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Bachelor Party Planning Advice Order Female Strippers!

Bachelor Party Planning Advice – Order Female Strippers!

I’ve been to a good dozen bachelor parties over the past ten years and I’d like to share some advice on what makes a bachelor party one that will be remembered forever opposed to one that will be forgotten the very next day.

First of all, a bunch of guys going out and playing a sport or going out to a sporting event can pretty much happen any day of the year, there is nothing special about it. It is fine to do as long as it is a pre-game event and there is something better to follow, but no one is going to be saying, “Golfing was just awesome yesterday; Chris had the best bachelor party ever.” Bachelor parties need some form of excitement to be noteworthy. So, what qualifies as exciting, and would be a fun activity for a man that is committing himself to one woman for the rest of his life? Hmm… how about some gorgeous female strippers! Exotic dancers are a fun way to create a memorable evening that your buddies will be talking about for years to come. And strippers will go out of their way to please the groom to be, so it’s like getting the VIP treatment without having to shell out the VIP bucks.

But strip clubs aren’t for everyone. A lot of guys enjoy a more intimate setting where they can get lots of private attention and feel comfortable doing so. So a good venue would be someone’s house, or better yet, a hotel room. And remember to book the female stripper with the groom’s taste in mind. There is no sense in scaring the groom with a girl who walks in dressed as a dominatrix cracking her whip when he’s always been into the girl next door types.

Some simple planning will guarantee that everyone gets the most out of the experience. Make sure there is plenty of seating available in the room, and also plenty of space for the exotic dancer to do her thing. And try to keep the groom sober enough that he can partake in the festivities and remember what a great time he had the next day. Having said that, try to make sure all the groomsmen are sober enough when the stripper arrives to fully appreciate her entire routine. Then once she arrives, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

The best bachelor party that I’ve ever went to took place in a Las Vegas hotel room on the strip. There were two female strippers in las vegas who were booked through a company that came to our room. These girls were gorgeous and sociable and they made sure everybody in that room had a fantastic time. Female strippers for private parties tend to be much more friendly and apt to hang out for a little while after a show and take some pictures. This way you and your buddies get the most entertainment possible for your money.

Bachelor Party

It is very daunting to organize a bachelor party, and even more stressful to be the best man. You have a better chance of convincing your best friend to call off the party rather than come up with the money to find hot female strippers that actually show up. You can live up to your “best man” title without cashing in those savings bonds your grandma has been giving you since you were a foot-high.

The hottest female strippers in town will most likely cost you a pretty penny. You might have Hugh Hefner spot you a couple of playmates for your party, but most likely you do not know him. Prices of strip clubs are driven up by lawyers, traders, and corporate constituents whose occupation burdens the weight of requiring a stress busting lap dance after each hard day of work. You could rent out a high-end gentlemen’s club for your best friend’s bachelor party extravaganza, but that would only save you the cover charges. Tally up the bottle service along with tipping the bartender, strippers, topless waitresses, and bouncers, and you will find that your night of boobs and booze cost more than your wife’s wedding ring. Hopefully not, but you get the picture.

Try contacting HB Strippers to help you out before you start singing the bachelor party blues. The friendly staff has a high degree of professionalism to put your worries at ease. Now you can make your guest of honor feel like a king on his special night, and he will also think that you have spent a fortune amassing the hottest female strippers money can purchase. Going beyond just looks, the women of Hunks and Babes have experience and will make sure everybody enjoys themselves at the party. One nude stripper is not going to be enough to brag to everyone weeks or months after the party. You only have one shot at looking like a hero by planning the perfect bachelor party night, so good luck!