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Male Strippers at a New York Bachelorette Party

New York male strippers

New York male strippers

Hello, my name is Tina and I want to tell you how great of a job Christy did in organizing my best friends bachelorette party last month. I was a little hesitant to order a male stripper because of the stories I have heard from my friends. I’m so glad I found Hunks and Babes because they sent me two of the hottest New York male strippers in town. They were extremely entertaining and everyone had a great time.

Weeks before the party did not go as smoothly. Planning a bachelorette party for my best friend was a nightmare because of the high expectations set for it. I’ve never planned a party with more than 30 girls, so I did not want to disappoint everyone. I had collected $20 from everyone to pay for food, alcohol, and entertainment.

I had the food catered from a local restaurant which was nice enough to deliver the food. The catering service ended up showing up a little bit late which turned out to be pretty funny because all of my girlfriends thought that the delivery guy was the stripper and started cheering for him. He looked like he was only 18 years old and his face turned red when all my friends attacked him. I’m sure he will never forget that night.

Bachelorette parties in New York will not be complete without alcohol. I just went to the local Costco and picked up a few bottles of vodka, Gin, and tequila. None of my girlfriends drink beer including myself; I would prefer an apple martini any time of day. I ended up buying more than enough liquor for the whole night which was great because I got to keep the leftovers.

Finding quality entertainment was the most challenging task because I’ve never ordered a New York male stripper before. I have only been to a bachelorette party one other time which I was not impressed at all with a male stripper who performed. He was average looking with a great body, but his arrogant attitude ruined it for me and most of the girls there. After doing some research online, I decided to go order my two hunky NY male strippers from a stripping agency called Hunks and Babes.

Apollo and Charlie showed up with guns blazing dressed as cowboy strippers and really got the crowd fired up. They had great personalities and were classy enough to leave enough for the imagination. Their performance was tasteful and had a style similar to that of a male Revue show. I was so happy to speak with Christy who convinced me to get two hot gentlemen strippers. For what it’s worth, I just wanted to let everyone know how pleased I am with the service I received from this company.

New York Businessman Male Strippers

Did you ever fantasize about that hot businessman you crossed on the way to work?

New York men are aggressive when it comes to keeping their minds and bodies sharp and in shape. There tall figure in sharp expensive suits make it a fantasy for every girl to unwrap. The New York gentlemen are always perfectly groomed and look like they walked out of GQ magazine. These are the kind of guys that make your heart skip a beat. These hard-working New York businessmen have been having financial difficulty because of the hard economic times and have forced themselves into making extra money by means they thought they would never get into. That’s right; your sexy, star-studded male Revue show that you had at your bachelorette party were actually true to life New York businessman trying to make ends meet.

New York male stripper

New York male stripper

This peculiar situation has helped raised the bar and set a new standard for the quality of men who become male strippers. The younger and more inexperienced guys who applied to become male dancers often fall short of what girls consider their fantasy. Some amateur strippers can easily purchase a cheap suit and use that as an outfit for that striptease party that requests a businessman. The young male dancer to perform to the show is usually missing the big shot demeanor and is missing that swagger and a stop while he walks into the room of screaming girls.

I’ve been to many bachelorette parties and seeing outfits ranging from Cowboys, police officers, doctors, pilots, and of course the famous construction worker with cheap plastic hard hat. The best outfit (and the one that turns the on the most) is a businessman. Every time I walk down the streets of New York and see hot guy dressed up, I want to tear off his Armani suit and expose the ravaging beast who’ll dominate me in the bedroom. The likeliness of this scenario to happen is pretty slim, I can always role-play with a New York male stripper who can show up to the location of my choice and have him to myself. Since the poor economy has forced many major New York businessmen into finding alternate means of income, one of the New York strippers I order might actually be a real businessman man!

New York Male Strippers Perform Revue shows

Some of the nations hottest entertainment takes place inside of New York gentlemen’s clubs.

