Hunks and Babes Reviews

How Confident Are You That Online Reviews Are The Truth?

Hunks and Babes Reviews

Hunks and Babes Reviews Online

The answer is most of the reviews are lies. As of April 2013, we estimate about 1 to 2 new stripping agencies sprout up every day and does not include the duplicate or Geo-specific mirrored agency sites. The added stress of dividing market share amongst stripping agencies has caused business owners to take more deplorable and desperate actions. Adult entertainment agencies now have shifted from helping customers to bashing competition. This has been more evident from increasing negative posts on review websites about us. Some companies even go as far as to list us on their own website and give their opinion why customers should not order from us.

Where’s The Logic?

One example of a sales page taken from a competitor listed Hunks and Babes as a company not to do business with for the simple fact of being a national stripping agency. The page goes on to try and convince the customer that they are better because they have a local phone number. The same logic can be used to argue Wal-mart is bad because it is not a local company (please focus on the objective concept by looking past the deep economic impact, limited health benefits, low-wage labor, and leveraging of government subsidies). Instead, look at the selection of quality items or service at the cheapest prices compared to local competition. Local stores will never come close to the management experience or leadership of the national Wal-mart Company.

Is Bigger Better?

Just like Walmart, the same is true for the national stripping agency Hunks and Babes. We are blessed to have the volume of business that we have but this took hard work getting to that point. We hire strippers the same way our local competitors do, except we do it in 93 cities instead of one city. We have a national call center with employees that go through a training process that gives them over 10 years of experience in less than a week. We also have satellite employees spread throughout the country that verify the quality and authenticity of our entertainers. We will not give away our trade secrets because competitors often read and steal our material, but we can share with you that our corporate style management of dancers keeps them on their toes and guarantees they will give their hundred percent attention to your satisfaction at every show.

Starting New Hurts with Growing Pains

Hunks & Babes Stripping Agency Has Deep Roots

Hunks & Babes Stripping Agency Has Deep Roots

We started as a local stripping agency and understand the difficulties hiring new dancers. We had one new stripper employment application every other week which put pressure on us to keep the strippers we currently employed even though they were not good and had complaints filed. Now that we get dozens of applications every day, we can easily get rid of under-performing dancers and keep the best of the best. Allowing reviews of strippers on our website helps customers communicate the quality of talent that we employ. The result is you get the best chance of receiving premium service without stress. This does not mean we are 100% perfect but your odds are better with us than any other stripping agency in the country.

So What About The Hunks And Babes Reviews?

Review HBstrippers

Research Carefully

Our legal team is making a case against these review websites as a class D felony for extortion. These review websites demand delivery of payment in either monthly installments or a lump sum to ‘clean up’ negative fictitious testimonials either written by them or Hunks and Babes’ competitors. Keep in mind that if you pay this fee there will magically be favorable posts about your business along with high ratings. Hunks and Babes believes either choice is unethical and misleading to customers. We never have and will continue not to pay for positive fake reviews. Good or bad, customers can leave testimonials and reviews directly on our website. Not all review sites are lies and not all reviews posted are fictitious. There are real customers’ complaints or praises mixed in with the fake posts. We know most people ordering strippers online do it for the first time and possibly only time. It is very helpful for this reason to get recommendations from friends that have experienced service from these companies.

In conclusion, we hope that we did not scare you into not ordering entertainment for your party! Private party strippers are amazing fun and create a memorable experience for everyone. Be suspicious of your research, ask for recommendations, and when in doubt go with your gut feeling. To date, we have successfully planned over 180,000 parties and hope to gain your trust in planning yours.