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Great Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas

You are off to a great start if you live near a major city like Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles to have a bachelor party. The best bachelor party ideas include heavy drinking and visiting as many strip clubs in one night. You want to do something out of the ordinary and escape the mundane weekly ritual of venturing out to pick up girls at bars. Your best friend getting hitched is the greatest thing to happen to you and your friends. Getting married is the best excuse to plan the ultimate guy’s night out where anything goes and no rules apply.

Take advantage of this no holds bar man-adventure by exploring the deep jungles of small stripper kingdoms located near your city limits. Gentleman’s clubs in Chicago offer free admission with large groups of guys who plan ahead and print out discount tickets from online or make reservations. You can have your own private VIP booth within Chicago’s most popular strip clubs with bottle service and personal one-on-one attention from the hottest female strippers in the Windy City.

New York strip clubs are usually filled to the brim with ethnically diverse exotic dancers. My favorite girls are the Polish strippers who barely speak English and talk dirty to you in their native tongue. I have never been in a New York gentlemen’s club that I did not enjoy. The sheer mass quantity of seemingly unlimited hot female strippers that work at these establishments helps preserve the lofty expectations of quality entertainment.

Latino strippers dominate the strip scene in California. Beautiful Dominican babes bounce and sway into your lap as you reach for the ATM to clear your bank account and spend a few more minutes with perfection. The best plastic surgeons work in California and you better believe the cosmetic enhancements that the Los Angeles female strippers have are jaw-dropping perfect. Strip clubs in Los Angeles are larger by square footage and are designed to have more guys observing one girl at a time versus the more private strip shows you see at other gentlemen’s clubs.

If you have a larger budget, one of the greatest bachelor party ideas is to take everybody to Las Vegas and rent a huge hotel room. In your Vegas VIP presidential suite, you can order hot female strippers from an online agency to show up and transform your room into a strip club! Your bachelor party will not only be unforgettable, but one that everyone will talk about for years into the future. The exotic dancers that show up will be able to do more tricks and get more involved with your friends and they would under the watchful eye of bouncers at gentlemen’s clubs. Save yourself some money by not paying cover charges for the clubs and have the hottest girls in Vegas come to you. That is the best bachelor party idea yet!

Finding the Perfect Bachelor Party Strippers

bachelor party strippers

bachelor party strippers

When you are looking to find bachelor party strippers there are a few simple steps that you should follow. You want to ensure that the party goes smoothly as planned and that the strippers are exactly what you were looking for. By taking the time to do some simple planning, your party will be something to talk about. Follow these steps below and you can be confident that your friend’s bachelor party will go down in the history books.

First of all, only go through a reliable agency. You want to make sure that the company that you book your strippers through is legitimate. They should at least have a web page where you can browse through the strippers available. The more information that the web-site has, the better the business will be. Look and see if they have blogs or testimonials from previous customers, these will be good indicators of what type of company that you are doing business with.

After you have located an agency to book your bachelor party strippers, take a look at what the company offers. Check out the photos of the girls, the pricing, and the availability. If you are having a larger party, it is always best to book more than one stripper. Or, if you are having a small party that is going to last all night, why not have a few different strippers stop by throughout the evening to make sure that the flow of entertainment is consistent. Your friends will be happy that you had the forethought to plan ahead to make sure that the party was perfect.

Select the girls based on the taste of the groom-to-be. If he is shy, he will enjoy a softer, sweeter looking girl more than one that dresses like a dominatrix stripper. Make sure that you take into consideration the groom’s wishes and then the rest of the party-goers. Even though you are the one planning the party, it is your responsibility to make sure that the groom has the best time first and foremost.

If you make your reservations over the computer, call the agency the day before to confirm. You want to do everything in your power to make sure that the bachelor party is awesome.

Finally, on the day of the party, make sure that there is adequate space and that everything is ready to go. Make sure that you tell all of your buddies to bring lots of cash to keep the strippers working hard. Bachelor party strippers are much more likely to stay later and do some extra tricks if there is some heavy tipping going on. Once all of the arrangements have been made, sit back and relax, you deserve to enjoy the entertainment after all of your hard work.

Bachelor Party Striptease Without the Strip Club

It is nice to know that there are trustworthy people and companies out there to do business with.

