New York Businessman Male Strippers

Did you ever fantasize about that hot businessman you crossed on the way to work?

New York men are aggressive when it comes to keeping their minds and bodies sharp and in shape. There tall figure in sharp expensive suits make it a fantasy for every girl to unwrap. The New York gentlemen are always perfectly groomed and look like they walked out of GQ magazine. These are the kind of guys that make your heart skip a beat. These hard-working New York businessmen have been having financial difficulty because of the hard economic times and have forced themselves into making extra money by means they thought they would never get into. That’s right; your sexy, star-studded male Revue show that you had at your bachelorette party were actually true to life New York businessman trying to make ends meet.

New York male stripper

New York male stripper

This peculiar situation has helped raised the bar and set a new standard for the quality of men who become male strippers. The younger and more inexperienced guys who applied to become male dancers often fall short of what girls consider their fantasy. Some amateur strippers can easily purchase a cheap suit and use that as an outfit for that striptease party that requests a businessman. The young male dancer to perform to the show is usually missing the big shot demeanor and is missing that swagger and a stop while he walks into the room of screaming girls.

I’ve been to many bachelorette parties and seeing outfits ranging from Cowboys, police officers, doctors, pilots, and of course the famous construction worker with cheap plastic hard hat. The best outfit (and the one that turns the on the most) is a businessman. Every time I walk down the streets of New York and see hot guy dressed up, I want to tear off his Armani suit and expose the ravaging beast who’ll dominate me in the bedroom. The likeliness of this scenario to happen is pretty slim, I can always role-play with a New York male stripper who can show up to the location of my choice and have him to myself. Since the poor economy has forced many major New York businessmen into finding alternate means of income, one of the New York strippers I order might actually be a real businessman man!