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New York strippers has male strippers and female strippers in New York. Review hot exotic dancers for bachelor and bachelorette parties. NY strippers are the hottest in the business!

New Year’s Eve Party Strippers

Bringing in 2012 with some hot New Year’s Eve strippers has never been easier. Thanks to modern technology, all you have to do is just browse through pictures and within a few clicks; you can have the most gorgeous female strippers at your doorstep. Girls can order male NYE strippers too. With at least a dozen guys to choose from in each state, you can be sure to find that special hunk that will make all of your girlfriends happy. Skip the expensive admission tickets, pricey drinks, and overcrowded hotel lobbies. Here are a few tips to make your New Year’s Eve party a huge hit.

New Years Eve Strippers

New Years Eve Strippers

You need to first get an idea of how any of your friends will come to your party. You need to convince them that your party will be better and cheaper. You can tell your friends that they will save money by not spending over $100 for some watered-down drinks and same old music. You can still have everyone pitch in an extra $50 (depending on how many friends you have) to put towards alcohol and entertainment. You can buy top shelf liquor, mixers, and a hotel room for half the price or cheaper than if you were to pay for a New Year’s Eve ticket. The leftover money can be used to purchase exotic dancers.

The next thing you need to do is reserve a hotel room close to any bars you will be visiting before getting there. To ensure the safety of you and your friends, is a better idea to pick a bar or nightclub close to where you’ll be staying the night. There typically are many roadblocks and police checkpoints to capture drunk driving on New Year’s Eve so be smart. Be sure to stock plenty of liquor and food for your hotel room and overnight stay for your guests. You might want to pack a few things like handcuffs, whipped cream, and baby oil so the strippers can have more props to work with.

If you’re ordering female strippers for New Year’s Eve, be sure to check with the company to make sure the girls you want are available that evening. This typically is not a busy night for exotic dancers to work, but it is a huge night for all of them to go out and party without working. If you’re lucky, some of the girls will actually drink and party with you on NYE night if that is the last or only party they’re doing.

Be sure to have plenty of extra singles for the New Year’s male strippers so that they can stay longer and perform more tricks. Most male strip shows involved heavy participation from the female audience. Encourage your dancer to get creative with different tricks you can play with the countdown to midnight. If you have some single girlfriends there, they can compete in contests to get that special New Year’s Eve kiss from the hottest male stripper they will ever see.

Finally, be safe and have fun this New Year. It’s funny how some resolutions are eating better and taking care of your health yet everyone starts the New Year’s with a hangover. If you play your cards right and order some hot exotic dancers for your party, you’ll have a hangover with amazing stories and memories to share and laugh with everyone.

Live it Up with Manhattan Strippers

Manhattan Strippers

Manhattan Strippers

Now is the time to live it up with Manhattan strippers. If you live in New York or if you frequently visit the city for business and are tired of the same old same old that you get from run down strip clubs then it is time that you move up to a different league of women. Manhattan strippers are a cut above the rest; you will notice their higher caliber the second that you walk into a strip club.

Manhattan is known for its more extravagant side. The restaurants and stores on this island are trendier and more expensive. Consequently, the NYC strippers are more beautiful and talented. This area is known for its luxurious nature. If you are looking for a first rate experience with an exotic dancer in the city, Manhattan is where you’ll find it.

One thing that sets apart strip Clubs in Manhattan from other areas in New York is the fact these clubs not only will deliver you with Grade A exotic dancers, they will also provide you with phenomenal food and beverage service. You can expect a great dinner, premium bar list, and excellent service from one of these locations. Manhattan clubs are a great place to take some prospective clients that are looking for some real entertainment.

The clientele at strip clubs in Manhattan has a much more discerning taste which is why strip club owners must be so selective in choosing which girls they hire to grace their poles and dance floors. The girls that are chosen to work in Manhattan clubs must meet some strict criterion. They must be absolutely gorgeous and they must also have what it takes to please these high class customers.

Manhattan strippers work hard to hold dup their reputation as an elite group of girls that are looking to rival the dancers in LA and Vegas. These girls also pride themselves on their poise, elegance, and incredible talents. To be an exotic dancer in Manhattan you really need to stand out in a crowd. Ultimately, the girls must have experience stripping and dancing, they must always keep up their appearance, and they must be able to provide customers with the highest level of service possible.

It takes a special kind of girl to be able to make it into Manhattan as an exotic dancer. If you are beautiful but lack the talent you won’t be featured at one of these hot spot clubs. And even if you can go completely vertical upside down on a pole in the splits you must be in shape and gorgeous before you can even get your foot in the door.

If you have been to other New York clubs and been disappointed by the lack of quality in the girls, it is time for you to see what Manhattan is all about. But don’t forget your wallet, if you are looking for the best adult entertainment in this area, you should be prepared to pay the price for the best of the best.

New York Bachelor Party Planning Tips

New York Bachelor Party Planning Tips

New York Bachelor Party Planning Tips

Planning a New York bachelor party with some HOT STRIPPERS? Whether you and the future groom already reside in the city or if you are taking a special trip out to New York for the party the following article will provide you with some helpful tips for planning your party.

