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Hot New York Strippers

New York Strippers Work Hard for Their Money

New York Strippers

New York Strippers

New York strippers have a confident air about them which exudes sex appeal. It seems as if with every breath that these beauties take they want to show off all of their assets and garner attention. When you step into a New York strip club be ready for some in your face tactics that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You’ll get more attention and feel welcomed by the gorgeous gals of New York.

New York strippers have an in your face mannerism which will always work to your advantage. As soon as you step foot inside a New York club these strippers will be vying for your attention and outwardly expressing their lust for your consideration. These sexy and confident women have no problem going after what they want and taking the most direct approach to get it.

You’ll notice that New York strippers will make eye contact with you and work hard to captivate your attention. Whether they are up on the pole or working the room you’ll notice that you’ll get much more personal attention from the ladies in this city. They have a bold, no holds barred type of approach that’ll make your entire experience inside of a New York strip club completely enjoyable.

As they work the pole you’ll notice that they zone in on you. They want you to look at them and enjoy them. They want to see that you are interested in them and to show your interest. There are a lot of strip clubs in which the girls seem detached and give off the vibe that they are not into their job. In New York these confident and sexy women want to take their clothes off and showcase their body. They want you to appreciate their assets as they flaunt them in your face. Their confidence is a total turn on that you can’t find in any other city across the country.

When you go to Vegas strip clubs sometimes they can be totally overcrowded and you won’t have the opportunity to get any personal attention from the strippers unless you have tons of money to blow. On the contrary, in New York, an average guy can walk into a New York strip club and get the VIP treatment from the strippers any time of day or night.

Don’t be surprised when a New York stripper approaches you and offers to give you a lap dance in the back room. These girls are hungry for the attention and don’t mind begging for it. When it comes to stripping, a lot of these girls see their fellow strippers as competition and they want to do everything that they can to edge the other girls out. They make their money giving out private lap dances and will always go the extra mile to guarantee that you enjoy your lap dance so much that you’ll want to come back for seconds. If its personal attention that you want, New York is the place to go for it.

Boston Gentlemen’s Clubs

One of the best trips I ever had was when I was in Boston. We caught a Red Sox game in Fenway Park and had a few beers before we continued our evening at the local bars. We ended up stumbling into a premier Boston gentlemen’s club called Blackjacks. The exotic dancers who work at this club were the most beautiful girls I ever seen. They greeted me with a smile and continue to rub my shoulders as they took off my coat. Female Boston strippers are very hospitable and have my vote for being all-around greatest entertainers in the country.

There were many Boston gentlemen’s clubs to choose from including the Admiral and Beethoven’s. My friends were lucky enough to pick out a strip club that was heavily frequented by locals. The high amount of traffic helps attract the most talented female exotic dancers to work there. All my colleagues had a great time including Jim, who received so many lap dances that he ruined his jeans. Some of the girls gave him their phone numbers so that they can meet up afterwards.

Most Boston gentlemen’s clubs have a reputation for having outgoing dancers who go out of their way to make clients happy, I have never heard of Boston female strippers giving up their phone numbers. My friend was not so lucky to get the stripper’s personal numbers, but a business card listing contact information about a stripping agency called Hunks and Babes.

After seeing all of the photos of female exotic dancers online, our group never decided to step inside the Boston strip club again. From that day on, we have been ordering Boston entertainers every other month for a guy’s night out party. We have never been disappointed and are always excited to book girls for the next party. I recommend anyone in Boston to use this respectable company for entertainment!

Minneapolis Strippers

Minneapolis Female Strippers

Minneapolis Female Strippers

My last trip to Minneapolis was spectacular. I have had bachelor parties in Las Vegas, but nothing could have betrayed me for the wonderful evening that unfolded before me on the night of October 10th. When I visited a strip club in Minneapolis, I thought it might have tripped over my shoelaces and hit my head on something because it seemed too perfect to be real. The entire strip club was filled with gorgeous women. These girls do not have an ounce of fat on them. The female strippers in Minneapolis know how to provide entertainment for making me feel at ease. They gave me lap dances in a seductive way and do it with a smile to let me know that they are having fun also.

