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Male Exotic Dancers

How to Book Male Exotic Dancers Online

Male Exotic Dancers

Male Exotic Dancers

When you decide to hire male exotic dancers for a bachelorette party your best option for booking them will be to do so online. You’ll be able to browse through the selection of male exotic dancers and complete your booking from your home computer in a few simple steps. Online booking will provide you with the easiest way to find and book the perfect dancer for your party.

First, you’ll have to decide upon which local stripping agency to go with. You can ask your friends for a recommendation or compare a few different stripper sites. Look for a site that has been professionally designed and that offers a selection of handsome male exotic dancers to choose from. You’ll want to find an agency that has established itself in your area and that you’ll be able to rely upon.

Look for a site that posts customer testimonials and photographs of all of the available male dancers that you’ll be able to choose from. Read through the testimonials and choose a stripper that the bride will find attractive. If you are not sure of her taste in men forward the site’s link to her friends and ask them for their opinion. Also look for one that has a reputation for being fun, professional, and polite.

After you have decided upon a striper you’ll need to know the date of the party, the address of where the party will take place, and the time in which you would like to reserve the dancer. Most sites will require that you provide them with an hour window of time in which the dancer will arrive. You’ll also need to enter in all of your personal contact information so that the agency can contact you if they have any questions.

If you are planning a bachelorette party, hotels are very popular locations to host these parties. Make sure that you rent a room that will be big enough for the dancer to perform, especially if you are planning on having more than one dancer at the party. If you book a hotel room, you’ll want to let the agency know what room number that you are in.

Although you can get a phone number for an agency in your area and call them in order to schedule a performance, you won’t have any idea of which dancer they will send out to you unless you have taken a look at their website and gotten the name of a dancer that you are interested in seeing. If you prefer to book your dancer by phone, make sure that you look at the dancers available on the site first.

Finally, you’ll need a credit card in order to book the male dancer online. Most agencies accept all of the major credit cards and offer secure online booking.

Although you are paying by credit card to book the performance, you’ll want to remind all of your guests to make sure to bring lots of singles and cash to the party for tipping!

Boston Male Strippers

I recently threw a bachelorette party for my sister Sheila. I wanted to have something different other than a night drinking on the town. Boston is a great place to have parties and there are many good restaurants to eat. I decided to order two of the hottest Boston male strippers to perform for my sister’s last night as a single girl.

Brandon showed up in a police uniform ready to crash the party. Sheila got upset for the first few minutes until she realized that Brandon was a professional male stripper. It was hard to keep a straight face at first, but when Brandon pulled out a radio from his black duffel bag and hit play, all the girls started screaming. He handcuffed her to a chair and proceeded to tease her by slowly taking off his shirt. He had a great body and all the girls really liked him.

About a half-hour later, Garo showed up looking fine as ever. He teamed up with Brandon to perform tricks for an unforgettable bachelorette party in Boston! Both of these male exotic dancers had amazing bodies and knew how to work the crowd. Some of my girlfriends had their wedding bands so that the two Boston male strippers would not know that they were married.

Since we had the guys perform around 11 PM, they got done just after midnight and ended up hanging out with all my girlfriends afterwards. Everyone took pictures with Garo and Brandon including a group photo which turned out perfect.  I could not have asked for two more good-looking gentlemen to make an ultimate girls night out in Boston possible. I would like to thank Hunks and Babes for being generous with providing the best male talent in Massachusetts. I would highly recommend them and use them for all of my parties in the future.

Boston VIP Bachelorette Parties

My sister Jenny is all about having a great time. I was the lucky girl to be nominated as maid of honor. Jenny is a wild, eccentric free spirit who is all about having a good time. We live in an outlying suburb of Massachusetts, so we would have to travel downtown to throw one of the best Boston VIP bachelorette parties the city has ever seen!

I was lucky to have one of my friends already experience some of the other stripping agencies in Boston. I would say that she is a veteran girls-night-out party planner as she has ordered many Boston male strippers before. I started to get a little bit nervous when she told me five out of the six companies either had other male exotic dancers show up that were not the ones she picked out, or not show up at all. The last thing I wanted to do was invite all of Jenny’s best friends including my own and have no entertainment arrive. I did some research online and found an online company that specializes in Boston VIP bachelorette parties. I called Christy from Hunks and Babes Strippers and ordered two male hunks to perform at my sister’s bachelorette party.

