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Male strippers has hot guy strippers and male exotic dancers for bachelorette parties. The hottest male dancers work as our hunks.

Chicago Exotic Dancers

In the search of the country’s best exotic dancers, we visited 11 cities and over 100 strip clubs – hey, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. In the process, we got a feel (pun intended) for talent, and learned that a “separate but equal” evaluation of local strippers isn’t exactly fair. In some places, the girls are better looking than the girls in others; but the best club in any city is better than mediocre club in the cities with the best strippers. So when talking about the country’s best dancers, we’re talking about the best of the best in any city. Among those, however, there are a few standouts.

Chicago exotic dancers are runner-up as the best strippers in the country. The girls were, according to our judges, in the top three cities for appearance. (Las Vegas was number one, Los Angeles and Miami were tied for number two, and Chicago is number three.) But what the talent is missing in terms of “wow” appearance it makes up for with its penchant for interactive dances, friendly conversation, and good club manners as far as offering and negotiating dances and other entertainment.

Los Vegas ranked number one overall, but that’s just because the girls at the strip clubs in Chicago aren’t as ruthlessly professional as the girls in Las Vegas, who have mastered the craft of exotic dancing in theory and in practice.

Chicago Male Strippers

There are a few reasons why you should go to your friend’s bachelorette party it is being thrown in or around the Chicago area:

1) She’s your friend! You’ve been with each other through the best of times and the worst of times. Though weddings can mark the commencement of either the best or the worst of time, bachelorette parties are celebrations of the past and of the future, for better or for worse.

2) Chicago male strippers are the hottest in the business. New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas have more strippers, but as a proportion of strippers to the eligible population (young males), Chicago has the fewest strippers – a testament to the audience’s selectivity and the high standards Chicagoans have for male strippers.

3) Bachelorette parties in Chicago have more to offer than hot male strippers! Chicago is one of the five best restaurant cities in the country and is sale-priced compared with other cities like Miami, New York, LA, Las Vegas, or San Francisco.

4) You’ll regret not going. You’ll definitely miss not seeing all of your friends. You’re also sure to miss out on some great food at great restaurants and great drinks at hot nightlife spots. And you’ll also miss out on fun-filled exotic dancing by America’s most talented dancers.