Tip #1 Give yourself enough time to plan out the New York bachelor party in advance. Let’s face it, guys are not always the best planners. Make sure that you select a guy from your group that is good at making plans, this way you know that things will get taken care of. Although you can wing it and still have a great time in New York, you could be missing out on a great dinner and strip club because none of you took the time to check out some bachelor party friendly New York attractions online.

Tip #2 Consider what the future groom might want to get out of his New York bachelor party. Some guys are content with a game of golf and dinner in a sports bar. Although this is no real way to send your buddy into married life, you need to take the groom’s wishes and taste into consideration while planning their party. Even though you can still add in some unexpected elements of fun, make sure that you do consult with the groom and get some ideas from him on what he’s like to do for his bachelor weekend.

Tip #3 Make sure that everyone is prepared for the plans that you make. Even though you shouldn’t tell the groom all of the details about his bachelor weekend, the rest of the guys attending should have some idea of what is taking place so that they can bring the appropriate attire and have enough spending money. If you do not clearly spell out to some of your friends that you will be over indulging in strippers they may not bring enough cash and then become a complete hassle trying to get cash out all weekend long. Avoid all of this by sending them a full itinerary so that they can come prepared to have a good time.

Tip #4 What happens on the bachelor party weekend, stays lost in the past. As tempting as it might be, do not bring along cameras or any other recording devices. You want the groom to feel comfortable and to enjoy himself, not have to worry about one of you guys uploading pics of him with his head lost in a stripper’s large breasts onto facebook.

Tip #5 Remember that variety is the spice of life. If you are staying in New York for an entire weekend why not mix things up a bit? Go out to a strip club one night that you are there and then book some strippers to come to your hotel room the nest night. You’ll get the best of both worlds and give the groom an experience that he probably never had before. Not to mention the fact that all of your buddies will also be pleased with the double feature.

Exotic Dancers in NYC

Exotic Dancers NYC

Exotic Dancers NYC

The best bachelor party I went to was to see the exotic dancers in NYC perform live on stage. I was 22 years old and my friend who is getting married just turned 33. One of the best things about the exotic dancers in NYC is that they are all drop dead gorgeous. I’ve seen strippers in Las Vegas and even been to a few Vegas bachelor parties, but nothing compares to the quality of girls you see in the Big Apple.

Jade and Shasta did a two girl fantasy show which blew my mind. I’ve been all over New York strip clubs have seen hot female strippers in all the five boroughs, but nothing stands out in my mind more than jade’s beautiful blue eyes and jet black hair. She interacted with Shasta every sensual way to get all the guys turned on. She complemented Shasta’s perky personality and spunky strip show.

There was in New York bachelor party I went to was quite disappointed because the two female strippers did not show up. My friend ordered from a company that was based out of Florida and was sorely disappointed after two hours of no one contacting him. I have done my research online and from my own personal experience recommend Hunks and Babes strippers. The two New York female exotic dancers Jade and Shasta work exclusively for the company and told me secrets about the industry.

Last-minute bachelor parties can be a hit or miss depending on who you know. Having the right contact to order adult entertainment can make the difference between getting yelled at for having a lame party versus being a hero for saving the night. If you want to be the later of the two, contact Christy at 877-707-5353 and ask her to hook you up with the best exotic dancers in New York City.

Strippers Manhattan

Strippers Manhattan

Strippers Manhattan

Attending a bachelor party in New York is one of the best experiences you can have. Some of the hottest female strippers Manhattan has to offer work at both the NYC strip clubs as private parties. To make sure that your friends do not make fun of your choices as to what you think gorgeous female exotic dancers are, recommendations are given in this blog.

Using a stripping agency to find the best strippers Manhattan employs, order the entertainment from a well-known company. There are too many times lesser-known adult entertainment companies are called upon to provide hot exotic dancers and always fall through or worse fall short of expectations. You need to make sure that your talented dancers have experience and looks as well as showing up on time.

You should be able to speak with a representative from the company right away. You should never talk to a machine or communicate through e-mails only. There should always be pictures of the Manhattan female strippers you intend to show up to your party. Do not order from a company that offers to e-mail you photos of the dancers that supposedly work for the company. This means that they are outsourcing their dancers and most likely do not operate locally. NYC strippers are very busy and can end up working for multiple agencies. Both female and male entertainers are independent contractors who perform for bachelor and bachelorette parties for whichever company pays them a higher cover fee. Beware of New York strip agencies that offer the cheapest prices, because you’ll not get the best entertainment.

While you are placing your order for the top female strippers Manhattan has, be sure to ask for group discounts or special packages that include a waitress or novelty stripper to warm up the crowd. You will be surprised at the reaction from the guests of honor when he sees the fattest, ugliest, NYC female stripper giving an unforgettable lap dance to kick off the night. You should have two gorgeous female strippers perform a fantasy show immediately after the novelty fat stripper.

Finally, go to the bank and withdraw hundreds of singles so you can cash your friend’s larger bills before the show begins. Having single dollar bills to hand out at a stripper party will ensure the talent stays as long as possible. Hope you enjoy your bachelor party in the Big Apple and be safe.