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Why a Hot Party Stripper?

Spice up your party with a stripper tonight



Birthdays, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, or any other occasion is just plain boring without a stripper. If variety is the spice of life, Hunks and Babes Strippers is the herb shop. With hundreds of dancers to choose from, your party is guaranteed to have a male or female entertainer that not only fits your budget, but your style.

Imagine the look on your best friend’s face when the doorbell rings and she finds a hunky police officer standing there. He proceeds to handcuff your friend and places are down into a chair as he turns on the radio. Without a policeman male stripper to show her a good time, she would just have an ordinary birthday that would be forgotten sooner then it began.

A bachelor party without a hot female stripper is like having a birthday without a cake. Female exotic dancers are the lifeblood of adult party entertainment for guys. Why would you spend more special night out go to clubs and bars you normally frequent. Hundreds of hot girls are deployed every weekend to ensure that every fantasy is fulfilled and no lap is left un-danced upon.

Infamous bachelorette parties always involve professional performances from the hunks at H & B Entertainment. Each rugged stripper from this company is hand selected and monitored for quality and performance. You are guaranteed to get a veteran exotic dancer who ensures that every girl at the party will have a great time. Most of the male dancers are in major magazines and have appeared in modeling calendars across the country. Some girls go as far as ordering 5 to 6 male dancers for small private party of 30 girls. You also get a big stripper discount for ordering so many professional entertainers. You’ll get a higher quality show at a fraction of the price you would spend going out to see them.

Pole Dancing Lessons

The last bachelorette party I attended had a female stripper teach pole dancing lessons for free. Most other parties I experienced only had one or two male strippers entertain the crowd. This was a nice change from the routine penis paraphernalia and sex toy party girl. The female pole dancing instructor was gorgeous and made it really fun and easy to learn the art of seduction.

First Janine started us by warming up with calisthenics. This stretching reminded me a lot of my yoga class except with more of a sensual flare. I’m sure if any guy caught us hot girls warming up in my living room, he would not be able to resist himself. With the blinds closed and the doors locked, we drink bottles of wine and began to bend and twist in ways never thought possible.

Then began the fun stuff! Janine set up her own collapsible stripper pole in my living room. It was surprisingly rugged and sturdy enough to hold my weight and all my girlfriends who were there. The dancer first demonstrated how easy it was to perform simple rhythmic movements starting with the hips and bending slowly at the knees. After 20 minutes of simple pole dancing lessons, all of my girlfriends including myself were ready to graduate past the amateur level.

Finally we learned the advanced pole dancing routines that most female strippers use as main attractions at the strip clubs. My favorite of all the pole dancing lessons it is a move called the “whirlybird” which involved climbing up to the top of the pole, hanging upside down while twisting counterclockwise on the way down. My sister Sarah was the only one to master this move flawlessly as she is only 110 pounds. Janine tried recruiting her to work with her at the gentleman’s club she is employed at but I had to stop her because my sister is not even 21 yet! Everyone had a great time and I recommend ordering a professional female stripper to teach you how to pole dance!

Great Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas

You are off to a great start if you live near a major city like Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles to have a bachelor party. The best bachelor party ideas include heavy drinking and visiting as many strip clubs in one night. You want to do something out of the ordinary and escape the mundane weekly ritual of venturing out to pick up girls at bars. Your best friend getting hitched is the greatest thing to happen to you and your friends. Getting married is the best excuse to plan the ultimate guy’s night out where anything goes and no rules apply.

Take advantage of this no holds bar man-adventure by exploring the deep jungles of small stripper kingdoms located near your city limits. Gentleman’s clubs in Chicago offer free admission with large groups of guys who plan ahead and print out discount tickets from online or make reservations. You can have your own private VIP booth within Chicago’s most popular strip clubs with bottle service and personal one-on-one attention from the hottest female strippers in the Windy City.

New York strip clubs are usually filled to the brim with ethnically diverse exotic dancers. My favorite girls are the Polish strippers who barely speak English and talk dirty to you in their native tongue. I have never been in a New York gentlemen’s club that I did not enjoy. The sheer mass quantity of seemingly unlimited hot female strippers that work at these establishments helps preserve the lofty expectations of quality entertainment.