Minnesota is a large state with many scattered local bars. Once the weather starts changing and hunting season begins, Minneapolis strip clubs fill with the most eager gentlemen ready to have a great time. I was not lucky enough to see any stripper twins in the Twin Cities; I did end up watching the “twins” bounce around on many of the employees that were working that night. The dancers were very friendly and engaging conversation with me and my friends. I realized that these girls actually do private party dances during the week. They all worked for a company called Hunks and Babes strippers.

Two in the morning came up very quickly when the strip club had to close and I still had a lot of money to spend. I paid the girls extra money to come back to my apartment and do private lap dances for the rest of the evening. You can use your imagination for what went on, but I can guarantee that this won’t even happen in Las Vegas. The female Minneapolis strippers were very down-to-earth and friendly which makes them better than the strippers in Las Vegas. If you don’t live in the city, you can have any of these girls travel to you within a 30 mile radius of Minneapolis. Have fun, and don’t forget to invite me!

Las Vegas Male Revue Show

Las Vegas Male Revue Show

Las Vegas Male Revue Show

I am a single and gorgeous female blonde. I turn heads when I walk into a bar and never have to pay for drinks. The guys I meet in clubs who have lots of money never spend time on their bodies so I just use them for their generosity. I recently found that if I want to meet the best looking men, I just take a trip Las Vegas!

That’s right; I have found that the hottest gentlemen work as Las Vegas male strippers. I like a man who is confident, good-looking, can carry a conversation, and most of all move his hard in chiseled body in ways a girl can only dream.  Vegas exotic dancers know how important it is to maintain a rock hard physique. I might go and see the Las Vegas male Revue shows even if the guys were not in the best shape, only because they dance so well!

I am a pushover for large biceps. My heart skips a beat every time I see the male exotic dancers step onstage. They start off slow and are fully dressed in their fancy suits. The Vegas dancers then separate and disperse into the audience only to grab the most outstanding volunteers. I’m always provocatively dressed so that they can spot me easily. Ken is a black dancer who might think has a crush on me. I let him know when I’m going to be in town and he always picked me out of the audience. He sits me in the hot seat and grinds his body until the audience started screaming his name.

Las Vegas is known for gentlemen’s clubs and strip clubs as far as the eye can see. I believe that the few strip clubs for women in Vegas far outweigh any of the gentleman’s clubs combined. Witnessing a Las Vegas male Revue show is a truly humbling experience. The guys that perform in the show will put to shame any other men you wanted to in your lifetime. I have considered moving to Nevada just for the chance to run into the guys on the street.

New York Gentlemens Clubs

I see the hottest female strippers when traveling to New York.

strip clubs

strip clubs

I am a man who is always traveling. It is hard for me to get into any established relationship because of my work. I take my work seriously and make my career number one in my life. I want to be able to retire before the age of 45. There are some days where work slows down and I miss the company also female. I know it may sound nerdy, but I research the hottest gentlemen’s clubs in the city where I am conducting business. This enables me to relax and enjoy the company of female strippers without the headaches of dating.

After visiting major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami, I have decided that my favorite strip club is a  New York gentlemen’s club. The quality of girls in New York is superior to girls and other cities with the same sized population. With Wall Street and other multiple multimillion dollar businesses, New York makes most of its money from the finance industry which is well spent at elite strip clubs what a large deal or successful trade occurs. Conducting business means with the New York gentlemen’s clubs is as common as going to McDonald’s for lunch.

Most successful business meetings are conducted within the walls of a New York gentlemen’s club, but also bachelor parties are hosted every weekend year-round. New York serves as a roundtable of the best looking girls and most skilled talent you’ll find throughout the nation. It is truly a melting pot of the hottest female strippers that are ready to satisfy any taste you have. I get to live a dream lifestyle because I work hard for it. Some of my friends try to convince me that marrying one girl and spending the rest of my life unhappy with someone I don’t like is the way to go. I tell them that they are no different than me except I admit that my relationship with the hottest female exotic dancers and New York or any other city are just make-believe.