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How to Order Strippers for Any Party

Are you looking to order strippers for a bachelor party?

How to order bachelor party strippersAfter you have chosen a date and time for your party, the next step is to determine the location your event and order your female strippers here. You’ll find that the girls who work for Hunks & Babes are professionally trained and know how to entertain large audiences. Don’t be fooled by other companies who recruit their dancers from craigslist and leave you disappointed with the quality of showmanship. Why not have a seasoned veteran entertainer who will engage your audience and impress your friends. You can have the bachelor more than embarrassed with the different tricks only an experienced dancer can perform. Don’t get an amateur sloppy lap dance from someone learning to become a stripper.

Are you looking to hire strippers for a bachelorette party?

How to order bachelorette party strippersWhen you have determined that it is safe for the guest of honor to experience a wild striptease from the most gorgeous men in your city, you can order your male strippers here. The daunting task of researching which male stripper to appear and striptease for your best friend can be more than confusing. Rest assured you are getting the best value and quality of entertainment when you use Hunks & Babes strippers. HB entertainment is the only agency that screens all of its dancers to assure premium quality service and gives you an experience like none other. The ordering process for hiring male exotic dancers is streamlined through online technology. You can now order any local dancer within 24 hours and have him show up to your door ready to go without even making a phone call. All the information about the dancer you want is available online and reservations are made with a credit card. Communication is maintained with emails and you receive a final call from the stripper you chose before they arrive to your party destination.

Have you searched everywhere for exotic dancers that perform at birthdays?

How to order birthday party strippersYou can make your friend or family member forget all about how old they are getting when you order birthday party strippers to dance for them. You can have the stripper make a surprise appearance but let the entertainer know before they arrive. Please have a separate changing room ready for the stripper to change into their outfit. After the dancer performs a short striptease for the birthday girl or boy, he or she will continue on to other guests at the party. Please consider health conditions of the guest of honor for elderly birthdays. When looking for birthday party strippers, look for comments on how personable that dancer was with previous shows.

Have you ever planned a work party and thought of the idea to hire a surprise strip-o-gram to embarrass your coworkers?

How to order office party strippersWhen you are ready to spice up your office party to phenomenal levels of entertainment, you can order surprise party strippers here. Of course it is a great idea to always check your company policies or handbook in regards to adult entertainment in the office. You still have to pay the stripper when they arrive and before they begin their strip show. If management cancels or prevents the entertainer from performing, you will lose that money so be sure it is okay first.

Is your friend divorced and bummed out? There’s a stripper for that!

You can hire strippers for divorce parties here. A divorce party is one of the best excuses to get together and have fun when going out with your friends becomes rarer as age progresses. You will find that many friends and neighbors would like to attend when they discover you will have the hottest professional exotic dancers celebrate this new freedom. It could be a long time since some of your friends have seen the opposite sex in great shape up close. Divorce party strippers are trained to entertain and make the guest of honor feel young and wanted again.

In conclusion, ordering strippers for any party occasion is easy when you use the right company. Whether you have girls’ night out, guys’ night out, or just because, any excuse is a good one to escape life’s monotony with beautiful men and women from Hunks & Babes.

Top Reasons for Ordering Strippers

Throwing a party can be hard work for any occasion. Staying on top of your budget, timeline, invitations, reservations, and choice of venues can be overwhelming. Keeping in mind why you are ordering strippers during the party planning process will help you stay focused when doubts enter your mind.

The first reason is when you plan a bachelor party.

Bachelor Party ReasonSometimes the only thing that separates a regular night out from a man’s last night out of being single for the rest of his life is the involvement of gorgeous young female strippers. You can always throw back some drinks and try to pick up girls at any bar on any given day. Put all the hard work aside for your guest of honor and have him enjoy his special night with the adornment of super hot professional adult entertainers. As the best man, you are going to have to judge the grooms capabilities of handling the level of fun you have planned for him. There are two ways you can go about the entertainment. You can hire strippers to make him happy which includes touching and basically having his fantasy come to life. The other option is ordering strippers to torture and torment the groom so that you and all of your friends will have stories to make fun of for the rest of your lives. He may not like the embarrassment or tricks played on him, but it will be worth the ability to bring up what happened to him for a future laugh.

