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Stripper reviews about male strippers and female strippers. Review hot exotic dancers for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Stripper parties are hot when you have professional entertainers show up at the party.

How To Prepare For Florida Strippers In Three Easy Steps

Do you want to get the most entertainment out of your Florida strippers? Now you can by simply following these three simple steps in order to ensure everyone receives maximum entertainment after you place your order. This should be easy because most exotic dancers inherently want you to experience the best show from start to finish. Following these tips should help you guarantee a memorable and pleasant experience.

The first step is to order your entertainment a few days in advance.

Tampa stripper

Tampa stripper

I know this might sound obvious, but many people fail to plan a few days ahead of time and end up scrambling at the end. You can avoid the stress and last choice of entertainers by calling agency at least one week in advance. Only Tampa strippers are the most abundant and are available for last-minute parties, but nowhere else in Florida where you have this convenience. You need to make sure that the stripping agency you choose has all of the pertinent information including your hotel number, name of the hotel, and any unique instructions that the stripper needs to know to make your party perfect. Be careful not to be too demanding because you don’t want to scare the stripper you hired. You have the best chance of getting off on the right foot by trusting her professionalism and judgment.

The second step you should take is to hand out dollar bills to your friends for tipping.

Tallahassee stripper

Tallahassee stripper

I know most people ordering adult entertainment for the first time do not know what to expect and are unprepared for great time by neglecting to have singles ready for the guests to give the strippers. Tallahassee strippers may be prepared to cash in your larger bills for singles they made at previous shows but don’t count on it. Take charge and go to the bank and get stacks of one dollar bills so that you can cash in your friends larger bills at the party and extend the length of time your entertainment stays. You also may want to take preemptive measures by having a talk with your guests before the stripper arrives at two not say anything offensive or the meaning that will make them upset and want to leave. There are dancers that will end their show early because of rude behavior so don’t let this happen to you.

Jacksonville stripper

Jacksonville stripper

Even the hottest Jacksonville strippers won’t stay longer than they have to if the party is not tipping them. Many of the unbelievable stunts that the girls perform require tipping. For example, a Florida exotic dancer may get fresh bills strategically placed on the guest of honor’s body with only her teeth. Sometimes money is placed in between the girls boobs and the guest of honor has to remove it with his mouth (slowly of course). It is common to give Florida entertainers tips before and after they perform, but will make a true difference tipping during their performance. Also be sure to let the girl know you are tipping a $20 or $50 bill and don’t just throw it into the pile. Most girls reserve special tricks for larger bills if they see them.

The third and final tip is to prepare the room for anything.

Orlando stripper

Orlando stripper

If you want to create an adult Disneyland, order some Orlando strippers in a hotel with a Jacuzzi in the same room as the bed. Your surroundings turn into props and features incorporated into your favorite Florida stripper’s show. A belt can become a dog leash, a bed can become a punishment zone for spankings, and a hot tub can become a bubbly mess of pure fantasies.

Either way you are going to have to prepare the room for a great performance. It is better to have it at someone else’s house or a hotel room because things might get messy with whipped cream and or oil. You don’t want to explain any type of stains on the carpet to your wife or girlfriend. You’ll not be worried about your furniture getting broken and will focus more on the entertainment. Don’t forget if you have a strip show scheduled inside of a hotel, you may need to bring extra chairs for everyone to sit. One cool tip for having a bachelor party inside of a hotel room is to turn the best top into a cooler. Simply bring fresh bags of ice to dump in the bathtub and keep your alcohol chilled in there.

Most all Florida strippers carry their own boom box or radio with music. Your job is to make sure they have access to a power outlet so that they can plug it in. You might be crammed in a small hotel room so make sure you have at least a ten square foot space for the dancer to perform. If you want to be a gentleman you can bring a blanket or use the hotel blankets on the floor which is especially handy if you watch a two girl fantasy show. If you managed to squeeze many chairs into a small room be sure to have space behind the chairs for people to stand so everyone can see. By following these three main tips you should be able to get the best performance possible with little effort.

The Three Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring Chicago Male Strippers.

How would you avoid making one of the many huge mistakes when it comes to hiring Chicago male strippers? Discover what other customers have already learned and make sure you take the necessary precautions to make sure that your party goes according to plan.

First mistake is ordering your stripper on the same day you need service.

Definitely the most common mistakes you can make when you hire Chicago male strippers is ordering on the same day you need them to come. This is never more important than during the busy season when all bachelorette’s are having a party at the same time. These dates occur between May and October.

