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Have a Midget Stripper For Your Next Bachelor Party

Most guys search and low for the hottest female strippers for their bachelor party. Why not step outside of the box in order a stripper your friend will never forget. Many parties have cliché skinny dancers with big boobs and soft tanned skin. You can still have these girls show up for entertainment, but why not warm up the crowd with a sensual performance by a girl one third of their size.

Midget strippers are comfortable with exploiting their gift for a specific price. These special performances are usually twice the price of a regular exotic dancer. The correct terminology to use is “little person stripper” so that no one would get offended. The dancers are highly trained in entertaining all types of groups by synergistically combining comic relief with shock entertainment.

The best way to trick your bachelor is to order two female exotic dancers to perform at the same time. One of the girls can be a regular dancer, and the other can be a midget stripper. You can have the guest of honor handcuffed to a chair while the first female exotic dancer approaches him and begins her lap dance. Have her slowly tie a large blindfold over his eyes and go into another room.

While the bachelor sits there blindfolded and eagerly waiting, have one of the hot midget strippers continue the lap dance. The pint-size entertainer can then remove the blindfold unveiling an unexpected surprise.

Both female dancers can then team up to give the bachelor a two girl fantasy show he never thought would be possible. This would also give you guys an unbelievable story that will definitely be talked about at the water cooler Monday morning. You can travel to Las Vegas or go to a gentlemen’s club, but nothing will prepare you for the wild experience you will have with a live female midget stripper from Hunks and Babes!

Bachelor Party in Chicago

I live in an apartment right near the heart of Chicago’s premier nightclub area. Rush and division Street is well known for having the wildest college style bachelor parties Illinois. My old college roommate recently got engaged and I was nominated to be best man at his wedding. This also meant that I am the designated party concierge to ensure that he and all of our friends would have an unbelievable night on the town.

There are many gentlemen’s clubs in Chicago that will be more than happy to host a phenomenal bachelor party such as the one I was planning. It was not too long after I found out that I would be putting together an ultimate Chicago bachelor party when I found out a few days later I was getting laid off from work. My optimism was constantly tested, but never defeated. My friends and I pooled our ideas together and synergistically create a blueprint for having a frugal bachelor party.

One of the most creative ideas my friend had was to volunteer his mom to be one of the strippers. I knew we had to save money, but we were not that desperate! Sadly enough I think my friends would enjoy her more than a young stripper in her early 20s. The best idea came from my friend Jake who recommended an online stripping agency called Hunks and Babes. I immediately went online to see that they had a special offer on two girl fantasy shows.

I ordered Chelsea and Jenna who are both drop-dead gorgeous and dressed really hot. They not only teased my New York college friend, involved all the other guys at the hottest bachelor party in Chicago. Nobody was allowed to take any pictures from that event, but the memories and stories will last a lifetime. Not only do we save a lot of money boycotting expensive strip clubs in Chicago, we had a better time with the two hottest female strippers in Chicago. Thanks guys for hooking me up!

Female Strippers Performing at Bachelor Parties

The perfect female stripper to perform at your bachelor party could be online.

The best female stripper to perform at your best friend’s bachelor party is easy to find by following a few simple steps. The pressure is on to throw a successful party and you want everything to go smooth without a hitch. Most female strippers are ordered online and sometimes have younger photos of the dancers or even supermodels that have never stripped or work for the company. You could end up choosing the stripper who looks like Pamela Anderson on the website and get some old female stripper who looks like Blanche from the Golden girls. So with bachelor party in season, you do not want to waste any time or money by using any run-of-the-mill stripping agency. You want to be confident that the party will throw will be talked about in a positive way for years to come. These few simple steps will ensure that your bachelor party will go down in history as one of the greatest bachelor parties ever.

First, do not even think about using any other stripping agency other than hunks and babes strippers. HBstrippers has been around long enough to know the importance of reliability and quality. They employ the hottest female strippers and have an incentive plan in place to make sure that the female dancers show up to your party. You should be able to browse multiple photos of each adult entertainer and view comments or reviews about that person. Testimonials are a great way to get an indication of how good or bad a certain stripper is.

After finding the right stripping agency to provide you with adult entertainment, check out the special packages that are included. Strippers for bachelor parties usually work well in pairs and sometimes you can get three girls to perform a lesbian show at the same time. Sometimes you can get a topless waitress at a discounted price if you order a platinum package or better. Topless waitresses are great way to warm up the party and loosen everybody up with body shots.

Finally, make sure everything is good to go by double checking reservations and of course stocking up on alcohol. The last thing you want to do is run out of booze at 11 PM when the liquor stores are closed. It is always better to have more liquor in reserve. Although the female strippers that work at bachelor parties bring their own equipment, it is not a bad idea to have whipped cream and chocolate pudding on hand so the dancers can integrate the food crops into their striptease show. Good luck and hope you have a great time!

Bachelor Party

It is very daunting to organize a bachelor party, and even more stressful to be the best man. You have a better chance of convincing your best friend to call off the party rather than come up with the money to find hot female strippers that actually show up. You can live up to your “best man” title without cashing in those savings bonds your grandma has been giving you since you were a foot-high.

The hottest female strippers in town will most likely cost you a pretty penny. You might have Hugh Hefner spot you a couple of playmates for your party, but most likely you do not know him. Prices of strip clubs are driven up by lawyers, traders, and corporate constituents whose occupation burdens the weight of requiring a stress busting lap dance after each hard day of work. You could rent out a high-end gentlemen’s club for your best friend’s bachelor party extravaganza, but that would only save you the cover charges. Tally up the bottle service along with tipping the bartender, strippers, topless waitresses, and bouncers, and you will find that your night of boobs and booze cost more than your wife’s wedding ring. Hopefully not, but you get the picture.

Try contacting HB Strippers to help you out before you start singing the bachelor party blues. The friendly staff has a high degree of professionalism to put your worries at ease. Now you can make your guest of honor feel like a king on his special night, and he will also think that you have spent a fortune amassing the hottest female strippers money can purchase. Going beyond just looks, the women of Hunks and Babes have experience and will make sure everybody enjoys themselves at the party. One nude stripper is not going to be enough to brag to everyone weeks or months after the party. You only have one shot at looking like a hero by planning the perfect bachelor party night, so good luck!