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LA Male Strippers in California

Los Angeles male strippers will make your bachelorette party hot!

I had a great time at my friend’s bachelorette party only because my friend ordered hot male dancers from Hunks and Babes strippers. With such a huge population, you would think it would be easy to find experienced Los Angeles strippers to perform at a party, but choices are slim when you narrow down the options of guys that you want to have show up to your party. Vanessa told me that she used Hunks and Babes only because one of her friends used the same stripping agency to order LA male strippers for a girl’s night out.

The party was really successful despite the fact that we had a very late start around one o’clock in the morning. Carlos showed up to the door wearing a cop uniform. Carlos had a great mixed CD which played Reggatone and hip-hop. I was very impressed with the way Carlos handled my girls and the entire audience. Carlos was the only Los Angeles male stripper whom I felt most comfortable with. He was very good at seducing the ladies by slowly taking off each article of clothing and teasing each one of my girlfriends as he did at. Every girl in the room broke a sweat because of all the body heat generated from the excitement of Carlos’s hard and well sculpted body. On top of a great personality, Carlos was very entertaining and provided over an hour of quality entertainment for the ladies. I’ve been to other bachelor parties in the Los Angeles area and have not been so impressed as I was with Carlos. None of the girls felt rushed, hustled, or pressured into doing anything that they do not want to participate in.

Overall, everyone had a blast and I would love to have an excuse to order any of the male Los Angeles strippers from Hunks and Babes. My friends still talk about that crazy night even to this date. Believe me, you do not want to make a mistake and order a male stripper from a fly-by-night company that is not as reputable as the one my friends used. Order one of the hottest male strippers in Los Angeles today! I also will suggest ordering some female strippers in Los Angeles to make your party even hotter if you are curious.

Los Angeles Stripper

A private lap dance from a Los Angeles stripper

You’re going to be sadly disappointed if you think it would be easy to go home with a Los Angeles stripper. The exotic dancers who work inside of most LA’s gentlemen’s clubs are more likely to go home by themselves than they are with you. Even if you are convincing enough to take a stripper home, you have 100 more qualified dudes in the same strip club trying to pull off the same miracle. There are a few reasons why you’re not getting any tonight.

First, it is financially beneficial for the females in Los Angeles to work inside the gentlemen’s clubs as an exotic dancer because they make a whole lot more money than they would if they were a waitress. A majority of the female strippers in Los Angeles are trying to make it as a model or actress, and unless you’re casting director for the next reality show, have a tiny chance of scoring some extracurricular activities with drawn curtains in the VIP booths.

Also, gentlemen’s clubs inside Los Angeles has security that rivals national airports compared to strip clubs in other cities. Club owners have understood the importance of how extra security and tight surveillance has an impact on the quality of clientele that comes in to spend money. The reduction of gentlemen attendees who freeload or don’t spend enough creates an atmosphere of big spenders who would line the pockets, or G-strings, of the most attractive female strippers in Los Angeles.

This leads me to the final point, which is the level of competition to sleep with the same stripper is higher than any other city including New York and Las Vegas. Unless you are a masterful linguist with a doctorate in female intellect, it is hard to compete against the fat wallets who own production Studios and drive Lamborghini Gallardos. Don’t worry, you can still pick up Los Angeles girls in your Cavalier.

Los Angeles male strippers

Male strippers in Los Angeles complete the perfect bachelorette party.

I am a veteran bachelorette party planner in California and it has been easier for me to coordinate these events because of the connections I have developed. I have fine tuned the process by eliminating unreliable companies who were overpriced anyway. If it were not for companies like HBstrippers to save me from complete disaster, I would have to change the label “City of Angels” to “City of crooked business owners”.

The adult entertainment industry in Los Angeles is widespread and has multiple levels of professionalism, most of them which are lacking. When I first started off, I would recruit Los Angeles male strippers from local bars and nightclubs. After finding out how unreliable this process was, I turned to online shopping and used various stripping agencies that specialize in bachelorette parties. Many owners of these companies either lied to me or tried cheating me out of money. I was about to give up hope until one of my girlfriends recommended Hunks and Babes. They have consistently delivered hot male strippers at dates and times that I needed them. Having the confidence that LA male strippers will show up anywhere that I choose, I can focus on picking locations such as hotels or clubs to throw bachelorette parties.

Having a bachelorette party in Los Angeles does have many benefits because of the abundance of five star restaurants and enough bars to fit any size or budget. Some of the owners of the bars encourage hosting your bachelorette party by offering you a private room so that you can invite the male Los Angeles strippers to perform at.

There is a wealth of beautiful talent because of Hollywood’s close proximity to Los Angeles. Why not have an aspiring model or actor demonstrate his moves before he makes it big. This opens up a big window of opportunity for role-playing. You can pretend that you’re a judge from American Idol and your male stripper is giving you a striptease to win your vote. Overall, bachelorette parties in California are a great time as long as you work with the right people.