The second reason is having entertainment for a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party ReasonGirls who order male strippers for a bachelorette party do it for a different reason than guys. Instead of having a male exotic dancer perform as a bachelorette’s fantasy fling, he instead performs as a novelty to make the entire audience laugh. Most strip routines at a bachelorette party a very innocent and do not involve fully nude dancing. Guys will place the honored guest into multiple sexual positions while wearing his thong. Humor and tactful playfulness is paramount to having a successful party and having a stripper perform for your guest will make for a memorable night. Unlike their bachelor party counterparts who have more than one dancer, bachelorette parties only have one guy perform a 30 to 45 minute routine show. Girls are a little bit more thoughtful and planning a night out for their special friend. Renting a fancy hotel room, catering expensive food, reserving a fully stocked limo, and cliché penis cakes or decorations are all incorporated into the evening’s agenda. The only regretful party mistake that is talked about is parties that did not get a male stripper for entertainment.

Ordering strippers for birthday parties is one of the third most popular reasons.

Nothing is more hilarious than the look on grandma or grandpa’s face when they experience a stripper for their 60th birthday party. Having a stripper perform at a birthday party is not only memorable for that person; it is also a party all of your guests will remember also. It is more common for anyone to order a stripper for a benchmark birthday such as 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 etc. it is not recommended to order a stripper for someone who is over the age of 60 years old for health reasons. Make sure your guest has a healthy enough cardiovascular system to handle the elevated heart rate when viewing these beautiful guys or girls.

Lastly, entertainment for divorce parties, girls’ night out, or guys’ night out.

Sometimes people feel bad when they see one of their friends go through a tough divorce and want to help. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to order a divorce party stripper to revive that newly single feeling. An exotic dancer can kick start that confident feeling you had before you got married. ‘Just because’ reasons for ordering adult entertainment can be the wildest parties of all because the guests usually consist of all single people who are ready for a no holds bar night.

So in conclusion, whether you are a professional party planner who uses strippers for the peak of entertainment at each event or a first timer that would just like to have a successful night, ordering a stripper to your plans will be the best addition you can make.

Tips for Planning a Perfect St. Louis Bachelorette Party

Missouri bachelorette party tipsNot everyone is lucky enough to throw a party in the amazing state of Missouri. There are incredible opportunities to take advantage of all the restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and culture. There is a lot to cover in one night so planning will help make sure everything goes smoothly and the guest of honor has a great time. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your event.

Pick a date and time for your bachelorette party.

The most common time for a bachelorette party in St. Louis is 9 PM on Saturday. This is when downtown is bustling and everyone will see the bride to be in her special outfit. She will get maximum attention from everyone on the street as she parades around in her white attire, special group T-shirt, penis tiara, or other bachelorette paraphernalia that will identify her as Queen of the night.

Consult with the future bride and gather her expectations.

Take the bachelorette’s ideas into consideration when planning her evening because she may not want to go wild and have a quiet evening with friends. She knows she will have a party so just be forward with her and ask her what she expects. If hiring a stripper is part of her itinerary for a great night, then let the magic happen!

Throwing a party in the show-me state can be fun! Sometimes you miss opportunities to know more about St. Louis because you take for granted you live so close. You can visit the 630 foot tall Gateway Arch and actually go up inside of it to see 30 miles in all directions.St. Louis Arch party destination

Create a timeline that fits everyone.

Some hen parties in the Midwest have immediate family involved. You may want to include the groom’s mom in the festivities early on in the night including dinner and gift opening. As the evening progresses, the mothers of the bride and groom can depart and girls night out will begin. When male strippers perform for the guest of honor, most friends do not participate because they feel like they’re being watched when mothers are at attendance. To maximize the fun from adult entertainment, be sure you have your closest friends and lots of alcohol.

Making it fun by giving a theme to your party!

St. Louis BacheloretteFor added silliness and clarity, have all of your friends dress similar such as everyone wearing purple wigs and the bachelorette with a unique color. Some more extravagant group themes include superhero costumes, celebrity impersonations, or even popular television series characters like Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City.

