St Patricks Day Male Midget Strippers

Leprechaun Stripper

Leprechaun Stripper

Although it is ethically incorrect to say male midget strippers, that’s what most people search for on the Internet and to everyone’s surprise, it is harder to find a male little person stripper than any other occupation in the world. Hunks & Babes is lucky to have a few female midget strippers and male midget strippers in their back pocket. These little person strippers are highly requested around spring time. St. Patrick’s Day male midget strippers are the most fun and the best way to get parties riled up. Many happy clients e-mail us insane crazy stripper experiences they had with these half pint exotic dancers.

One particular store that stands out in New York City the St. Patrick’s Day party held in spring of 2010. An Irish family was flying in their extended family from Ireland for a wedding. A bunch of girls got together and decided to order two of the finest midget male strippers NYC had to offer. Tim and Tom were both brothers, devilishly handsome, and male exotic dancers. They have a great time doing it and would never perform in any uncomfortable conditions. The party was a good size group which involved over 50 girls with half of them from overseas. Tim and Tom went above and beyond by purchasing authentic costumes and had been tailored to fit them perfectly.

The St. Patrick’s Day bachelorette party heated up like wildfire. Tim was great at seducing him ladies with his clean-cut muscular like and Tom was the complementary scruffy fun-loving prankster was more of a novelty dancer. Two guys interacted with the girls in such a way that they now have a girl’s night out every St. Patrick’s Day in the United States. Long flights, party room reservations, catering, and party planning are all worth the time and effort. This is possible thanks to the dedicated team of little persons that performs as the hottest male midget leprechaun strippers in the country.

So instead of going to bars and drinking beer from eight in the morning until you can’t take it anymore, try getting all of your girlfriends together in order a tiny person male stripper to make that special day one you will never forget. You can even have the male entertainer come with you on a bus and travel with him to all the bars. You will definitely be the center of attention and have opportunities for pictures that will go in the family album.

Besides having green beer and green sequenced top hats with a gold shiny buckle, though in the best adult party entertainment possible. It is very expensive and availability is different in each city, but if you have the opportunity to do it, you will not regret it. For the guys, there are very few female midget strippers that can also dress-up for St. Patrick’s Day if you give at least three weeks’ notice for travel arrangements. When you’re drinking your shamrock shake member the story in order your stripper before it’s too late.