After speaking with Christy for a few minutes, I received a good vibe that I was dealing with a professional stripping agency that cared about my party. Hunks and Babes Strippers has done a wonderful job of collecting experienced and hot exotic dancers. I began using that company since I was 19 years old and have been using them ever since. I have never been let down and have not been disappointed with their service. I do not travel, but I can see this company being more convenient to work with since they have most of the major cities covered. If I lived in New York, I can easily plan a bachelor party in California or vice versa.

My friends and I certainly enjoy going to the local strip clubs, but we have found that our money is most well spent by having a private party while inviting hot strippers to perform. The girls let us touch them and are able to do things that we will not do in the strip club. Every female stripper that we ordered from hunks and babes has brought over a huge satchel filled with toys. You do not get to see girl on girl action inside of a strip club.

Having a great stripping agency to work with helps relieve the stress off party planning. I am able to help the rest of my friends plan outrageous bachelor parties thanks to the skilled employees that work for the company. I even recommended a company to provide a male dancer for my sister’s bachelorette party. She lives in Miami and ordered David who dressed like a fireman when he arrived to her condo. She had a great time and thanked me for referring business to her. Thanks hunks and babes for being the best!

Female Strippers Performing at Bachelor Parties

The perfect female stripper to perform at your bachelor party could be online.

The best female stripper to perform at your best friend’s bachelor party is easy to find by following a few simple steps. The pressure is on to throw a successful party and you want everything to go smooth without a hitch. Most female strippers are ordered online and sometimes have younger photos of the dancers or even supermodels that have never stripped or work for the company. You could end up choosing the stripper who looks like Pamela Anderson on the website and get some old female stripper who looks like Blanche from the Golden girls. So with bachelor party in season, you do not want to waste any time or money by using any run-of-the-mill stripping agency. You want to be confident that the party will throw will be talked about in a positive way for years to come. These few simple steps will ensure that your bachelor party will go down in history as one of the greatest bachelor parties ever.

First, do not even think about using any other stripping agency other than hunks and babes strippers. HBstrippers has been around long enough to know the importance of reliability and quality. They employ the hottest female strippers and have an incentive plan in place to make sure that the female dancers show up to your party. You should be able to browse multiple photos of each adult entertainer and view comments or reviews about that person. Testimonials are a great way to get an indication of how good or bad a certain stripper is.

After finding the right stripping agency to provide you with adult entertainment, check out the special packages that are included. Strippers for bachelor parties usually work well in pairs and sometimes you can get three girls to perform a lesbian show at the same time. Sometimes you can get a topless waitress at a discounted price if you order a platinum package or better. Topless waitresses are great way to warm up the party and loosen everybody up with body shots.

Finally, make sure everything is good to go by double checking reservations and of course stocking up on alcohol. The last thing you want to do is run out of booze at 11 PM when the liquor stores are closed. It is always better to have more liquor in reserve. Although the female strippers that work at bachelor parties bring their own equipment, it is not a bad idea to have whipped cream and chocolate pudding on hand so the dancers can integrate the food crops into their striptease show. Good luck and hope you have a great time!

Female Strippers at Bachelor Parties

Ensure your party is successful by ordering hot female exotic dancers.

Strippers for bachelor parties are easy to find, the really good ones are hard to come by. You want to make sure that all of your buddies have a good time and at the party goes according to how you imagined it. If you follow the necessary steps to plan for the ultimate guy’s night out, your party will be remembered along with you as being a party planning legend.

First, you should use a reliable stripping agency that has been in business for a couple years and has a proven track record of consistency. You should have no problem contacting a representative of the business and feel comfortable with giving the transaction. Testimonials are a great way to gauge how the company does business with its clients. You do not want to order a female stripper (or two) and then have no girls show up. You’ll have an angry mob of friends looking at you with a crooked eye because they’ll fork over money to see some hot action.

After you feel comfortable with choosing the correct company you want to do business with, check out the photos of each bachelor party stripper so that you have a feel of the talent they have. There should be a variety of photos for each dancers including one that is touched up so it grabs your attention and other candid pictures without makeup or Photoshop-ing. Guys care a lot about body type so be sure that you do not order a female stripper that just has a headshot.

Then if you have a lot of your best friends show up and have a group of 30 or more guys, instead of ordering two female strippers, order to girls that interact with each other she can have an extravagant two girl lesbian show. The best thing to warm up the crowd to this ultimate striptease is to have a female topless waitress to serve drinks before. It is best to get your friends loosened up with shots that they are more relaxed and can interact with the bachelor party strippers.