Male Strip Clubs

male strip clubs

male strip clubs

Bachelorette party planners are limited to either hiring a private party stripper or visiting a local bar on the one night a month they host a male Revue show. The wait is over for the lucky girls who live in Illinois because it hosts one of the only Chicago male strip clubs in the Midwest. Chicago bachelorettes can now enjoy an all-male revue show consisting of 4 to 5 of the best looking gentleman around in a brand-new multimillion dollar facility.

The Factory male strip club invites ladies from all over the Midwest including Chicago, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin, and even girls from Iowa visit the club to experience the ultimate bachelorette party. The many ladies who witnessed the show have amazing testimonials from experiences they have had with the Chicago male strippers who perform weekly at the Factory strip club.

The Chicago Hunks, led by Shawn, perform choreographed routines which involves elaborate costumes that will inspire the audience to have wild fantasies. For the rough bachelorettes, you can have a naughty stripper cop handcuff you to the chair and search you. For the romantic bachelorettes, they can have a gentleman cowboy sweep them off their feet and have a slow lap dance. All of the Chicago Hunks who work at one of the only male strip clubs in Illinois are in premium physical condition.

Make your next bachelorette party hot by ordering tickets at a discount through the Hunks and Babes website. All of the hot male dancers you see performing at the male strip clubs in Chicago can be ordered separately to provide you and your friends lap dances in the comfort of your own home. You will be finding excuses to have these gorgeous men provide entertainment over and over. Many happy clients end up having their friends come over for a girl’s night out party. Once everyone is loosened up, your special hunky treat can walk through the door and start dancing for everyone!