Arizona Male Dancers

Arizona Male Exotic Dancers for a Surprise Party

My friend always had a thing for baseball players. She knew every player on the Diamondbacks and always talked about how sexy they all were. We decided to invite Arizona male dancers dressed up as baseball players to her surprise fortieth birthday party. We knew that for the surprise to go off as planned everything had to be perfect. We all came up with a plan to surprise her like she had never been surprised before.


First, we rented out an entire bar for the evening. We picked a day where there was a baseball game on during the day and a bar that was close to the ballpark. Then we hired two Arizona male dancers to come in full uniform over to the bar. I called the agency with my special request worried that they would not be able to make it happen. Luckily, I must have called the right agency because they were excited to help me come up with the perfect surprise party plan. They even recommended two specific Arizona male dancers that looked similar to actual players on the team.


I was thrilled! I could hardly contain the surprise from my friend. When the two of us arrived for her big surprise at the bar on the night of her party, we walked in as planned and the two guys were sitting up at the bar with their heads down since they had lost. She noticed the uniforms right away and started freaking out. She cursed me out for not bringing my camera (which I really did have in my purse). Anxiously, she paced back and forth trying to get a glimpse of the supposed professional baseball players. She could hardly contain her excitement.


It was then that I walked over to the music box and started to play Rock You Like a Hurricane. As soon as the music cued, the two baseball players stood up turned around, and ripped off their shirts. At the same moment the doors to the restrooms opened up and out flooded all the rest of our friends. My friend did not even know what do she was in such shock.


The 2 Phoenix male strippers helped her to quickly recover as they started to go into their routine. Although it didn’t take her long to realize that they weren’t real players on the Diamondbacks I don’t think that she was the least bit disappointed. In fact, I think she was probably happier that she got to see everything that was under their uniforms! And all of the other girls at the party had just as much fun as the birthday girl. It was a night that we will all remember forever in AZ.


Thanks to the awesome agency that made this surprise possible. It really did work out exactly as planned and I couldn’t have pulled it out without all your help and thanks to the two guys that didn’t mind pretending to be baseball players in an empty bar until the guest of honor arrived.