Latino strippers dominate the strip scene in California. Beautiful Dominican babes bounce and sway into your lap as you reach for the ATM to clear your bank account and spend a few more minutes with perfection. The best plastic surgeons work in California and you better believe the cosmetic enhancements that the Los Angeles female strippers have are jaw-dropping perfect. Strip clubs in Los Angeles are larger by square footage and are designed to have more guys observing one girl at a time versus the more private strip shows you see at other gentlemen’s clubs.

If you have a larger budget, one of the greatest bachelor party ideas is to take everybody to Las Vegas and rent a huge hotel room. In your Vegas VIP presidential suite, you can order hot female strippers from an online agency to show up and transform your room into a strip club! Your bachelor party will not only be unforgettable, but one that everyone will talk about for years into the future. The exotic dancers that show up will be able to do more tricks and get more involved with your friends and they would under the watchful eye of bouncers at gentlemen’s clubs. Save yourself some money by not paying cover charges for the clubs and have the hottest girls in Vegas come to you. That is the best bachelor party idea yet!

Have a Party with Female Boston Strippers

female Boston strippers

female Boston strippers

I am a construction worker in Massachusetts and all my friends work just as hard as me. Because of recent economic conditions, my job is very stressful because I do not know when I will go to work again. The best way to let all my stress is to take weekend trips to downtown Boston. My coworkers and I used to just go to local bars and taverns and have a few drinks. My friend Paul suggested one night to go to local strip club in Boston and see some hot female exotic dancers for change.

Boston strip clubs offer a very plush atmosphere with friendly female Boston strippers to calm your nerves and heighten your awareness of your desire to be complemented. I know I might not be the best looking guy in Boston, but it is nice to hear that look good from the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. The girls at work in the strip clubs are so beautiful, they would never talk to me instead of the local taverns and my coworkers and I visit every weekend.

The brilliant idea that I came up with was to bring the strip club to my house. My wife would have a movie night with her girlfriends on the weekends for either Friday or Saturday nights I would have my friends and coworkers come over and order a few Boston babes to entertain us. Although the Red Sox can be very entertaining, nothing will make your jaw drop further than watching an interactive two girl strip show from gorgeous strippers who are inside of your own living room.

The conclusion is that this puts me in an awkward conundrum. I need to work harder so that I can make more money to pay for bills which causes stress; the stress relief is visiting strip clubs to see hot Boston strippers who make me feel better and costs money to do – so I work more hours which causes added stress. I have managed to enter myself into a Massachusetts’s construction worker life cycle they can only be broken by me either winning the lotto or becoming gay.

Finding the Perfect Bachelor Party Strippers

bachelor party strippers

bachelor party strippers

When you are looking to find bachelor party strippers there are a few simple steps that you should follow. You want to ensure that the party goes smoothly as planned and that the strippers are exactly what you were looking for. By taking the time to do some simple planning, your party will be something to talk about. Follow these steps below and you can be confident that your friend’s bachelor party will go down in the history books.

First of all, only go through a reliable agency. You want to make sure that the company that you book your strippers through is legitimate. They should at least have a web page where you can browse through the strippers available. The more information that the web-site has, the better the business will be. Look and see if they have blogs or testimonials from previous customers, these will be good indicators of what type of company that you are doing business with.

After you have located an agency to book your bachelor party strippers, take a look at what the company offers. Check out the photos of the girls, the pricing, and the availability. If you are having a larger party, it is always best to book more than one stripper. Or, if you are having a small party that is going to last all night, why not have a few different strippers stop by throughout the evening to make sure that the flow of entertainment is consistent. Your friends will be happy that you had the forethought to plan ahead to make sure that the party was perfect.

Select the girls based on the taste of the groom-to-be. If he is shy, he will enjoy a softer, sweeter looking girl more than one that dresses like a dominatrix stripper. Make sure that you take into consideration the groom’s wishes and then the rest of the party-goers. Even though you are the one planning the party, it is your responsibility to make sure that the groom has the best time first and foremost.

If you make your reservations over the computer, call the agency the day before to confirm. You want to do everything in your power to make sure that the bachelor party is awesome.

Finally, on the day of the party, make sure that there is adequate space and that everything is ready to go. Make sure that you tell all of your buddies to bring lots of cash to keep the strippers working hard. Bachelor party strippers are much more likely to stay later and do some extra tricks if there is some heavy tipping going on. Once all of the arrangements have been made, sit back and relax, you deserve to enjoy the entertainment after all of your hard work.