If you know that you will have a girl’s night out or special party be sure to order your entertainment at least one week in advance if not later. This guarantees that you will get your first choice of male dancer and your experience will be greater than if you plan it at the last minute.

The second mistake is not ordering the right type of entertainment.

There are many stripping agencies to choose from and even more options for customers to order different types of strip shows. Most girls have never ordered any type of adult entertainment in their life and rely on reviews and have to trust what they find online. One of the best pieces of advice would be to order one male dancer from your first choice of stripping agency, and then another stripper from a completely different company. This guarantees that if one of them does not show up you will have a backup just in case. If you are lucky enough to have both entertainers arrive, then you will have the ultimate bachelorette party! Be sure to have enough singles for all of your friends so that your dancers can stay longer. Remember that they might have other shows to go to after yours if it is early on a Saturday night.

The third most popular mistake is planning too tight of a schedule.

When you hire Chicago male stripper, do not forget that you are not the only party that they have to go to. Most companies allow one hour before and one hour after your scheduled time for them to arrive. If your schedule is too rigid for a time window, reconsider your options because rushing the entertainer will not prove to be a good experience. There are many things that dancers have to deal with including traffic and navigating to your party which they have never been to before. To put your mind at rest on party night, be sure to write comments in your order stating that you want your male stripper to contact you while they are en route to your party. This will alleviate the stress of worrying about your entertainment not showing up.

When you have allotted a few hours for your entertainment, you set the mood for exciting and worry free night. If your group of girls is wild enough to handle the company of the Chicago male exotic dancer, then be sure to order him later in the night so when he is finished with his shows for the evening, he can join your group and party together!

Spring Break Strippers

From the month of April until the end of October begins the bachelor and bachelorette party season. Progressively across the US more people order exotic dancers for their number one choice of entertainment for parties. Certain college students sometimes pool their money together to get spring break strippers.

Spring Break Strippers

Spring Break Strippers

Florida is the best state to gather the country’s wildest and craziest college spring break students. The young adults overrun the towns with a mob action generally not welcome by the locals. Along with excessive drinking and extreme sun tanning, a new trend has emerged with this generation. Male college students have been ordering spring break strippers for entertainment in the recent years. This trend has been expanding because of the easily accessible websites through mobile smart phones.

Most college students are generally broke and barely have money to pay for food, that they have found a way to collectively gather their assets and afford three and four-girl fantasy shows costing thousands of dollars. Some female college students join in with the female spring break strippers trying to imitate what they do. Thanks to camera phone technology, many of these exhibitions are recorded and posted on YouTube for everyone to see. Social media has further enhanced or devastated the lives of these wannabe amateur strippers based on how well they did or didn’t do.

This is more of a growing male trend and it is for females to order male strippers. Most of the female college students are looking for spring fling and are not interested in seeing naked male exotic dancers even though they might have more hard chiseled bodies than the guys they see in college. A popular thing for spring breakers to witness is a male opposition with the young men competing in a hot bodies contest. Nothing is more hysterical than watching out of shape drunk guys who think they are God’s gift to women shake everything they have in an all or nothing survival of the fittest contest.

Where else can you bear witness to guys pouring their heart out dancing and getting booed off stage? Sometimes a guy who wins doesn’t have a sexy dance or special moves; he might be 300 pounds and wins the audience over just for being a good sport. Some amateur male strippers can be quite comical and not be as serious by wearing costumes like an American flag thong.

Almost all of the popular nightclubs and bars in spring break towns always have wet T-shirt contests which involve drunk college girls degrading themselves for free or for a few drinks. This is the best time to see college strippers! The greatest marketing ploys use sex integrated into the one track minds of college students to draw larger crowds and more alcohol consumption which leads to profits. Most wet T-shirt contests are videotaped not only by the club owners, but also the hundreds of audience members who may get paid to post these free videos on other adult related Internet sites. Club owners make promotional material from the drunken college girls to attract more males to their establishment. Just remember to be safe and have a good time.

Black Friday Strippers Discount

During all the madness after Thanksgiving, some people just want to party as much as they can. Most online savvy shoppers scour dozens of sites for good deals on anything and everything. A few people actually search for Black Friday Strippers discounts and come up empty-handed. One of the main reasons you do not get a discount on strippers is because the exotic dancers who work hard at your party will never accept less pay on any given day.

