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Stripper reviews about male strippers and female strippers. Review hot exotic dancers for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Stripper parties are hot when you have professional entertainers show up at the party.

Your Next Bachelor Party Should Be With a Barbie Stripper.

It is every guy’s fantasy to hook up with a girl that looks exactly like Barbie. Blonde hair, big boobs, and long legs you’ve always pictured wrapping around your body tightly. If you or one of your best friends is getting married recently, then you owe it yourself to hire a hot Barbie stripper. Some girls might not have exactly all the looks that you are anticipating to see, but accommodations can be made with wigs, makeup, and acute outfit that leaves little to the imagination.

If you do not want a Barbie stripper, you should mix it up in order different types of strippers such as a demanding dominatrix stripper, schoolgirl stripper, or the ever popular police woman stripper. Handcuffs, whips, and long rulers are the weapons of choice for these beautiful vixens. All of these amazing adult entertainers employ a deep psychological tactic which engulfs every instinctual emotion from the men they prey on. Their clients’ mushy brain washes away any logical reason as they spend their entire month’s salary on a few hours of pleasure.

Having this amazing Barbie stripper will not only entice your boyhood fantasies, it will also bring closure to another item checked off your bucket list. Everyone at your bachelor party will be engaged with the most beautiful bombshell they have ever seen. Imagine you and your best friends losing all of their inhibitions, fears, failures, and disappointments for bonding moment when all of your happy.

This memory can only be created with the perfect stripper from a trusted stripping agency. You can further your fantasy by dressing yourself or the guest of honor up like I a Ken doll. You can have multiple Barbie strippers cater to every need and pamper you like you’re the only man on earth. You have a better chance if you live in a bigger city have more than one blonde girl that’s really tall or you can have your bachelor party in a city like Las Vegas, Chicago, or New York.

Having a bachelor party in Las Vegas will give you more options after the party is over. Some of the strippers might even go out with you to the nightclubs, but be prepared to stay up till noon the next day. Chicago bachelor parties involve barhopping before going to a hotel room and having multiple strippers perform there. You can get away with a lot more tricks because of the privacy him your own room. You do not have bouncers to annoy you with no touching rules. Chicago is one of my favorite cities and because bachelor season is during the summer, is a perfect time to visit this classic town. The Big Apple was the most busy and overcrowded, but New York bachelor parties always go down in the history books as a top 10 experience in one’s lifetime.

So whether a high rolling business executive in New York, big shot gambler in Vegas, or city boy chasing his dream in Chicago, there is never a better time than right now to order your favorite fantasy Barbie stripper perform for your birthday, bachelor, or any other party occasion.

Barbie Stripper

Barbie Stripper

Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Fun and Exciting Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Looking for fun and exciting bachelorette party ideas? If you want to give the bride to be a night she will be sure to remember then you’ll need to carefully plan and execute her bachelorette party. The following article will provide you with extremely valuable bachelorette party ideas that will ensure that the evening is a fun time for all and that it goes exactly as planned.

Your first order of business should be to think about the bride and her own personal taste. Is she the type of girl that’s going to want to hit up a trendy restaurant for dinner then stop by a nightclub for some drinks and dancing or is she the type of girl that would rather celebrate more intimately with a close group of friends?

If you are still uncertain then feel free to ask other bridesmaids for bachelorette party ideas. With their input the group of you should be able to come up with the perfect plan for the guest of honor. Whether you decide to take her for some pole dancing lessons in a professional dance studio then to see some hunky male dancers perform or you opt for a private party in someone’s home for a more intimate venue, you will want to plan everything out as far in advance as possible.

Make your dinner reservations early and select a date for the party early enough so that you won’t have any scheduling conflicts with other guests. You’ll want all of the bride’s friends to be there for her on this important night. If you are going to hire a male dancer to come to a party in a hotel room or at a house it is important to book them as early in advance as possible in order to have the best selection of dancers and to be able to book your performance during a peak time slot.

You’ll find that the summertime is the peak season for bachelorette parties so keep this in mind as you are making your plans. The earlier that you decide upon your course of action the easier it will be for you to coordinate the evening and finalize your plans.

It is also important that you don’t forget to work out all of the small details for the night’s events. You’ll want to make sure that your evening goes off without a hitch so be sure to plan for transportation in advance. Make sure you have printed directions and street addresses for each stop that you’ll be making, and make sure that you have a schedule outlined so that you won’t miss out on anything you have planned.

You will also want to be sure that you arrive on time for dinner reservations or for your male dancing performance so designate a person to be in charge of watching the clock and making sure that you leave on time to arrive at your next destination.

By following these helpful tips you will ensure that the bachelorette party is a total success.

Hot Baltimore Strippers

Baltimore strippers

Baltimore Strippers

Next time you’re in the market for some hot Baltimore strippers, your best bet is to use a company called Hunks and Babes strippers. Maryland is a state that is sandwiched between New Jersey, Pittsburgh, and parts of Virginia -all who have great exotic dancers working full-time. This ongoing recession has caused many strippers to extend their employment long after they should have retired. Baltimore male strippers can get away with dancing a little bit longer then the female dancers do, but the reverse is not true.

