NYC Bachelorette Party Dream

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Growing up in London was a great experience for me. I had all the time and money in the world to shop and look my best. One of my greatest fantasies as a young girl was to meet and marry the man of my dreams. Little did I know I would be celebrating the engagement of two people for a living as a bachelorette party planner.

I came to New York to start a new life because my parents got divorced and I always wanted to see America. The Big Apple seemed very modern and attracted me because of all the success others had who have gone before me. I am very easily get along with and begin networking a local bars. I met this interesting female exotic dancer at Jeff’s tavern off of Broadway Street. She told me all about the adult entertainment industry and encouraged me to get involved. After she told me how much girls spend bachelorette party, it sparked a business opportunity for me.

My stripper friend Molly knew some Chicago male exotic dancers who are always looking for work and the young girls that I have been meeting were engaged or about to get married. This was a perfect opportunity for me to connect the two groups of people for a small profit.

Making money was easy because the male strippers I network with did a really good job and repeat business was almost guaranteed. One of my most favorite New York male stripper was Kyle. He had very large hands and strong muscular jawline which differentiated him from the other dancers. I received nothing but positive feedback and high recommendations from every bachelorette party that experienced him.

So as years went on, I not only found hunky male dancers to entertain crowds of girls, I also discovered other needs such as limo service, dinner reservations, and party favors. I ended up hiring one of the retired NYC male strippers to be my assistant. Gregory was very effective in sales and did a phenomenal job with organizing all of the bachelorette parties. My American dream came true. Not only do I run a successful business, but I also have one of the hottest assistants in the country!

I follow up with my clients time to time to make sure they received excellent service through feedback and suggestions. Instead of having one or two of my hunky employees entertain ladies for girls night out, one client suggested renting a strip club or warehouse to host a male Revue show.

And that’s how I became so popular. I hired a professional choreographer to train my top male exotic dancers in New York to perform the wildest never seen before male Revue show. I combined everything I knew about entertaining wild women from decorations to pictures with the male superstars. I even coordinated limo service to pick the girls up and drop them off at their home so that not only was her night entertaining and exciting, it was also very safe. Making people happy for my job is one of the most fulfilling experiences that I hope others get to feel.