. They have a great time doing it and would never perform in any uncomfortable conditions. The party was a good size group which involved over 50 girls with half of them from overseas. Tim and Tom went above and beyond by purchasing authentic costumes and had been tailored to fit them perfectly.

The St. Patrick’s Day bachelorette party heated up like wildfire. Tim was great at seducing him ladies with his clean-cut muscular like and Tom was the complementary scruffy fun-loving prankster was more of a novelty dancer. Two guys interacted with the girls in such a way that they now have a girl’s night out every St. Patrick’s Day in the United States. Long flights, party room reservations, catering, and party planning are all worth the time and effort. This is possible thanks to the dedicated team of little persons that performs as the hottest male midget leprechaun strippers in the country.

So instead of going to bars and drinking beer from eight in the morning until you can’t take it anymore, try getting all of your girlfriends together in order a tiny person male stripper to make that special day one you will never forget. You can even have the male entertainer come with you on a bus and travel with him to all the bars. You will definitely be the center of attention and have opportunities for pictures that will go in the family album.

Besides having green beer and green sequenced top hats with a gold shiny buckle, though in the best adult party entertainment possible. It is very expensive and availability is different in each city, but if you have the opportunity to do it, you will not regret it. For the guys, there are very few female midget strippers that can also dress-up for St. Patrick’s Day if you give at least three weeks’ notice for travel arrangements. When you’re drinking your shamrock shake member the story in order your stripper before it’s too late.

Amazing Bachelorette Party With St. Louis Male Strippers

St. Louis Male Strippers

St. Louis Male Strippers

One the best ways to spice up a bachelorette party in Missouri is to have some St. Louis male strippers entertain everyone. Careful planning is necessary to ensure a successful party, and using the right stripping agency is critical for making all of that happen. There is nothing more sexy than hot and hunky Midwest boys dancing their hearts out for your entertainment. There are a few things that need to be considered if you want to choose the best male strippers in St. Louis.

The first thing to consider when ordering adult entertainment is to look at all the stripping agencies that offer the best St. Louis male exotic dancers and narrow down your choices to the top five companies. Create a general e-mail with a link to all of the five companies that you can send to all your girlfriends for feedback. You would be surprised to find that many of the male exotic dancers in St. Louis work for multiple stripping agencies. You might be able to order the same adult entertainer for a lower price by doing a little company research.

When browsing through all the muscular hunks in Missouri, be aware that most of the reviews you will find are fictitious and are written by company owners. By sending an e-mail to your friends that will be at the bachelorette party, hopefully you will get recommendations on which company to use and which stripping agency to stay away from.

Some of the things to keep in mind while browsing through masculine perfection are the age of the photos and frequency of the site being updated. If you wanted the  fat and old novelty male stripper, you would have ordered him. You don’t want to choose a male exotic dancer who has photos of himself from 10 years ago. What’s worse is some companies actually have pictures of male models or even celebrities to choose from. You might end up having Sloth from Goonies show up to your door rather than Brad Pitt.

Party planning is critical and you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is why I recommend for you to order two St. Louis male strippers to show up within an hour of each other. This ensures that if one of the entertainers does not show, you have a backup plan. If both of the entertainers arrive then you’ll have a party your friends will be talking about for years to come. It is not worth saving the money or going the cheaper route to potentially risk ruining your best friend’s night of her life.

The final conclusion is to order your next St. Louis male stripper from Hunks and Babes. This company has the talent and expertise to make sure your bachelorette party goes off without a hitch. Order journey enticing as a back to back on spectacular that will make all Male Revue Shows you have seen in the past will quit amateur night. This salt-and-pepper combination appeals to all bachelorettes tastes and can only be ordered through H and B entertainment. Good luck in your endeavors and party hard in Missouri!

Fun Bachelorette Party Games

Although looking at naked men all night has a huge upside potential to a fun filled evening, it will not be the same without the best bachelorette party games. It might seem a little corny at first, but throwing a little bit of alcohol into the mix of adult board games and you have yourself a laugh fest. There are many options for bachelorettes ranging from penis covered board games to home inspired activities involving vegetables and a whole lot of creativity.

Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette Party Games

The classic bachelorette scavenger hunt is usually carried out inside of bars or nightclubs in which the bride is given a list of silly tasks or items she has to do or collect. Sometimes there are teams in which some of the bridesmaids help with scams are on tasks such as getting white Fruit of the Loom brief style underwear from guys in the bars. Other elements of the scavenger hunt might involve stealing a kiss from the best looking nerd or getting an old condom that’s been sitting in some guys wallet for a few years. Either way the more wacky the list of items is the more fun everyone will have.

Bachelorette party trivia is one of the best ways to get to know the bride while simultaneously embarrassing her. The questions are all comprised of facts about the bachelorette and her fiancé. There is no filter and everything is fair game to be picked on from the fiancé’s penis size to awkward sexual experiences. A lot of time and research is put into developing this type of game but is at the top of the list for the cheapest bachelorette party game you can do.

The last category includes traditional bachelorette games, sexy dice, fuzzy handcuffs, lingerie, and my favorite Pin the Macho on the Man. High-tech bridesmaids can now download specific bachelorette party games for the iPhone or iPod. This makes it easier to carry around a phone that has all the trivia questions on it rather than cards that could get lost in a bar easily.

Some of the apps involve taking pictures of your best friends’ finest moments. I’m sure you will have lots of evidence of how special everyone acted. Keep everything lighthearted and be sure everyone’s included in the fun.

NYC Bachelorette Party Dream

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Growing up in London was a great experience for me. I had all the time and money in the world to shop and look my best. One of my greatest fantasies as a young girl was to meet and marry the man of my dreams. Little did I know I would be celebrating the engagement of two people for a living as a bachelorette party planner.

I came to New York to start a new life because my parents got divorced and I always wanted to see America. The Big Apple seemed very modern and attracted me because of all the success others had who have gone before me. I am very easily get along with and begin networking a local bars. I met this interesting female exotic dancer at Jeff’s tavern off of Broadway Street. She told me all about the adult entertainment industry and encouraged me to get involved. After she told me how much girls spend bachelorette party, it sparked a business opportunity for me.

My stripper friend Molly knew some Chicago male exotic dancers who are always looking for work and the young girls that I have been meeting were engaged or about to get married. This was a perfect opportunity for me to connect the two groups of people for a small profit.

Making money was easy because the male strippers I network with did a really good job and repeat business was almost guaranteed. One of my most favorite New York male stripper was Kyle. He had very large hands and strong muscular jawline which differentiated him from the other dancers. I received nothing but positive feedback and high recommendations from every bachelorette party that experienced him.

So as years went on, I not only found hunky male dancers to entertain crowds of girls, I also discovered other needs such as limo service, dinner reservations, and party favors. I ended up hiring one of the retired NYC male strippers to be my assistant. Gregory was very effective in sales and did a phenomenal job with organizing all of the bachelorette parties. My American dream came true. Not only do I run a successful business, but I also have one of the hottest assistants in the country!

I follow up with my clients time to time to make sure they received excellent service through feedback and suggestions. Instead of having one or two of my hunky employees entertain ladies for girls night out, one client suggested renting a strip club or warehouse to host a male Revue show.

And that’s how I became so popular. I hired a professional choreographer to train my top male exotic dancers in New York to perform the wildest never seen before male Revue show. I combined everything I knew about entertaining wild women from decorations to pictures with the male superstars. I even coordinated limo service to pick the girls up and drop them off at their home so that not only was her night entertaining and exciting, it was also very safe. Making people happy for my job is one of the most fulfilling experiences that I hope others get to feel.