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Chicago Strippers

Chicago has the HOTTEST Strippers

As a well-traveled business man, I have seen a lot of places. I know what each city has to offer. If you are looking to find the best female strippers, Chicago takes that title. The girls from the Windy City can really blow your mind. A lot of people wrongfully assume that Vegas strippers are the best. I’ve been to Vegas and the strippers are talented, but you can see it in their eyes that they are more concerned with making money than having a good time. I have been to LA, and while they have some of the most beautiful women in the world, they aren’t necessarily the most hospitable. I like the girls from Miami, they are exotically beautiful and have excellent rhythm, but when it comes down to it, Chicago strippers have the total package.

I will admit, Vegas girls know more pole moves than any other girls I’ve seen, but when I am paying for women to entertain me, I want some personal attention. Sure, swinging all around a pole and hanging upside down is sexy, but I want a stripper to pay attention to me. Chicago strippers know how to give excellent customer service. They know how to be seductive and to have some fun while they are working. I have been to the strip clubs of Chicago and I have also been to a bachelor party there that had private exotic dancers. Both experiences were wonderful. The strippers in the club were extremely fun and friendly, and the private party was even better. The strippers from the agency were all about having a good time. These girls stayed afterwards and partied with us and posed for some crazy pictures.

On my next trip to the city, I decided to hire an exotic dancer from an agency to come and entertain myself and some of my colleagues in our hotel room. I thought that they would appreciate the extra attention and high caliber stripper. My colleagues could not have been more impressed. They thought that the girl coming to our hotel room was so much better than sitting in a club all night competing for attention with dozens of other guys. I knew that having a girl come up to the hotel room would guarantee that we had a great night after working hard all day long.

And Chicago strippers are just as beautiful as the girls in California and Miami, but a lot more down to earth. Their Midwestern roots have kept them grounded so that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They must have thanked us one hundred times for picking them and using their agency. Chicago strippers have fantastic bodies, great attitudes, and are fun-loving. I can not wait for my next “business trip” to Chicago.

Hot Chicago Male Strippers

I will have to say the hottest male strippers I have seen are definitely in Chicago.

I consider myself very lucky to have been born into a wealthy family in Chicago. I have developed a keen taste for the finer things in life, and I expect nothing but the best for me. I do a lot of traveling and like to watch male strippers perform. When traveling to major cities, I like to watch male dancers including a male Revue shows in Las Vegas. Believe it or not, the hottest guys that I have seen where the Chicago male strippers because of their looks and personable attitude. The tickets are quite expensive, so I my dad purchase tickets for me and my friends for an annual male strip show outing that I have. Everyone enjoys the attention we get with the gorgeous hunks in Chicago.

The male strippers that work in Las Vegas have a very arrogant and cocky attitude. The best thing to Vegas male dancers have going for them is that their strip show routine is professionally choreographed and ruthlessly rehearsed to a point where they all dance as one. The Chicago strippers are close to Las Vegas style dancers without the large production budget. The nice thing about watching a male Revue show in Chicago is that the male dancers hang out with the girls after the show was done and have a few drinks. I know that my group of girls is the hottest group to ever walk into the strip club so that’s why we get all the attention when we show up.

In order to get the best experience out of the male Revue show in Chicago, you have to tip very well. Chicago male strippers earn their keep off of tips, so if you want the hottest guys give you a lap dance, all you have to do is wave a couple of singles in the air. The male dancers are able to perform tricks and entertain more ladies using the dollar bills as part of their act. This also allows you to get in close contact so that you can touch and smell the hottest chiseled bodies you’ll ever see. Good luck in your next visit to Chicago!

Chicago Strippers For Hire at Night

Now is the time to order strippers for your bachelor or bachelorette party in Chicago.

As the weather blossoms into summer in Chicago, there is a substantial increase in bachelor and bachelorette party planning. Most people hire the hottest Chicago strippers they can find to entertain their guests and ensure everyone has a great time. It can be very difficult to find a company or agency that specializes in bachelor and bachelorette party strippers that is also reliable and reasonably priced.

Guys who throw a bachelor party in Chicago are luckier than the females because they have dozens of gentlemen’s clubs to go to. Girls are restricted to ordering male strippers that show up at their venue and perform. The main difference of going to a strip club in Chicago had a bachelor party is that the female exotic dancers at work there will not go above and beyond topless or g-string only. Chicago has certain rules and laws regarding clothing for employees instead of bars. The only way around this law is to have these hot Chicago female strippers show up to your hotel, home, or enclosed VIP room inside of a nightclub. Not only will you save money by having female strippers in Chicago show up to your home, you will also get higher quality show based off of the extra tricks they can do without the supervision of strict nightclub owners. You can also spend more money on female exotic dancers instead of alcohol because you can provide whatever you like that store prices, not marked up bar prices.

