Brandy – NV

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Brandy is super sweet, outgoing and very sexy! This busty babe will make your party sizzlin HOT!

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Height: 5’3″
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Honey
Bust: 34DD
Waist: 24


What do you like to do for fun? Shopping, I just can’t help it, I have a Loui problem.

What are your ambitions? I wanna work on Wall Street on day!

How do you stay in shape? Dancing and I watch what I eat, and it’s so hard!

What do you look for in a man? He’s has to be a sweetheart, but know how to take control!

What is the sexiest part of a man? Their a**, I love to smack it!

Who is your celebrity crush? Usher, Eminem, Trey Songz and Justin Timberlake!

What is you favorite current CD? Trey Songz new cd.

What is you favorite current song? Little Freak by Usher and Nicki and Sex Room by Ludacris and Trey Songz of course! I love that collabos!

What are your favorite movies? The Hangover, The Notebook, and Love & Basketball.

What are your favorite Foods? Chinese, soul food, and McDonalds!

Who do you admire the most? My Mother, she’s the greatest!

What are your worst habits? I say Yes too much!

Favorite places to hang out? On the Strip! It’s the Vegas chick in me!


Can you give us some hints about your show? It’s going to be a site to see, I aim to please!

What costumes do you have? I have a lot!

Which one is your favorite? The maid costume, room service anyone?


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