Tips for Planning a Perfect St. Louis Bachelorette Party

Missouri bachelorette party tipsNot everyone is lucky enough to throw a party in the amazing state of Missouri. There are incredible opportunities to take advantage of all the restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and culture. There is a lot to cover in one night so planning will help make sure everything goes smoothly and the guest of honor has a great time. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your event.

Pick a date and time for your bachelorette party.

The most common time for a bachelorette party in St. Louis is 9 PM on Saturday. This is when downtown is bustling and everyone will see the bride to be in her special outfit. She will get maximum attention from everyone on the street as she parades around in her white attire, special group T-shirt, penis tiara, or other bachelorette paraphernalia that will identify her as Queen of the night.

Consult with the future bride and gather her expectations.

Take the bachelorette’s ideas into consideration when planning her evening because she may not want to go wild and have a quiet evening with friends. She knows she will have a party so just be forward with her and ask her what she expects. If hiring a stripper is part of her itinerary for a great night, then let the magic happen!

Throwing a party in the show-me state can be fun! Sometimes you miss opportunities to know more about St. Louis because you take for granted you live so close. You can visit the 630 foot tall Gateway Arch and actually go up inside of it to see 30 miles in all directions.St. Louis Arch party destination

Create a timeline that fits everyone.

Some hen parties in the Midwest have immediate family involved. You may want to include the groom’s mom in the festivities early on in the night including dinner and gift opening. As the evening progresses, the mothers of the bride and groom can depart and girls night out will begin. When male strippers perform for the guest of honor, most friends do not participate because they feel like they’re being watched when mothers are at attendance. To maximize the fun from adult entertainment, be sure you have your closest friends and lots of alcohol.

Making it fun by giving a theme to your party!

St. Louis BacheloretteFor added silliness and clarity, have all of your friends dress similar such as everyone wearing purple wigs and the bachelorette with a unique color. Some more extravagant group themes include superhero costumes, celebrity impersonations, or even popular television series characters like Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City.

Music has a huge impact on the tone of your party.

Although you can’t play your own music in any restaurant, you can play your own tunes inside a hotel room or traveling via party bus or limo and between destinations. Most current limousines or professional transportation services offer iPod Jack’s or auxiliary inputs for you to plug in your own music. Playing a local radio station while drinking in a limo can be a buzz kill when commercials come on or when someone has to constantly search through channels. A prepared maid of honor will have music in her pocket via MP3 player or smart phone.

Contingent plans will save your stress and maybe even party night.

Having an adult party in St. Louis has its thrills and usually everything goes smoothly. Having a plan B in your pocket will not only reduces your stress, it will make sure that everything goes smoothly in case something goes wrong. Over booked restaurant reservations, hotel rooms lost because of noise complaints, and overcrowded dance clubs can deter your group of friends from having fun. Having alternate solutions will make you feel in control and allow you to have fun also.

Invite everyone via social media.

A good rule of thumb is to invite everybody at least one month ahead of time. Some of your friends may have to take off of work unless you are planning a late Friday or Saturday evening party. Using Facebook to invite your friends is a great idea because they can publicly see who is coming and put pressure on people to respond. It is almost impossible to get 100% of all guests to arrive so it is safe to book a venue that will hold 75% of the amount of people you expect.

Another good idea is to collect money from everyone who says they will be attending with no refunds. You have to pay for entertainment, food, alcohol, admission fees to clubs, etc. ahead of time. Costs will be the same regardless if someone shows up to your best friends’ bachelorette party or not. You must know your friends’ budgets in order to get maximum attendance. If you are going to hire St. Louis male strippers to embarrass the guests, an evening out at five-star restaurant Truffles on Clayton Street, and club hopping after, make sure everyone can pitch in and afford it. Discover other basic tips for planning a party online.