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Only the hottest guys and girls from Chicago make the worlds best exotic dancers. Here you will find some tips from the very best in the Windy City.

Very Hot Chicago Strippers

Have some talented Chicago strippers entertain you for your next event.

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial commencement of summertime and a reminder to schedule all of your weddings, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and any other fun events. In the Midwest, there is no better time of year to visit Chicago than the summertime.

Along with wedding season comes a bachelor and bachelorette parties. These types of exclusive parties are not possible without the presence of hot Chicago strippers. There are many places to have your last night out of bachelor freedom, but there are fewer selections of experienced dancers who can transform your average party into an ultimate night of fun.

My heart goes out to the poor bachelor who gets a female stripper who should not be in any industry involving her showing her face in public places. A bachelor party is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should involve the best of the best, not the best of the worst. Unfortunately, many female exotic dancers in Chicago have excellent bodies, but average if not ugly faces. The profession of a female Chicago stripper entails having patience with crowds of drunken males who sometimes utter disrespectful comments. This makes it increasingly difficult to secure long-term employment of the hottest female strippers who move to another profession such as modeling after discovering that their talent is underappreciated. Chicago is one of those cities which is fortunate enough to have a population large enough to cycle through enough stripper applicants to produce more hot female strippers by sheer numbers.

Chicago bachelorettes get a special treat because they have a larger selection of the hottest male dancers to perform at their parties. Unlike the female strippers, Chicago male strippers do not have gentlemen’s clubs or strip clubs to perform at daily. Occasionally there might be a male Revue show once a month at different nightclubs or bars, but a majority of the male strippers perform at private parties for bachelorettes or birthday girls. The male dancers that work for hunks and babes strippers are fun, energetic, and have the hottest chiseled bodies that make you happy you left your boyfriend at home.

Even though economic times are hard right now, don’t skip out on having hot Chicago strippers at your next party because it will be no different than any other night that you go out. You owe it to your best man or girlfriend to throw a party they deserve. Be safe and have fun at your party!

Bachelor Party Strippers in Season

Female strippers will make you happy at your bachelor party

Summertime is almost here and so is the season for tying the knot. Your best friend since grade school just got hitched and is expecting you to treat him with some of the hottest bachelor party strippers money can buy. If you’re lucky enough to live near a major city, then you will have no problem planning and operating a successful bachelor party. Your options are pretty slim if you live in a rural area and live miles away from a large city filled with hot female strippers that will make your party a memorable one.

Chicago female strippers are among the hottest and most experienced in the nation. The adult entertainment industry is highly competitive in Chicago and therefore creates competitive pricing for the consumer. No matter where you live, ordering strippers for bachelor parties is a very easy task mainly due in part to the technological innovation of the Internet which allows you to browse photos of exotic dancers online and have them come directly to your party destination. Thumbing through the Yellow Pages is a thing of the past. The Internet may have made shopping for female strippers a little bit easier, but there are still pitfalls you need to avoid.

Some online stripping agencies post photos of models or other girls with very attractive photos but never have worked for the company. So what happens is you go to pick out a hot female ny stripper that looks like Jenna Jameson, it instead uses an old beat up female stripper that looks like Joan Rivers. Use your good judgment and tried to see if any comments were posted under the female strippers profile. When strippers online is more of a modern day approach to providing entertainment for bachelor parties, otherwise the old-school way would be to visit gentlemen’s clubs in downtown cities.

Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs are frequented by bachelor party goers from all over the nation. Female Las Vegas strippers are ruthlessly professional and will make sure that you never forget your trip to visit them. It may cost you more money, but being the best man that you are, you want to live up to your high expectations and make everyone happy.

A Hot Chicago Male Stripper in my Hotel Room

Do not hesitate to order a male dancer for your bachelorette party in Chicago

Here it is, six months later and I’m still talking about that night when Angel performed at my friend’s bachelorette party. Angel was a well-built Chicago male stripper who had a lot of experience and knew how to entertain the group of girls including myself. I’ve been to other bachelorette parties where multiple male Chicago strippers were ordered for a stripperpalooza style party. Most of the time you only get one hot male stripper from the group of dancers ordered and it is not worth the money ordering more than two.

The night began with all of us girls playing games at Amy’s house while taking shots of Yeager and downing apple martinis as if they were bottled water. None of us paced ourselves and were pretty much drunk before we stepped onto the trolley which chartered us from bar to bar in Chicago. There was an ample supply of bars and nightclubs in Chicago, so it was very difficult to choose which ones to go to. The Chicago trolley was a lot like a limo bus except it had very large windows which were open so that all of the drunk passengers can shout out rude comments to anyone we drive by.