PJ burst open the door with a military outfit on and grabbed Jenny to flip her over his shoulder. His outfit was hot and was perfect because Jenny’s fiancée is a Marine. TJ had a great personality with bulging muscles, great abs, and an unbelievable smile. All the girls gravitated towards PJ and ripped off his military uniform before he even had a chance to. I was slightly embarrassed by how crazy they girls were, but it seemed like he enjoyed it.

Garo came later that evening and did just as good of a job as PJ did. He was tall, dark, and extremely handsome with moves that came out of a dance book. Needless to say, everyone had a great time and was less expensive than renting out a bar like most Boston VIP bachelorette parties end up. The male dancers came straight to my home on time and allow us to drink our own alcohol. I would like to thank Christy for her perfect stripper recommendations and tell everyone how pleased I am with H&B Entertainment.

I Like Hot Chicago Men

Chicago male strippers

Chicago male strippers

The City Of Chicago is home to some of the greatest restaurants and sports teams in the nation. Our city has prominently made its niche amongst other urban metropolises. We have the Sears Tower, the Chicago Bears, the best hot dogs, and we are also home to the hottest male dancers alive. Chicago male strippers are by far the best entertainers across the country. If you think that all male strippers are alike, you are completely mistaken. The boys from Chicago know how to put on a show.

Chicago men know the importance of keeping their bodies in shape. They work out hard to make sure that their abs are defined and that their arms are strong and muscular. These boys know how to make the ladies’ hearts skip beats. They dress to impress and are always well-groomed and looking their best. Every male dancer that I have seen is the city is a perfect 10.

As a very discerning lady, I have always had a taste for the finest things in life, and I like to be entertained. I have seen male dancers in Chicago, New York, LA, and of course Vegas. I have to tell you that the Chicago male strippers are by far the best looking and the most entertaining. My friends and I book a show with them at least once a year so that we can sit back and watch a gorgeous man entertain us. Believe me when I tell you, these boys have mastered the art of entertaining.

One of the best attributes of Chicago male strippers are their personalities. They are not arrogant or cocky even though they are completely gorgeous. After your party has ended, chances are that they will stick around and have some fun with you if they do not have another show that they have to get to. If you have treated them well, they will most likely be happy to stay and pose for pictures and hang out with you and your friends.

It is also important to note that you should remember how to treat your strippers. If you want the most out of the experience, you will need to pay for it. These guys work off of tips, and if you want to see their best moves you are going to have to tip them for it. And the tipping part is one of the best parts of the whole show. You get one on one personal attention and a chance to get close to them. And I have noticed that the longer that your dollar bills last, the longer the stripper will linger past their pre-established amount of time, so make sure that you have an ample supply of tip money.

Now is a Great Time to Seek Employment as a Stripper.

female stripper employment

female stripper employment

Besides living in one of the most turbulent economic times that our country has faced, there are many good opportunities such as pursuing cash careers that arise from the ashes of financial destruction. One of the best opportunities to earn cash working part-time is to become a stripper. Thousands of bachelor parties across the nation need to be entertained by gorgeous female strippers. Female exotic dancers, male strippers, and strip clubs generate a billion-dollar a year industry. You should capitalize on the high demand for quality entertainment and apply online to reputable stripping agencies such as Hunks and Babes strippers.

Male strippers can earn upwards of hundreds of dollars on a weekend night. Female strippers earn between $1500 and $2000 on a busy weekend whether they perform private bachelor party strip teases or elaborate stage shows inside of VIP gentleman’s clubs. You do not have to invest any money in stripper dance lessons or training videos. You can learn all of the special moves strippers perform by shadowing them for one night. After one day of training, you will be ready to perform live in front of any size crowd.

You can even keep your identity private so that family members or coworkers will not recognize you. All of the income generated from becoming a stripper is cash and would not interfere with any unemployment benefits you are currently receiving.

If you are confident and continue to seek employment as a stripper, be sure to work for a stripper agency that will take care of you and support you with good business. Having an organized schedule in a professional staff can provide you with all of the information you require to be successful is key to deciding who you want to work for. Hot male hunks and gorgeous female babes should apply today to become a stripper. The biggest benefit would be that you are financially independent and will be able to pay your bills on time all while having fun meeting new people.