Music has a huge impact on the tone of your party.

Although you can’t play your own music in any restaurant, you can play your own tunes inside a hotel room or traveling via party bus or limo and between destinations. Most current limousines or professional transportation services offer iPod Jack’s or auxiliary inputs for you to plug in your own music. Playing a local radio station while drinking in a limo can be a buzz kill when commercials come on or when someone has to constantly search through channels. A prepared maid of honor will have music in her pocket via MP3 player or smart phone.

Contingent plans will save your stress and maybe even party night.

Having an adult party in St. Louis has its thrills and usually everything goes smoothly. Having a plan B in your pocket will not only reduces your stress, it will make sure that everything goes smoothly in case something goes wrong. Over booked restaurant reservations, hotel rooms lost because of noise complaints, and overcrowded dance clubs can deter your group of friends from having fun. Having alternate solutions will make you feel in control and allow you to have fun also.

Invite everyone via social media.

A good rule of thumb is to invite everybody at least one month ahead of time. Some of your friends may have to take off of work unless you are planning a late Friday or Saturday evening party. Using Facebook to invite your friends is a great idea because they can publicly see who is coming and put pressure on people to respond. It is almost impossible to get 100% of all guests to arrive so it is safe to book a venue that will hold 75% of the amount of people you expect.

Another good idea is to collect money from everyone who says they will be attending with no refunds. You have to pay for entertainment, food, alcohol, admission fees to clubs, etc. ahead of time. Costs will be the same regardless if someone shows up to your best friends’ bachelorette party or not. You must know your friends’ budgets in order to get maximum attendance. If you are going to hire St. Louis male strippers to embarrass the guests, an evening out at five-star restaurant Truffles on Clayton Street, and club hopping after, make sure everyone can pitch in and afford it. Discover other basic tips for planning a party online.

Top Reasons for Different Private Stripper Prices

Since the rise of more online stripping agencies, prices for hiring private exotic dancers have dramatically fluctuated recently. Some of the reasons are highlighted here and caution should always be used when researching the legitimacy of any company. This is mainly to help any first-timers looking to hire a private stripper for entertainment.

Quality of service varies broadly across the industry.

Happy customer ordering strippers.New companies do not have the same talent as an agency who has consistently given business to veteran dancers. Veteran dancers know the importance of maintaining body structure, hygiene, and improving the stripping routines to accommodate all types of crowds. Most amateur companies are created by a retired stripper who has a few friends that would like to work for them and try adult entertainment.

Experienced dancers who are highly requested only need to work for one agency. Other dancers who do not have the right look must work for multiple stripping agencies to compensate for the lack of business they get. This leads to problems when two separate agencies book the same stripper for the same date and time slot. This increases the chance of you not receiving the entertainment you requested.

The level of service you request may also increase the price of your stripper.

Male dancers may charge for pictures and full nude, but that’s about it. Female strippers on the other hand can perform various tricks to entertain the crowd and therefore are generally more expensive than their male colleagues.

If you never had a female stripper perform at a private party before, then you might be shocked at the amount of total price you spend after the entertainment is over. Be prepared to spend at least double what the base fee is in tips. Most girls will do a standard show and expect more money to pull out all the stops. Examples include interacting with other female entertainers, involving special props including handcuffs and whips, or even more intimate experiences with whipped cream. There can be an entire article written on what female strippers do at private parties, but just know that you have to pay extra money to see something you may never get to experience again.

Your location greatly depends on how many extra fees are added to your total.

Local Strippers

Strippers make more money near major cities.

Strippers are paid according to the market in their state they do business in. Unfortunately, top strippers do not get higher base fees than less requested strippers. They do however make more money in tips because clients want them to stay longer and get more involved with the audience. It is true that some ugly strippers are sent home early before they even complete their show.

Exotic dancers have to pay for their own parking, gas, or any other travel expenses. Almost every agency that charges travel fees gives 100% of that money to the stripper to keep. Without travel fees, strippers will never travel more than 30 miles from the base city location. It is harder to find strippers who work in cities with lower populations because of the infrequent business they would get as a result. From a dancers perspective, they could perform 2 strip shows the amount of time it would take them to travel over an hour to and from a location outside of their main coverage area.

