Finding the Best Chicago Strip Clubs is Easy

Best Chicago Strip Clubs

Best Chicago Strip Clubs

I have been a huge fan of Chi town ever since they built Millennium Park. The magical Cloud Gate I visit once a year mesmerizes me as I see the Chicago skyline in a different way. Speaking of different views, the easiest way to get to know the second city and its local flavor is to meet the girls who work at the best Chicago strip clubs. You can meet the curviest and flirtatious blonde bombshell that would make you nervous to talk to and find out that she is easy to get along with just as if she was one of your best friends.

Coming from New York, Chicago seems much more relaxed and friendly. There are so many amazing places to eat, I almost have to plan where to go each day so don’t miss out on my favorites. It was a nice bartender who worked at Harry Carrey’s Bar and Grill who tipped me off to the best Chicago strip clubs that will blow my socks off. When I went to the Admiral Theater off of Halstead Street, the gentleman’s club had the most amazing Chicago female strippers who treated me like I was the only client there. Natalia went out of her way to make sure I felt like a king. Her eyes were like a deep Caribbean ocean which you gaze at with tranquility and peace. Natalia’s body was feminine with Olympic athlete tone and magnificence. Her profound olive oil tanned skin was scented of that which I believe angels should smell like. Needless to say my wallet is doomed when she works the pole that night.

Besides frequenting the best Chicago strip clubs every trip to the Windy City is unique. It seems like there are more nightclubs and bars then grocery stores or gas stations. Some of the girls in the local gentlemen’s clubs hang out at these bars after their shift is over. It is nice to drink and chat with these angels of Chi town while I soak in the Midwestern culture. I have found that the best Chicago strippers are the ones who continue to flirt, dance, and befriend the highest paying clients. They never have to pay for drinks or food and make more money off of one person and they would if they danced for dozens of strangers.

Visiting strip clubs is the best way to meet the natives and reduce your stress. This has certainly enabled me to meet the most beautiful Chicago exotic dancers without any qualms or regret. I am wise beyond my years and would be foolish to start a relationship with one of these girls yet every second I spend with them convinces me otherwise. One of life’s greatest poisons is the beauty and charm of a female stripper without the antidote of logic and reasoning. Gentleman’s clubs are the perfect venue for meeting these faultless girls who inspired not only my life, but also helped grow my business as well.