It can be heartbreaking to plan the perfect bachelor party in Baltimore and come up shorthanded because some stooge decided to save a couple of bucks and use a different stripping agency. Any Baltimore female stripper should throw in the towel after the age of 29. Some dancers that do very well and make enough money can afford cosmetic enhancements to extend their lifespan as a bachelor party stripper, but not all are so lucky.

It is fairly expensive to have female Baltimore strippers come to your private party or venue. This type of entertainment is ordered expecting a high standard of looks and personality. There are hot Baltimore strippers that know that they look good and give a attitude that makes them unattractive. The girl can have a great personality but no good looks or hot body that draws attention which makes for a boring party.

I just want to let everybody know that the company that I used for my bachelor party turned out to be unbelievable because of the three hot Baltimore strippers that showed up to the party. Two of the three dancers that showed up to the bachelor party was of my choice with the third exotic dancer exceeding my expectations. Next time you have a party in Baltimore Maryland, be sure to use the most trusted stripping agency in the country today!

10 Steps for Becoming a Stripper

Jamie Spears

Jamie Spears

Today’s economy can be really tough, finding a new job is almost as difficult as keeping one. The high stress placed by large corporations on its employees has led the masses to look at alternative means for income. The following is an outlined path for becoming a stripper in modern times.

  1. Quit your day job.
    • With all of the cash that you’re going to make as an exotic dancer, there will be no need for a 9-to-5. The extra free time that you will have during daylight hours can be spent at the gym, tanning, or shopping for cute outfits.
  2. Tell all of your friends and family.
    • You should wait about 12 weeks before letting the world know about the career path you have chosen. This will give you more confidence and ease the tension about becoming a stripper.
  3. Start drinking heavily.
    • The best way to relieve stress is to start hitting the bottle. Make sure you mix the hard liquor with diet soda so that you do not develop too big of a tummy.
  4. Market yourself.
    • The best way to get the word out about you is to go out in public places wearing skimpy outfits or bikinis.
    • Try going out to a local beach wearing your tiniest swimsuit so that you get used to the comments guys make about your body.
  5. Advertise on church bulletins.
    • For example, if you lived in a small town in Louisiana, you might get a few clients by word-of-mouth. You can triple or quadruple your business by posting a flier or ad about your new found job becoming a stripper on a church bulletin board.
  6. Have a few more kids.
    • The more children that you can have, the more people feel sorry for you and tip you more money.
    • This can also bring more free advertising to your stripper aspirations. Why work for a stripping agency when people can contact you for your service.
    • You’ll be surprised at what expert help you can find without going too far. Try asking a relative or close family member on advice for free publicity by sacrificing your moral values.
  7. Expose your body parts to everyone.
    • You never know who might be watching when you step outside of our car, so be sure not to wear any underwear seeking give a sneak peek to what your customers will get.
  8. Put yourself in the spotlight to be a role model for other girls your age.
    • Why stop at becoming a stripper by yourself? Do not be selfish and enjoy the benefits of becoming a stripper all your lonesome. It is your responsibility and duty to educate an entire generation in the economics of exotic dancing.
  9. Come up with a great stage name.
    • As we come closer to the final steps of becoming a stripper, finding the right station that fits her personality is critical. To keep your anonymity, you should choose a name that is sweet and innocent, like Zoey!
  10. Finally, call your sister Britney and let her know that you’re still better than her at entertaining, parenting, and anything else involving self-control.

St. Louis Strippers Missouri

St Louis Strippers

St Louis Strippers

Louisiana is not the only place that has Mardi gras parties. St. Louis is a golden nugget in the Midwest which hosts a wide range of bars and taverns to complete an ultimate guy’s night out or bachelorette party. The St. Louis strippers who work at gentlemen’s clubs will make your heart skip a beat and make you never want to leave Missouri.

The gentleman’s clubs in Missouri are not as lavish as the ones in Las Vegas or New York, but the quality of female exotic dancers surpasses that of all strip clubs in major cities combined. The Midwestern girls who work at the strip clubs have excellent personalities and are very personable to talk to. Every time I go to Las Vegas, girls always want to hustle me into spending way more money than I have. The high pressure sales from these strippers take away the lighthearted experience. The sweet female St. Louis strippers always put my mind at ease at a price that will make it last all night.

The other day my friends and I ordered two gorgeous St. Louis exotic dancers to perform at a local bar for my best friend’s birthday party. My friend John ordered from an online company called Hunks and Babes Strippers. Jenny and Belle showed up to do a two girl fantasy show live at the bar we were at! I’ve been to a few strip clubs before and have never seen anything like what these two girls did at this bar in St. Louis. Without giving too much away, my friends and I all participated in the tricks and games Belle and Jenny had us do.

I had to stop at a local convenience store to pick up an extra pair of shorts because my jeans were completely torn off at the party! Jenny used one of the legs from my jeans as a headband, and the rest of my jeans were used as handcuffs to tie down my friends. Needless to say, I had an amazing time and would recommend anybody visiting Missouri to order some hot female St. Louis strippers from the same company I did.