Chicago Strippers

How To Prepare for Chicago Strippers in 3 Easy Steps

Want to get the most out of your Chicago strippers? Follow these three easy steps in anticipation of their arrival in order to guarantee you get the most from your booking. Strippers want you to enjoy their entire performance from the beginning to the very end. Make sure you get the most out of the experience by following these tips before they travel to your location.

Step #1 Call to confirm the booking a few days in advance.

Call the agency, ask to confirm your booking and make sure that all of the info that they have is correct. Include the hotel room number of you are staying in a hotel, any other special instructions you want followed, and any other information that may help the stripper arrive at your party and make sure that it is everything you want it to be.

Step #2 Have lots of singles on hand for tipping.

Most party strippers develop their own unique routine. This routine will include portions that are for the entertainment of the entire group as well as some focus on the guest of honor and other guests. If you want that extra special attention from your dream guy or girl, be prepared to tip them for it.

Chicago strippers are part of the service industry. It is commonplace to tip workers in the service industry. While it is acceptable to give the stripper a tip from everyone at the beginning or the end of their performance, remember that much of their performance may be centered around acts that typically include working for tips.

To make it a fun night for everyone, get some stacks of dollar bills from the bank and have them on hand for your guests to use to tip their stripper. It enhances the whole experience and it motivates the stripper to work hard for their money. And if they don’t have to run off to another performance that night, odds are good they will stay later and perform longer if there are more tips to be made.

Step #3 Get the room ready!

Whether you are having a private party at a friend’s house or if you have rented a hotel room for a party you will need to get the room ready for a performance. Make sure that all of your guests have ample seating. It will be hard for guests seated on a bed to participate in some of the performance. Chairs will work best. Set them up in a full circle or semicircle.

Make sure the Chicago strippers have access to an outlet so that they can plug in their music. Most strippers dance to a special routine to music of their choosing. For this very same reason you will need to make sure they have an adequate amount of space in order to perform. Clear out a ten foot by ten foot space if possible. While each stripper has their own special routine, many perform on the floor and standing up. To get the most out of their performance, make sure they have the space to show off their skills!