I consider myself high maintenance and enjoy the finer things life has to offer, one of those things is being entertained by hot male strippers. I have seen Revue style shows performed by various strippers across the country that performed in Las Vegas. I also seem dancers in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. The New York male strippers were the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. They’ll head perfect bone structure with a sharp jaw line and chiseled body with rock hard abs. New York strippers are very personable and like to entertain hot girls like me and my friends.

The importance of online male strippers having great personalities is more transparent during a striptease exhibiting certain male features. Even though the relationship is fictitious, a great male stripper will seduce his clients with personable rapport in the demeanor of a true gentleman. Attitude is often overlooked by amateur strippers who think it is all about looks and dancing. New York male dancers are not as arrogant as their neighboring colleagues in Boston and some of the New England states.

In order to get the best experience out of your private male revue show, you must know how to handle your male stripper by tipping him and treat him with the same degree of respect. In order to get more bang for your dollar, you’ll have to break the piggy bank and exchange those coins for singles. The chances are the more you chipped your favorite male stripper, the better the moves and bigger tricks you’ll get to experience. Most of the choreography and stunts performed by the dancers involve single dollar bills placed in strategic locations on the female body. The best way to get a male stripper to get into your pants is to place a dollar bill in your underwear. After he finds his special tip, you can surprise him with a kiss to let him know you’re interested in more than group entertainment.

Employment as a Hot Female New York Stripper

Have you ever considered employment as a New York female stripper?

Hello everybody! I’m one of the female strippers that performs at bachelor parties in New York. My name is Spicey and I believe that I am one of the hottest female strippers in New York. Over the past few years I have worked for many different stripping agencies and gentleman’s clubs around New York and the surrounding boroughs. HBstrippers has offered me more than just empoyment, they have welcomed me into a family of trust and leadership. One of the biggest problems I’ve had working for other stripping agencies was that the owners of the other businesses I worked for kept threatening me and putting me into uncomfortable situations. I can tell you for sure that nobody is more organized than Hunks and Babes strippers, and they would never compromise my safety or integrity.

It is because of HBstrippers that I’m happy to go to work and make a living doing what I enjoy most- teasing men and giving them something to remember for the lifetime! I lost my job in the corporate world years ago before I started stripping and never went back. As a female stripper in New York, I have more free time and the ability to make as much money as I want to work. I now make more money in one week than I want an entire month working for someone else. I have a four year bachelor’s degree in general finance and I’m not disappointed in getting it because I can be a “plan B” in case I get injured or disfigured in an accident where I cannot strip anymore. I guess this is called stripper insurance.

I enjoyed exotic dancing since the day I got started dancing. I was on the pom-pom team in high school and loved performing in front of large audiences. I remember looking at the stands and watching all the smiling faces at me knowing that I put a smile on their face made me feel good. This has transitioned over into making guys smile and creating a memory that will hopefully last a lifetime. I work out six days a week and eat right so I can look good and play a fantasy role of the perfect woman that every guy wants. It is amusing to get all the attention as one of the most popular female ny strippers in the area. I have a lot of fun teasing the bachelors at their parties and appreciate New York Hunks and Babes for giving me this opportunity to continue my employment as a female stripper.

New York Male Strippers

I had a friend who had to plan a bachelorette party in New York City, even though she had never been to New York. Obviously the first arrangement that needed to be made was finding the best male strippers in New York to invite to her party. Thankfully, there’s a great company, HB strippers, that scouts the best talent from actual strip clubs (Chippendale’s, etc) and who will arrange for these strippers to come to your party on one of their days or nights off.

Because in New York male strippers are required to take 2 days off per week, they’re more than happy to work for a little less on their days off: the result is that you get top quality bachelorette party entertainment for much less than it would cost to go to a strip club. You get to drink your own drinks, eat your own food, and see your own male strippers live in the comfort and privacy of your own apartment. Not only will you save a lot money, you’ll throw your friend a bachelorette party she’ll never forget.