Fat Strippers in New York

New York strippers in gentlemen’s clubs are entertaining

I want to share a story with you, because I know you have been in this situation at one point in your life. I was in New York for a friend’s bachelor party, had an excellent primer and dinner at a five-star restaurant, shared some great wine, indulged my senses with a Cuban cigar, and then hit up the local gentlemen’s clubs to check out the finest female New York strippers. Before you have a chance to say no, your friend places a stack of singles on your lap and signals one of the exotic dancers from afar to come and treat you to a special moment. Caught up in the moment, you would feel bad hurting the dancer’s feelings by pushing her off and decline her ritual teasing. Your feet press deep onto the floor and knees buckle as her body automatically braces itself for the gi-normous weight being placed on it.

Your friend just purchased you a fat stripper! All those years of taking glucosamine chondroitin has paid off in this battle of physical stress. Unfortunately enough for you, you just arrived at the New York strip club and do not have enough alcohol to dull your senses. I have dated girls with a little bit of extra weight and there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit more to love. Every man has a different idea of what their fantasy body type for a female should be. Whether it be a cruel joke, or attempt to convert your idea of Jenna Jamison being hot into a sampling of Roseanne Barr, it is wrong to buy a lap dance for a friend without asking his permission first.

Don’t ruin a friendship and your money on novelty lap dances for your friend. When you first walk into a gentlemen’s club, why not have some conversation in which girls you like and do not like. Hotter and more popular female strippers in New York gentlemen’s clubs are highly requested and are usually not available on to later in the evening. The uglier exotic dancers who may not have amazing physical appearance as their coworkers understand this fact and play this to their advantage by coming at you when you first walk in the door. So just be patient and scope out the place to figure out which girls you want to receive attention from before ordering. Otherwise, there are plenty of fat strippers in New York to keep you company.

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