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Stripper reviews about male strippers and female strippers. Review hot exotic dancers for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Stripper parties are hot when you have professional entertainers show up at the party.

Exotic Dancers

It’s hard to spice up your party without breaking the piggy bank in these tough economic times. It is too expensive to rent out a VIP section at a bar, or put up a tent in your backyard. You can rent a dunk tank or book a magician, but I think your guests might be too mature for magic. Give everybody what they want and throw a party that will be talked about for years to come: hire exotic dancers! The only guarantee that everybody will have fun is to hire exotic dancers.

It is not difficult to hire an exotic dancer for your private party. Some strip clubs might send out their exotic dancers for small charge, and there are even certain stripping agencies that specialize in delivering strippers of your choice. The stripping agencies will fill your venue with beautiful exotic dancers that can show up to your home, office, bar, or club and put on a show guaranteed to be worth your money.

It is surprisingly affordable to have an exotic dancer. The majority of money made by an exotic dancer is made from tips, so all of your guests can help pitch in to prolong the show and save you some dough. If you’re really cheap, you can save money on the booking fee that exotic dancers have by going out and finding an exotic dancer by yourself. It’s easy, just go to local strip clubs and start asking guys and girls if they are free on the night you plan on having a party. I’m sure they can accommodate you, why not save the trouble in call a stripping agency.

Bachelorette Party

It’s amazing what the opposite sex can teach you if you only listen. I reluctantly let my girlfriend went to bachelorette party the other night for one of our good friends who was about to get married here in Boston. There was an ample supply of hot chiseled male strippers. I was shocked at how rowdy things got with professional male exotic dancers – insanely more fun than the Boston bachelor parties I’ve been to.

When you rent Boston male strippers, they will stop at nothing to make all the ladies have a great time in any way possible. There’s no joke here guys, there are no regulations at bachelorette parties and the male strippers indulge the guests further than fundamental exotic dancing.

Well, it’s not uncommon to get a massage from a hot female stripper, and for a serious amount of cash, you can get a “private show.” My girlfriend said these private shows were given free at our friend’s bachelorette party. You can ignore this story and sleep well thinking that all bachelorette parties are just silly girls having innocent fun, but I am forewarning you that they are not innocent.

Bachelor Party

It is very daunting to organize a bachelor party, and even more stressful to be the best man. You have a better chance of convincing your best friend to call off the party rather than come up with the money to find hot female strippers that actually show up. You can live up to your “best man” title without cashing in those savings bonds your grandma has been giving you since you were a foot-high.

The hottest female strippers in town will most likely cost you a pretty penny. You might have Hugh Hefner spot you a couple of playmates for your party, but most likely you do not know him. Prices of strip clubs are driven up by lawyers, traders, and corporate constituents whose occupation burdens the weight of requiring a stress busting lap dance after each hard day of work. You could rent out a high-end gentlemen’s club for your best friend’s bachelor party extravaganza, but that would only save you the cover charges. Tally up the bottle service along with tipping the bartender, strippers, topless waitresses, and bouncers, and you will find that your night of boobs and booze cost more than your wife’s wedding ring. Hopefully not, but you get the picture.

Try contacting HB Strippers to help you out before you start singing the bachelor party blues. The friendly staff has a high degree of professionalism to put your worries at ease. Now you can make your guest of honor feel like a king on his special night, and he will also think that you have spent a fortune amassing the hottest female strippers money can purchase. Going beyond just looks, the women of Hunks and Babes have experience and will make sure everybody enjoys themselves at the party. One nude stripper is not going to be enough to brag to everyone weeks or months after the party. You only have one shot at looking like a hero by planning the perfect bachelor party night, so good luck!


It is uncanny how the best strippers have full-time jobs and are able to keep those two lives separate. Sarah is a Chicago female stripper who works as a financial analyst for Merrill Lynch. You cannot tell that she has a bachelor’s degree in finance by just looking at her. Her busty figure and blond hair cloaks her ability to mesmerize you with her personality. The drunken conversations started at bachelor parties are always ended by polite and quick witted responses from Sarah. Sarah’s job with the financial firm enables her to exude confidence in her bachelor party strip shows. This attitude combined with her skills developed from working at local strip clubs has helped her become a tangible asset in the adult entertainment industry.

Male strippers who have a full or part-time job usually are more grounded and down to earth than their full-time stripper counterparts. It is easy for a male stripper to lose touch with reality while receiving so much positive feedback from the females at bachelorette parties. A male exotic dancer’s career will slowly deteriorate as his ego develops out of control. This negative shift is noticed specifically when the male stripper makes the party all about himself rather than the guest of honor. More grounded male exotic dancers avoid these situations by developing sensitivity to the vibes given off by the bachelorette party. The decision can then be made to tailor the show so that everybody can enjoy. All of the hot Chicago strippers on this site are well-rounded individuals who make the cut for becoming a Hunks and Babes exotic dancer.

Las Vegas Stripper

The glam, glory, and shimmer of a Las Vegas stripper can warm me faster than a shot of whiskey on a hot summer day. The harder it gets in my financial world, the harder it is for me to forget the burdens that business brings. Making or losing money is as old as the time I spend chasing it. Alcohol is only a temporary fix which now needs to become more powerful as the stresses of work surmount to a point that cannot be overcome.

Only the curves of sexy Las Vegas strippers can ease my mind. She drops her hips, looks me straight in the eye, and I can think of nothing more than to be with her. Her hypnotic moves put me into a spellbound trance that is unbroken by her peers. This flirtatious relationship is prolonged by the consistent slimming of my wallet. Much like the mythical Sirens, this Las Vegas stripper has gripped every sense of my being to a point where I am no longer aware of my surroundings. I am deeply pulled into her web spun with lust, lies, and enough physical contact to make me believe that we have more than a monetary relationship. I guess I just have to find out tomorrow night.