The Season for Halloween Strippers

Although bachelor and bachelorette party season is coming to an end, birthday parties and other special events lead into a new season of Halloween strippers. Don’t throw another lame Halloween party by spiking the punch and having cheesy cobweb decorations clutter your house. Your homemade pumpkin pie recipe is not the only thing that needs some spicing up. Try some of these great ideas to make your Halloween party a success.

Scary Halloween Strippers

Scary Halloween Strippers

You first need to order some scary Halloween strippers about one week ahead of time. This would give the exotic dancers enough time to prepare their costumes and purchase props necessary to carry out your fantasy. If you have a family party, you might want to order both the male stripper and female exotic dancer to perform at the same time so that no one feels left out. You have to know your audience before you order some sexy dancers. Make sure that everybody at the party is going to be over the age of 18 and that you have at least 10 people guaranteed to be there.

Halloween theme parties are the best because it takes you into a fairytale world and brings everybody together. One common theme is pimps and hoes. All the girls can dress up like slutty hookers with lots of lacey outfits, corsets, thigh high stockings, and silk gloves for the high-end sluts. I’m sure you thought yourself, wait a minute, my friends dress like this year round! To motivate your friends to put some thought into their Halloween outfit, be sure to offer a grand prize of cash, gift cards, or a lap dance from a hot stripper. There are many ways to integrate only strippers into your spooky party.

Halloween strippers are great to have over for fetish parties. Since most guys don’t have bondage gear, you can buy some cheap gag balls, leather whips, ass-less chaps, or other simple toys to get everybody involved. You can have it dominatrix female stripper come and tame all of your friends. Latex stripper outfits are fun to watch in action and are even more fun Halloween weekend. You can make things more challenging by adding baby oil and a few more strippers. It might be a little bit expensive to order more than one entertainer, but it is worth it.

If there’s going to be a large female audience, you can have fun with the different outfits a male exotic dancer can wear. I would avoid face paintings unless it is a military stripper you’re getting. You can be silly and order Frankenstein stripper with a rubber green head or go sexy with a sleek and muscular vampire exotic dancer. Thanks to Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and other werewolf TV shows, there has been a large increase of requests for vampire strippers. Whatever your quirky fantasy may be, be sure that your stripping agency can accommodate your request before you order.

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your party will be talked about for years to come. All other Halloween parties in the future will be compared to this party you’ve thrown with exotic dancers. If you take the extra steps to plan the party right, you will be bragged about to your friends as an adult party planning legend.