Five Reasons You Should Plan Your Boston Bachelor Party Ahead of Time

You should never wait until the final day’s right before your Boston bachelor party because it can cause many issues that could be avoided through careful planning. The following will help teach you about common problems that occur if you wait too long to plan your party close to the deadline.

The first reason is to increase the probability of you getting the actual dancer you chose.

Surprise Boston bachelor partyMost stripping agencies will not inform you of the most requested dancers because they want you to think you have the possibility of getting him or her to show up at your event. This is why you choose an alternate dancer. The most requested strippers usually have their schedules filled up a few weeks to a month in advance so ordering them at the last minute will guarantee your alternate choice will show instead.

It is recommended you rent Boston strippers no sooner than one month from the date of your party to make sure you get the exotic dancer that your group really wants. Aside from reserving the girl or girls online, be sure to contact the agency to either email or phone to confirm your choice is available. Unless you are animate about receiving the exact girl you picked out, there is always going to be a possibility someone else may show up. There are instances when talent shows up even hotter than what was picked out online if the stripping agency is reputable.

The second reason is being able to plan your night the way you want it to go.

Let’s say the slim chance that entertainment is available for your bachelor party in Boston on the date you want, but not the time you want. You are now forced to may be cut your bar crawl earlier to accommodate the stripper’s schedule or even move the party location so that entertainment can arrive on time. It is unlike an annual birthday party, guys’ night out, or poker event. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate your buddies last night of freedom as a bachelor. Take charge and command your army of single men into the drunken abyss of wrong choices and embarrassing moments. Eliminating procrastination will increase your odds of having the best time of your lives.

The third reason is more of a tip to advise you that you need to go solo when making plans.

Boston bachelor party planFinalizing plans with more than a handful of guys can be daunting and near impossible if no one comes to compromise. You know your friends better than anyone and can accommodate their tastes with a multi-stop trip to favorite bars or clubs. Boston strip clubs will be more than happy to host your bachelor party for free as long as you purchase drink packages. The guest of honor may also receive a free lap dance courtesy of the prestigious gentlemen’s club.

So it is helpful to have a dozen or so of your eager friends to increase the head count for discounts. It can work against you if you start letting them put their two cents in for where to go. Leave these decisions to you.

The fourth reason is to save money booking the party location months ahead.

Have you ever purchased a last minute plane ticket? The same concept is true when planning a bachelor party the same week you are experiencing it. Most of the hottest bars and nightclubs in Boston are reserved for various parties. Early bird specials are common and can include discounts up to 50% off. Some bars even throw in free bottles of champagne or free mixers for your table of guests. The worst scenario is when you contact bars days before you need to reserve a room for your party; they tell you there is no way to accommodate you. It is rare that parties are canceled so your next step is to look at bars or nightclubs that are less popular but are like that for reason.

The fifth and final reason is the added stress trying to make things come together to finalize your party plans.

Finalize bachelor party plansBecause you are the best man, doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines as a nervous spectator. You can enjoy full participation stress-free by assembling your bachelor party blueprint no later than a week before party blastoff. The more details you can cover including travel to and from your party destination, activities including hot strippers performing tricks you will never see anywhere, and accommodations for sleep like hotel or crashing at your place, the better chance you will have enjoying the details of one of the best nights of your life.