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Bachelorette Party Male Strippers

Your bachelorette party will not be complete without the hottest male strippers to entertain everyone.

It was my turn to plan the wedding for my best friend Rachel. There is a lot of stress and responsibility with planning the most perfect bachelorette party because she is such a good friend to me. Although there is a lot of pressure, I still had lots of fun shopping and coordinating the entertainment. Between work and school, the group of girls I had to accommodate was roughly 100 girls. One of the best ways to entertain a group of that size is to have some hot male strippers arrive and do their thing.

The next step was tricky because I have never ordered male strippers before. I do not want to get stuck with some out of shape grease-ball that is going to smack everybody in the face with his penis. One roommate from college recommended an agency that she used for her birthday party. She said she ordered Dylan who looked like a male model stripper and had a hot Australian accent which added to the sexiness. I wanted all of my girlfriends to have fun, not creeped out by some weirdo that humps everyone like the stories I have heard when I asked where to get decent gentlemen strippers.

When I visited the website, I knew that Rachel was going to be in trouble. There were so many good-looking male strippers to choose from, she might call off the wedding and hook up with the dancer. Some of the guys to choose from had muscular bodies with bulging biceps and sixpack abs. Just browsing through the photos got me all hot and bothered. I started fantasizing would be like to have them live in entertaining all my friends. I called the agency and talk to Christy recommended to have at least two male strippers because of the large crowd size. Usually one guy provides male stripper entertainment for a group of 30 girls, and I had over three times that amount.

Rachel’s bachelorette party is next week, so I hope everything goes according to plan. I will write back and let you know how the party went. This stripping agency has hot studs and babes who are reliable and love working for the company. Happy employees work harder and in this case, put on a great show.

chicago male strippers

Chicago Male Strippers

Bachelorette Party

It’s amazing what the opposite sex can teach you if you only listen. I reluctantly let my girlfriend went to bachelorette party the other night for one of our good friends who was about to get married here in Boston. There was an ample supply of hot chiseled male strippers. I was shocked at how rowdy things got with professional male exotic dancers – insanely more fun than the Boston bachelor parties I’ve been to.

When you rent Boston male strippers, they will stop at nothing to make all the ladies have a great time in any way possible. There’s no joke here guys, there are no regulations at bachelorette parties and the male strippers indulge the guests further than fundamental exotic dancing.

Well, it’s not uncommon to get a massage from a hot female stripper, and for a serious amount of cash, you can get a “private show.” My girlfriend said these private shows were given free at our friend’s bachelorette party. You can ignore this story and sleep well thinking that all bachelorette parties are just silly girls having innocent fun, but I am forewarning you that they are not innocent.