Girls who want to penny pinch and have the hottest male strippers in Chicago performance or bachelorette party can do their shopping online. As mentioned earlier, there are not many strip clubs for females to go to. Many of the male revue shows downtown take place in bars and are not choreographed or professional by any sense. Most male strippers are independent contractors and do not work for lower wages to any company they work for. Discounts are usually taken away from the stripping agencies booking fees. Beware of ordering Chicago male strippers from a street agency that pays the dancers less than the local going rate. Don’t risk ruining a once-in-a-lifetime party for your best friend by saving a couple of bucks by ordering a stripper just getting into the business was not as experienced with entertaining a crowd. My suggestion is to use Hunks and Babes strippers so that you will never be disappointed.

A Hot Chicago Male Stripper in my Hotel Room

Do not hesitate to order a male dancer for your bachelorette party in Chicago

Here it is, six months later and I’m still talking about that night when Angel performed at my friend’s bachelorette party. Angel was a well-built Chicago male stripper who had a lot of experience and knew how to entertain the group of girls including myself. I’ve been to other bachelorette parties where multiple male Chicago strippers were ordered for a stripperpalooza style party. Most of the time you only get one hot male stripper from the group of dancers ordered and it is not worth the money ordering more than two.

The night began with all of us girls playing games at Amy’s house while taking shots of Yeager and downing apple martinis as if they were bottled water. None of us paced ourselves and were pretty much drunk before we stepped onto the trolley which chartered us from bar to bar in Chicago. There was an ample supply of bars and nightclubs in Chicago, so it was very difficult to choose which ones to go to. The Chicago trolley was a lot like a limo bus except it had very large windows which were open so that all of the drunk passengers can shout out rude comments to anyone we drive by.

I think we had dinner reservations for Foca De Chow in downtown Chicago, but we never made it! The girls and I kept drinking straight through the night until we wound up back at the Drake Hotel. It was not too long after we arrived at a gorgeous cop knocked on the door and was going to write a citation for loud noise coming from our room. The cop turned out to be one of the hot male dancers employed by Hunks and Babes strippers. I’m glad we had a camera to take a picture of all the girls’ faces when Angel took his shirt off.

I am trying to round up the same group of girls that we had that night for my friend’s bachelorette party and order Angel again so we can see if use is really good as we remember him sober.

Chicago Strippers For Hire

Why not hire Chicago strippers for your next bachelor party?

I live in a small town in Vermont and I love to travel. I went to UIC in Chicago and made a lot of friends there. Most of my college buddies were from Illinois and lived in the surrounding suburbs. One of my old roommates recently got hitched and is throwing his bachelor party in Chicago. He no longer has an apartment; he bought a house in Lincoln Park and is having his bachelor party there. His best man just completed his residency and is now reaping the financial rewards of a doctor’s salary. No expense was spared when ordering the hottest female Chicago strippers that money could afford.

I thought Rami was only an expert on the human body, but it turns out he is also an expert best man as he planned the perfect Chicago bachelor party. Most of the guys were on a budget and I spent a lot of money to travel to Chicago. Rami was ahead of the game when he decided to bring the strip club to home. All the guys saved so much money on drinks and cover charges; they had plenty of extra tipping money for the stripper extravaganza.

I was impressed with how beautiful the female strippers were that showed up to the party. I was impressed with our topless waitress came to serve drinks all night. Everyone kept asking her to strip completely naked, but she was just comfortable with her top off. I cannot believe this caliber of girls existed and were walking around unclothed in my friend’s house. I’ve been to other bachelor parties in New York and have not seen as good-looking girls as the ones I have seen that night in Chicago. I know two girl lesbian shows are very expensive also, and usually I only get to see one every once in a while. Good old Rami boy broke the bank it ordered the highest level stripping package the company had to offer. There were six strippers in total including a topless waitress, single strip show, and two fantasy shows. Chicago Strippers seem to be more intimate and in tune with each other or else the goals was to have been working together for a while because it seemed like they enjoyed what they were doing. I’ve been to other bachelor parties with fantasy shows that were put on just for guys to watch. My friends and I stood there with our jaws on the floor as his girls interacted with each other in a way that would make heaven seem like a disappointment.

I don’t mean to build up my experience too much because if you go to Chicago and order female strippers, you may or may not have the same experience that I had. My friend used Hunks and Babes to order the Chicago strippers and I recommend visiting their site to order the same girls.