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Only in Vegas you will find the hottest girls and here are a few stories to prove it!

Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs

Las Vegas gentlemens clubs

Las Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs

I decided to get married at the age of 35. After all of the advice that my friends have warned me against, I have decided to tie the knot. After patiently waiting, I wanted to have an over-the-top bachelor party at one of the biggest Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs around with some of the hottest strippers around. Throwing a bachelor party at the end of October in Nevada was a perfect idea because the weather is mild and a lot of deals as far as booking hotels and flights.

The bachelor party was not going to be a surprise because I was the one who was planning it. Most of my other friends have been married for 10 years or so, and love the opportunity to join me in my celebrations. I am a risk taker and very adventurous, so wanted to add a little bit of spice to the party which included visiting all of the Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs. I wanted to feel like a king and have the hottest female strippers surrounding me the entire trip. I ordered a stripper package from a national stripping agency to accompany me on my journey.

As soon as I got to the hotel, five hot female strippers from Las Vegas were waiting in my hotel room each wearing a different outfit. I was greeted with a cop stripper, two nurse strippers, a schoolgirl stripper, and my favorite wonder woman stripper! This girl wore the Star-Spangled Banner like nobody’s business. I grew up watching wonder woman on TV and always had a fantasy fetish about hooking up with her. My dreams came true and I could not have been happier with the gorgeous girls at this company provided me. This is only the beginning of my night.

Since sin city is known for having the best strippers, we ended up hitting up each of the most elite Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs in town. I had never done anything like this before and did not care how much it cost. It helps tremendously to have five of the hottest females in Nevada accompany me and my entourage into the strip clubs because we did not have to pay cover. I think the door guys like our girls better than the ones that were working inside. Needless to say I had the time of my life and did not regret spending two months’ salary on the most beautiful girls in Vegas.

Female Las Vegas strippers in Gentlemens Strip Clubs

When was the last time you saw female strippers in Las Vegas strip clubs?

Las Vegas is well known for the nightlife and is dubbed sin city for a good reason. It is the city where taboo is the norm and anything considered to be unethical or illegal in other parts of the nation are okay in Vegas. Fancy showgirls with picture-perfect legs tantalize your mind’s eye as you sit next to your blonde haired cosmetically enhanced double D rent-a-wife. You then realize that this is why you worked 80 hours a week for the past year. Exotic strip shows and high roller gambling are main reasons why people visit Vegas, but true memories are made from the talented female strippers that work inside the elite Las Vegas strip clubs.

Strip clubs in Las Vegas now we have the hottest female exotic dancers in the industry, they also serve five star quality foods to go with that. You can chow down on an extravagant five course meal prepared by master chefs while getting surgically enhanced boobs smacked across your head. If your wallet is big enough, you have the power to control your destiny and demand any wish of yours to be granted. For example, if you wish to have your favorite Las Vegas female stripper perform a private dance for you in a secluded area of the gentleman’s club, your wish will be granted. I cannot describe to you exactly what happens inside the VIP Champagne rooms, but in Vegas, everything is legal.

Las Vegas gentleman’s clubs are about as endless as the gourmet food supplied at all-you-can-eat buffets. The only difference is you pay five dollars for unlimited food versus $50 for admittance into the gentlemen’s clubs. Many of the best female Las Vegas strippers work exclusively for specific strip clubs because of their popularity and specific crowd that they draw. Many ex-porn stars become strippers and end up making more money than they did while they were making films. Very few playboy models become strippers but make more money from using the Playboy title than the girls that have not modeled. Next time you explore Las Vegas, remember that your adventure can be cultivated as big as your monetary seeds can be planted, so bring a lot of money and an open mind.

Las Vegas Strippers and Showgirls in the 2009 Economy

Las Vegas strippers in today’s economy

Female exotic dancers in Las Vegas are some of the best trained in the nation: they are truly the classiest group of women strippers in the world. Because of our economic times right now, some of the Las Vegas showgirls now work part-time as female strippers and cocktail waitresses instead of bars and nightclubs. It is normal for female las vegas strippers who work in the adult entertainment industry via showgirls, strippers, exotic dancers, topless waitresses, cocktail waitresses, or even inside tacky nickel peep show booths end up making a six figure income in cash- even in the 2009 economy.

Before you quit your day job, don’t forget that none of this income is reported so I comes time to get a loan to purchase a home or new car, you need to provide documentation that you are receiving income. If some of the female strippers in Las Vegas were smart enough to save their money, they could possibly buy a house with cash. Today’s academy will afford these gorgeous female exotic dancers whatever home they wish at whatever price they desire. Cash money is lavishly spent on frivolous nightclub dresses and fancy burlesque stripper outfits. It is not uncommon for Las Vegas stripper to spend most of her money on alcohol, gambling, or extravagant dinners with just the girls.

Making more money for a female stripper Las Vegas just means they’ll have that much better over time later that night after their shift is over. Contributing to the annual income a female stripper makes goes back directly into the economy as spent discretionary income. In a deflationary market with a higher goods to dollar ratio, spending habits of the average female exotic dancer has increased therefore creating a natural ‘stimulus package’. So now when someone asks you why you frequent the strip clubs and waste your money on female strippers in Las Vegas, you can reply that you are helping boost the economy! LOL :)

Sexy Las Vegas Male Strippers In My Hotel Room

Las Vegas male strippers

This is the dawn of a new age and the Internet has changed everything. Now you can order the hottest Las Vegas male strippers from the comfort of your own hotel room, or bar. Your bachelorette party is a few clicks away from becoming the most memorable night of your life. Even if you do not have access to the Internet, you can use your cell phone and call the most reliable stripper out call service in the nation – Hunks and Babes. These gorgeous male dancers can be ordered for a lot less money than you think they cost.

This stripping agency has been around for many years and acts as a broker for the male and female strippers. Talent is found all over Nevada from go-go dancers inside of night clubs, strippers thumbnail revue shows, and even some male models that appeared in national magazines. It would be far more tiresome to try and find these male hunks by yourself, that’s why you will use HBstrippers to connect you with the hottest male strippers in Las Vegas for a small fee. The Las Vegas strippers love working with Hunks and Babes because they do not have to pay a strip club hundreds of dollars each night for the opportunity to work there. As a customer, you are guaranteed that the Las Vegas male strippers are among the best to choose from because of reviews from previous customers who ordered them for other parties. If your guest of honor in on the wild side, you can order hot Las Vegas female strippers to perform a fantasy show where the bachelorette gets to participate. This new concept where strippers from Las Vegas show up to your party is gaining fast interest by the gentleman from the industry therefore giving you a great selection from many sexy exotic dancers in Nevada.

It is very clear why many girls choose hunks and babes strippers to help with providing adult entertainment for bachelorette parties thrown in Vegas. You get your own private strip show inside of hotel room without the hefty price of going to a Las Vegas strip club. You can also drink your own alcohol without tipping the bartender. Instead, you can tip your male model stripper and hope to engage in some ‘extracurricular activities’.