Novelty Fat Strippers

fat strippers

fat strippers

Nothing says “you are my best friend” more than ordering some fat strippers for him. Most bachelor parties entail lots of drinking and hot female strippers to dance for you and your group of friends. You can get your guest of honor liquored up enough to accept any female dancer and then fool him by ordering one or more fat strippers. I guarantee that the look on his face will be worth whatever money you can spend fat female exotic dancer.

The seven to one of my friends who had a bachelor party in Los Angeles. The female strippers that work and Los Angeles are drop-dead gorgeous and are usually Puerto Rican, Hispanic, or Brazilian. Those dark skinned girls usually never disappoint with rock hard bodies and cosmetically enhanced boobs. This was not the case for the female exotic dancers that were performing the night that I was there.

Usually as a joke, someone would order one novelty fat stripper followed by one or two gorgeous female strippers. This Los Angeles bachelor party ended up having two humongous female fat strippers (who could’ve been linebackers for the Raiders) attempted to entertain the guests. Most of the guys were grossed out by how huge the girls were, and I complained about how bad the smell. I was shocked by the few guys they gathered around them to participate in the stripper tricks and games which involves placing their heads in places that you cannot imagine was cleaned in a while.

I just want to warn you that what could be a fun joke, could end up to be a creepy nightmare bachelor party with your drunk friends try to score with some fat strippers. The female strippers that I have watched at the bachelor party in Los Angeles were definitely not fat, they were obese. If you do order a novelty that stripper, be sure to have a hot female stripper perform a striptease right afterwards so you can forget the images that you just witnessed. Have fun and play safe!

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