Strippers Discount

Strippers Discount

This doesn’t mean that you still can’t find great specials on discount strippers. Hunks and Babes Strippers is one of the few if not only stripping agency that offers coupons and discounts to their customers. Clients receive the same heart stopping performances at prices 10 to 25% less than normal. The money saved is subtracted from the company profits and not the dancers’ salary. Male and female exotic entertainers do not work for lower prices and are perfectly okay with getting paid the same to do a discounted show. Oftentimes the promotions and discounts apply to parties with more than one entertainer some more dancers get more business.

For the females, bachelorette party dancers are well-trained in making sure that the bachelorette gets embarrassed and teased. With special bachelorette party coupons, guests will enjoy two or three male strippers that not only dominate the party, but give you something to talk about for years to come. The built-in insurance guarantees the entertainment will show up in case one of the dancers decides not to make it, your night will not be ruined. The economy today makes it tough for people to save money and creates a new breed of frugal bachelorette party planners. Younger generations are accustomed to going online to research prices and find strippers discounts.

Bachelor party planners are little more straight and to the point and care first and foremost about the hotness of the female stripper. A gentleman is likely to spend a little bit more to ensure that the female exotic dancer is a knockout rather than save a couple bucks on a discounted stripper. The only motivation a coupon might have on a best man is one that offers multiple female entertainers. Bachelor parties can be expensive because guys want to see 45 strippers whereas a bachelorette party is okay with just one dancer. One caveat to that is that girls spend more on party favors and gifts was bachelor parties will have no decorations.

In conclusion, a black Friday strippers discount is unlikely to happen. With careful planning and research, you can save money when ordering the complete package with hotels, bars, limos, liquor, and adult entertainment. Hunks and Babes offers one-stop shopping with our Party Connoisseur Specialist (PCS). Our dedicated PCS will guide you through every step of the process from reserving a special party room at a high-end cocktail bar to the fantasy outfit your exotic dancer will be dancing to. Put your trust and to H and B Entertainment and you will not be disappointed.

The Season for Halloween Strippers

Although bachelor and bachelorette party season is coming to an end, birthday parties and other special events lead into a new season of Halloween strippers. Don’t throw another lame Halloween party by spiking the punch and having cheesy cobweb decorations clutter your house. Your homemade pumpkin pie recipe is not the only thing that needs some spicing up. Try some of these great ideas to make your Halloween party a success.

Scary Halloween Strippers

Scary Halloween Strippers

You first need to order some scary Halloween strippers about one week ahead of time. This would give the exotic dancers enough time to prepare their costumes and purchase props necessary to carry out your fantasy. If you have a family party, you might want to order both the male stripper and female exotic dancer to perform at the same time so that no one feels left out. You have to know your audience before you order some sexy dancers. Make sure that everybody at the party is going to be over the age of 18 and that you have at least 10 people guaranteed to be there.

Halloween theme parties are the best because it takes you into a fairytale world and brings everybody together. One common theme is pimps and hoes. All the girls can dress up like slutty hookers with lots of lacey outfits, corsets, thigh high stockings, and silk gloves for the high-end sluts. I’m sure you thought yourself, wait a minute, my friends dress like this year round! To motivate your friends to put some thought into their Halloween outfit, be sure to offer a grand prize of cash, gift cards, or a lap dance from a hot stripper. There are many ways to integrate only strippers into your spooky party.

Halloween strippers are great to have over for fetish parties. Since most guys don’t have bondage gear, you can buy some cheap gag balls, leather whips, ass-less chaps, or other simple toys to get everybody involved. You can have it dominatrix female stripper come and tame all of your friends. Latex stripper outfits are fun to watch in action and are even more fun Halloween weekend. You can make things more challenging by adding baby oil and a few more strippers. It might be a little bit expensive to order more than one entertainer, but it is worth it.

If there’s going to be a large female audience, you can have fun with the different outfits a male exotic dancer can wear. I would avoid face paintings unless it is a military stripper you’re getting. You can be silly and order Frankenstein stripper with a rubber green head or go sexy with a sleek and muscular vampire exotic dancer. Thanks to Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and other werewolf TV shows, there has been a large increase of requests for vampire strippers. Whatever your quirky fantasy may be, be sure that your stripping agency can accommodate your request before you order.

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your party will be talked about for years to come. All other Halloween parties in the future will be compared to this party you’ve thrown with exotic dancers. If you take the extra steps to plan the party right, you will be bragged about to your friends as an adult party planning legend.