There is nothing more true than the saying ‘you pay for what you get’.

Have you ever gone out to a lower end restaurant and get a five-star meal? No, and you would never expect anything great. The same applies to brand-new stripping agencies that hook you in with the lowest possible price. If the reverse were true, you would call the agency and demand your money back for anything less than what you expected. This principle helps weed out the bad agencies because they cannot survive on poor service. The best exotic dancers in the country know how to get more money from clients by performing their best. They want to work for agencies that give them consistent business and have a great reputation for quality.

Hope this article sheds some insight into an industry that is never in the spotlight. Most clients are in the dark when it comes to ordering strippers online and are confused on how much a stripper should cost. Stripper reviews found online can be misleading and fabricated. Recommendations from friends who ordered strippers from the past should be considered but not fully relied upon. Unless you have that exotic dancer’s personal cell phone number your friend has experienced, it is difficult but not impossible to get that same entertainer for your party. Keep in mind that bodies can change over time and do not be afraid to ask for recent pictures of any stripper you are looking at. So continue to shop smart and have fun at your next party!

Top Three Tips Hiring New York Exotic Dancers

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a birthday party or a bachelor party, understanding the reasons and facts when hiring New York exotic dancers will ensure a smooth process and happy customers.

New York Adult Entertainment

The next three tips will give you advice as to how to order a female or male exotic dancer without any trouble.

1. Order from a well-known New York agency

Have you been to a bachelor party without New York exotic dancers showing up? Have you had entertainers arrive more than a few hours late? All of these annoying problems can be avoided when using a proper stripping agency that has a reputation for providing the service they say they will offer. Using substandard stripping agencies to order adult entertainment leads to stress, loss of money, and ultimately ruining everyone’s night. A very simple way to research the company is to type in the agency’s name along with the word review to get a list of testimonials or reviews on that agency.

I know it takes a little bit more time and is a little extra work to type in another search besides you looking at hot bodies online. These extra few minutes will pay off by avoiding the pitfalls many have experienced ordering strippers for the first time. Your disappointment can be avoided along with other serious problems by spending a few minutes to research the company you are doing business with. There are customers who have used the same service and are more than happy to share with you their opinions of how they did. Please be careful that not all reviews may be honest as competitors write good reviews about themselves and bad reviews about the competition.

2. Order your exotic dancers as far in advance as possible

Most bachelorette parties do not need this tip reiterated, but any procrastinating guy needs to know how critical it is to order your exotic dancer at least one week ahead of time. Not only will you receive a B list stripper, you may not even get a stripper at all. All of the great strippers have their schedules filled up on the most requested times which are Saturday nights around 9 PM. If you do find yourself ordering entertainment at the last minute, try to have your party during the weekday when it is less busy. The further ahead you plan, the better choice of strippers you will have an more entertaining your party will be.

One other perk that booking your dancers a few weeks in advance is that you take the pressure off of yourself early on so you can enjoy the party. There many facets of bachelor and bachelorette parties that need attention and checking off everything on your list before that event will make sure you have a clear head handle anything that comes your way. Please be responsible for your friends and provide transportation or a place to stay if there is lots of drinking involved.

3. Do not be afraid to get specific with your requests

No matter how unreasonable you think your request is, please be sure to communicate your expectations with the stripping agency you choose. And maybe awkward for you to talk over the phone what exactly a two girl fantasy show entails but is very common to the employee on the other end of the phone. You may have an idea of how exotic dancers interact with each other during the performance, but this may be completely different than what actually happens. If you want a cowboy or NYC cop stripper to spank the guest of honor really hard, you need to have this in your instructions. Your guest of honor may be shy and may only want a topless striptease. Mixing up these two personality types can be disastrous and destroy the evening mood very quickly.

New York Male Exotic Dancer

Reputable stripping agency will be more than happy to fulfill any odd or unusual requests in order to make your party event a great memory. You’re better off finding out over the phone that they cannot accommodate you than be surprised at the door.