I think we had dinner reservations for Foca De Chow in downtown Chicago, but we never made it! The girls and I kept drinking straight through the night until we wound up back at the Drake Hotel. It was not too long after we arrived at a gorgeous cop knocked on the door and was going to write a citation for loud noise coming from our room. The cop turned out to be one of the hot male dancers employed by Hunks and Babes strippers. I’m glad we had a camera to take a picture of all the girls’ faces when Angel took his shirt off.

I am trying to round up the same group of girls that we had that night for my friend’s bachelorette party and order Angel again so we can see if use is really good as we remember him sober.

Chicago Strippers For Hire

Why not hire Chicago strippers for your next bachelor party?

I live in a small town in Vermont and I love to travel. I went to UIC in Chicago and made a lot of friends there. Most of my college buddies were from Illinois and lived in the surrounding suburbs. One of my old roommates recently got hitched and is throwing his bachelor party in Chicago. He no longer has an apartment; he bought a house in Lincoln Park and is having his bachelor party there. His best man just completed his residency and is now reaping the financial rewards of a doctor’s salary. No expense was spared when ordering the hottest female Chicago strippers that money could afford.

I thought Rami was only an expert on the human body, but it turns out he is also an expert best man as he planned the perfect Chicago bachelor party. Most of the guys were on a budget and I spent a lot of money to travel to Chicago. Rami was ahead of the game when he decided to bring the strip club to home. All the guys saved so much money on drinks and cover charges; they had plenty of extra tipping money for the stripper extravaganza.

I was impressed with how beautiful the female strippers were that showed up to the party. I was impressed with our topless waitress came to serve drinks all night. Everyone kept asking her to strip completely naked, but she was just comfortable with her top off. I cannot believe this caliber of girls existed and were walking around unclothed in my friend’s house. I’ve been to other bachelor parties in New York and have not seen as good-looking girls as the ones I have seen that night in Chicago. I know two girl lesbian shows are very expensive also, and usually I only get to see one every once in a while. Good old Rami boy broke the bank it ordered the highest level stripping package the company had to offer. There were six strippers in total including a topless waitress, single strip show, and two fantasy shows. Chicago Strippers seem to be more intimate and in tune with each other or else the goals was to have been working together for a while because it seemed like they enjoyed what they were doing. I’ve been to other bachelor parties with fantasy shows that were put on just for guys to watch. My friends and I stood there with our jaws on the floor as his girls interacted with each other in a way that would make heaven seem like a disappointment.

I don’t mean to build up my experience too much because if you go to Chicago and order female strippers, you may or may not have the same experience that I had. My friend used Hunks and Babes to order the Chicago strippers and I recommend visiting their site to order the same girls.

Chicago Male Strippers for Parties

Chicago male strippers for any occasion

I was shocked in horror at the first male stripper in Chicago. All my friends have told me how gorgeous Chicago male strippers are, so I could not understand why we were stuck with a fool. I do not remember which company we ordered the exotic dancer from, but his name was Blake. Most male strippers have a reputation of being cocky and arrogant, but the stripper they had for my friend’s bachelor party was horrendous.

I am telling you this story so that you use extraordinary precaution when ordering any male strippers in Chicago. Chicagoland is one of the few places that have an abundant assortment of hot hunks with chiseled bodies and know how to dance. There’s no reason for you to settle on the first guy they stumble upon. Ask your friends for recommendations if they have had a Chicago male stripper recently.

It is not fair that guys have gentlemen’s clubs to go to whenever they want. My girls and I have to wait for specific nights during the week to watch male dancers bare it all on stage inside reserved nightclubs. I do not wait for one of my friends to get engaged for an excuse to watch the Chicago hunks male revue show. Sometimes I make the whole night for my girlfriends by starting the night with sex toy party. A few bottles of wine later, we usually hop into a limo and drive to wherever they are hosting the hottest Chicago male strippers.

Because of the economy and my really tight budget, I have found an alternative to the expensive girls night out parties. My girlfriends and I fell in love with the Brazilian brothers Gino and Sebastian and order them at the end of each month. Sebastian is very romantic and has the body that belongs on the cover of romance novel. Sebastian’s brother Gino is also very attractive but has a more upbeat personality and is very playful with all my girlfriends. So next time you have a bachelorette party in Chicago, or just a girl’s night out, please remember to use Hunks and Babes.